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Hawle Custom Curved Stair Lift

  • Safe and reliable companion for those who have difficulty climbing stairs
  • Custom-built to fit steep staircases
  • Available in free-flow rail designs and
  • uitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Users can customize the rail color, seat color and upholstery fabric
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Hawle Custom Curved Stair Lift

People with certain health restrictions can lead a comfortable life within familiar surroundings by using the Hawle Custom Carved Stairlift. Custom-built to suit any staircase with turns, multiple landings and corners, the custom carved stairlift ensures safe mobility between different floors for limited mobility people. An innovative product by Hawle, the stairlift supports heavy duty construction ensuring a comfortable and safe ride to users.

Curved Stairs

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the high-end Hawle Curved Stairlift is guaranteed to enhance any home d??cor. The rail, seat fabric and seat color are available in multiple colors and designs. The innovative curved stairlift is dotted with safety features like seatbelts, sensors on back panels of the unit and on the footrest and an emergency brake. Made with high quality German material, the benefit of the lift is it mounts to the stair steps instead of the wall. It is easy to fit even in narrowest of stairs.

Key Features:

  • Best construction material makes the double rail lift powerful and reliable
  • Attractive design and highly flexible
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor living areas
  • Innovative product fully customizable for steep stairs with inclination up to 75ΓΈ.
  • Easy to install in old as well as new homes
  • Myriad color options available in stairlifts, rail and upholstery
  • Automatic Swivel seat option
  • Outdoor stairlifts made from zinc-coated rail, which is rust-resistant
  • Vertical rail design allows other family members to pass on staircase easily
  • Adjustable seat height and armrests
  • Total Installation time: 6-8 weeks
  • Visual diagnostics providing instant lift status
  • Generous seat and footrest size
  • Customizable fabric and color options for upholstery, rail color and seat color.


Hawle curved stairlifts are easy to customize with regard to rail color, seat color and upholstery fabric. Leather, fabric and vinyl options available and 19 choices are available for upholstery color. Match the upholstery color with seat color and rail color (over 200 choices) options.

Hawle Color Chart

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