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Mobility scooters are a boon for those seniors or individuals who wish to maintain a sense of independence despite of being physically impaired. But there are times when the mobility scooter needs lift to transport from one place to another as the occupant may have temporarily or permanently shifted to another city. This is where the need for mobility scooter lifts comes into play, ensuring seniors and disabled persons to not get deprived of their mobility.

Thanks to the innovation, elderly, specially-abled and patients are not limited to mobility as scooter lifts are developed to efficiently transporting mobility devices to everywhere they go.

When you are pondering of buying a mobility scooter or wheelchair, it is crucial to broaden the horizon of your thought process and look beyond moving about comfortably and confidently. You need to aware of the fact that whether your chosen mobility scooter or wheelchair is easily portable. However, having a mobility scooter lift can douse your worries and give you the opportunity to load up your mobility scooter, hit the road, and go places you never could before.

Put simply, mobility scooter lifts are inevitable for scooter or wheelchair users who still want the mobility to get around.

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  1. Harmar Inside Platform Lift Power Chair / Scooter Lift
    Harmar Inside Platform Lift Power Chair / Scooter Lift
    Special Price $3,195.00 Regular Price $4,295.00

    ALL New Hybrid AL6000 and AL6000HD

    • Lifting Capacity up to 400lbs 
    • 2" more vertical clearance 
    • Redesigned call/send 
    • Fits in Vans and most SUV
    • Carry your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair 
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  2. Profile Scooter Lift Al160
    Profile Scooter Lift Al160

    Harmar Al160 Power Scooter Lift. 

    • Accommodates: Scooters up to 42" Length 
    • Capacity: 350 LB
    • Installed weight: 74 LB
    • Platform Size: 26"x23"
    • Securement: Automatic Hold- Down Foot and Rear Cradle 
    • Powered: Fully Powered 
    • Free Cover with Purchase 
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  3. Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600
    Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600

    The Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600 is a power lift that comes compactly designed and is ideal for almost scooters. It can be used in small cargo carrier vehicles, SUV’s and cross-overs.  It’s easy turn handles allow swift retraction of the platform. The weight distribution handlebars are used for easy and secure lifting of power chairs and scooters.

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  4. Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift
    Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

    The Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift and AL100HD are uniquely designed power lifts to easily load and lift mobility scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs onto vehicles without making any modifications to the vehicle itself. The lift Stars -N- Stripes aluminum deck design has the capacity to lift anything up to 400 lbs of weight.

    Key features:

    • Light weight 84 lbs
    • Easy installation on vehicles
    • Heavy duty platform lift
    • Locking arm technology
    • Swing away option
    • License plate mount
    • Accommodation of wheelbase up to 42”
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  5. Mini Electric Lift - Model 117
    Mini Electric Lift - Model 117
  6. Outlander TM - Exterior Lift
    Outlander TM - Exterior Lift

    Outlander TM Exterior lift

    • Unique design for easy lift, lock and carry of travel mobility scooters. 
    • Compatible with class II, III, and IV hitches
    • LED puddle light for visibility at night
    • Lifting capacity 150 lbs
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  7. Pride Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift
    Pride Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift

    Pride Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift

    • Most universal transport lift available
    • Simple hitch-based installation
    • Puddle light for ease of use at night
    • Simple drive on to load
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  8. Outlander DE Scooter Lift
    Outlander DE Scooter Lift

    Outlander DE Scooter Lift

    • Drive on/ drive off mechanism
    • Supports up to 350lbs.
    • Fits scooter wheelbase up to 42’’
    • LED indicator on/off mechanism
    • Phosphate undercoating for all weather protection
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Mobility Scooter Lifts – Ideal for Lifting Scooters 

Mobility vehicles of all types require a lift when it comes to securing them in a cross-over vehicle. Power lifts are made for this purpose and are ideal for almost all scooters and power chairs. The platform of mobility scooter lifts is designed in an interesting way to make it easy to smoothly ride scooters on its base when the platform is lowered. After the vehicle rises on the lift platform, it is secured from both sides with locks. The weight of the vehicle remains evenly distributed on the platform. Thereafter, a controlled lifting is carried on to stow the vehicle on a vehicle's back.

Most Common Platform lift

The platform lift is the most common and accommodates scooters up-to 42’’ in length. This kind of lift has a large platform sized 26’’x23’’. This lift is fully powered to lift vehicles weighing up-to 400 lbs. The lifting is remote controlled and the entire process is done with the push of buttons. It is fully powered with a battery and has the capacity to lift any mobility vehicle with ease.

Easy and Controlled Operation

The lift adjusts automatically. When not in use it folds and stays attached to the rear of a vehicle. It can be lowered anytime when a scooter needs to be stowed.  Folding and unfolding of the lift require very little time. The toggle button is used to lower and raise the platform. Anyone can make full use of the platform as it is engineered for easy operation. After a scooter is placed on its platform it rises and retracts easily inside a vehicle. All of it happens with the use of a button. So, no effort is needed on the operator’s end. After the vehicle is made safe inside SUV, it is transported with ease.

Comfortable and Easy Lifting

Drive in a mobility scooter from either direction and let it stay put on the platform of the lift. The aluminum decking allows manual override possible. Its integrated lock down arm gives greater security to scooters that are to be stowed. The base of the lift fits wheelbase of 42''. This is why all kinds of scooters and power chairs fit well on its base. The lift is amazingly powered to make easy lifting possible. Mobility scooter lifts for vehicles are engineered to lift any kind of travel scooters. It is battery operated and so stays operational whenever required.

Availability of Scooter lift

Retail stores are open to mobility scooter lifts for sale. The availability of mobility scooters in retail stores makes buying easy. So, now just on visiting a retail store, it is possible to buy a vehicle. Visiting a retail outlet is great as then the buyer can easily have a look at the items kept on display. It then becomes possible to personally assess, test, and see a demo. People then can buy a scooter lift that is going to serve all lifting purposes. Online purchase of a mobility scooter lift is also possible. Just visit the site where such lifts are sold. Then it is possible to place an order and get the item delivered at the address mentioned.

After Sale Warranty

Once a lift is sold to a customer, mandatory after sale service is made available. The warranty is kept on for period of three years. During this term, the customer is entitled to receive support for correction of any defect that may arise, free of cost. This service stays on even after the warranty period expires but then it is paid. Buyers are given a demo about how to use the lift for stowing vehicles inside SUVs and other crossovers. It becomes very easy to use it after receiving a demo from the team of experts.

Affordable for All

The vehicle lift is affordable for all. Anyone who needs the lift can buy it without bothering much about the price. The price is very decent and top brand products are available for sale. Easy and fast delivery is made once an order is placed. If you are buying it from retailers then it can be brought home immediately. It solves any kind of scooter lifting need.

Mobility Scooter Lifts for vehicles are durable, safe, and reliable. A vehicle will never tumble from its platform as it is fully protected. It is possible to lift heavy scooters with ease by simply standing at the rear of a vehicle and by push of a button. The hoist strap connected to the docking device carries the information and easily stows the mobility vehicle inside SUVs. It is so simple and effortlessly done. The effortless securing of scooters is liked by everyone and so people buy this lift. It is a great support for people who need to lift scooters on vehicles for transportation. The lift’s capacity to bear full weight of mobility vehicles up-to 400 lbs is what makes it reliable. The easy lifting capacity is highly applauded. It is mounted on the rear of any vehicle like SUVs, CUVs, and minivans.