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Buy High-end Lift Chairs and Power Mobility from Golden Technologies

When you buy premium quality and higher performance lift chairs and power mobility designed and developed by Golden Technology, you receive tremendous range of health benefits. For instance, apart from helping you out with regular changes in sitting positions that reduce stiffness, these products also allow for better mobility to users. Thus, lift chairs and power mobility products helping the elderly maintain their independence and allow them to move from one place to another inside a premise or living space with ease.

The happy customers of Golden’s products are testimony of the fact that the brand has emerged as a trusted name. With its high-end reclining lift chairs, mobility scooters, power wheelchairs that are known for top performance, convenience and comfort can now be bought at Affordable Medical USA. The best part with the Golden’s products is that they are made of superior materials with higher attention to detail including designs and craftsmanship.

Reclining Lift Chairs

We offer a wide range of lift recliners with many different positions. We have chairs that ship quick. We can customize your chair and it will be built just for you. We have perfect fit chairs that range from petite small to wide series tall. We offer countless fabric and color options, from our ultra-soft luxury Brisa® to high-performance fabrics with Alta™ technology with Durablock™ liquid barrier protection.

Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs

Our power chair selection is as diverse as you are. Our power chairs offer excellent maneuverability and performance to get you around your home. We suggest the Compass Sport and Compass HD Power Chairs, both having a true center wheel drive system. They have a unique suspension system and unparalleled curb and threshold climbing ability. We also offer the Envy, one of the absolute best power travel chairs available. The Envy has a portable quick disconnect for easy travel, has three different seat options and six color options!

Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

Golden Provides a wide range of mobility scooters. Our Buzzaround Series give you 11 different options - from small and nimble to large and generous. Quick disconnect makes portability easy. Our newest addition to the Buzzaround fleet is the fold down Buzzaround Carryon GB-120. The GB-120 has a lithium-ion battery with an18 mile range. The Lite Rider series is one of the longest running lines in the Golden Scooter family. It has a unique tubular design and two cargo baskets and comes in a three wheel or four-wheel option. The Companion Avenger is a robust and rugged outdoor scooter that has a 500-pound weight capacity. The Patriot is a step up from the Avenger, providing four-wheel independent suspension and a more rugged frame.

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Highest Quality Recliner Fabrics

As a customer-centric company, we understand it is important for you to receive high-end products that match up with your lifestyle. We bring you lift chairs that combine aesthetics and comfort, with fine quality fabrics that are sure to meet your needs and desires.

Luxurious Brisa® Fabric for Refined looks of leather

Supple Brisa® fabric offers the refined look of leather, but in a luxuriously soft, breathable, and temperate design. Brisa® fabric comes in an extensive selection of lovely colors to choose from and will never stick to you or feel too hot or cold. This beautiful fabric is scratch proof and easy to clean and disinfect, so it always stays looking new! These fabrics are double rubbed 300,000 times to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. We’re so sure of the quality of this fabric, that Golden offers a Lifetime Warranty* on all Brisa® fabrics.

High-performance fabric with Alta™ technology

Our NEW high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology is perfect for heavy-duty or high-traffic seating. Alta™ ramps up performance with a total liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains. Exceptional cleanability reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents. Durablock™ liquid barrier provides breathable protection. Golden offers a 10-year warranty on all high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology.

Imagine Fabric

Our contemporary plush Imagine fabric comes standard on our Value Series lift recliners, but is also available for special order on every lift recliner collection. This beautiful, soft fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

Easy Living Fabric to meet home décor

Easy Living fabric has a modern, updated look to match any home décor. It tailors extremely well bringing out the shape and design of our lift recliners. This fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

Easy Living Anchor
Easy Living Anchor
Easy Living Bittersweet
Easy Living Bittersweet
Easy Living Oxford
Easy Living Oxford
Easy Living Port
Easy Living Port
Easy Living Sandstorm
Easy Living Sandstorm

Microsuede Fabric for stylish recliners

Microsuede fabric is a stylish alternative to suede with wonderful advantages. Composed of millions of microfibers, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather, but none of its drawbacks. Long lasting and stain resistant, this faux suede fabric is perfect for furniture that will see a high volume of use or spills. It’s 100% vegan, but looks and feels like the real thing. With a stylish look and two gorgeous color options, these fabrics will be a welcome addition to any décor. Our microsuede fabrics come standard on select Golden power lift recliners.

Microsuede Bourbon
Microsuede Bourbon
Microsuede Smoke
Microsuede Smoke

Porto Fabric for Luxuriously Soft Recliners

The Porto pattern is a luxuriously soft fabric with a subtle pattern to match your home décor. This fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

Porto Calypso
Porto Calypso
Porto Copper
Porto Copper
Porto Hazelnut
Porto Hazelnut
Porto Shiraz
Porto Shiraz
Porto Sterling
Porto Sterling

Sutton Faux Leather Fabric, an alternative to natural leather

Sutton faux leather is a rich and modern alternative to natural leather that is extremely comfortable while offering the rugged durability of leather. Made from 100% polyester, the fabric is easy to care for ensuring functionality as well as elegance. This long-lasting fabric will complement a variety of décors while standing the test of time under heavy use.

Sutton Graphite
Sutton Graphite
Sutton Maple
Sutton Maple

Multiple Inspections to ensure high-performance, durable lift recliners

Golden Technology ensures that each lift recliner goes through comprehensive quality testing and for that it has three dozen inspections. From verifying model number, fabric color, fabric cleanliness, upholstery, etc. the company inspects seam integrity and holes in the upholstery. In addition to making sure that there are no loose threads are trimmed and leg levelers are checked and tightened.

Each lift recliner is checked for the following:

  • All the lift recliners from Golden Technology are checked for Motor clevis pins and made sure that they are locked. Apart from making sure that all wires are wrapped and fastened with tie wraps, assurance is also done that lift grace bolts are securely fastened to bottom arms and all scissor mechanic bolts are present and tight.
  • Every time a lift recliner is made and packed, the company verifies that all poly packs are inspected and no staples are touching the metal frame and at the same time all chairs are inspected for broken, damaged, or missing parts.
  • The company makes sure that all frame bolts are tightened and frame is inspected for split wood for each of the lift chair. Additionally, footboard gap is verified as even and straight and at the same time placement of five French tacks is verified for complete safety.
  • Each lift chair from Golden Technology comes with proper law tags, serial number labels, lift and recline buttons, etc. amongst others. The company makes sure that all massage buttons and massage zones are turned and at the same time hand control LED lights are observed, up and down arrow buttons for back and footrest are tested.
  • The company makes sure that all lift chairs are ridden from fully reclined to the full lifted for smooth functioning later on. Apart from adding proper owner’s manual, the company also adds arm covers, appropriate hand tags,
  • Each of the lift chairs from Golden Technology comes with model number, model options, serial number, and sales order number, etc. Additionally, motor serial number and transformer serial number is scanned.

Golden Lift Recliners for Low Back Pain Relief

The entire purpose of lift chairs is to offer relief and comfort from bodily pain, including lower back pain that affects elderly people the most. Golden Technology delivers the finest lift chairs now offered by Affordable Medical USA.

With the advent of the dynamic AutoFlex™ power lumbar system, Golden has been able to deliver the finest high-end lift chair that offers relief to all those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, in a car, on an airplane, etc. When people stand for an extended period of time, their lumbar region can begin to hurt; however, with a lift chair from Golden available, complete relief is possible.

As the dynamic AutoFlex™ power lumbar system in a Golden lift chair slowly and gently stretches the spine and surrounding muscles in the lower back area, the person starts receiving the much needed relief.

Golden Lift Recliners for Low Back Pain Relief

Adjustable Flexing Movement

Sitting in Golden lift chairs the person can get the power lumbar massage on lower back at varied speed as flexing movement can be adjusted to meet the specific speed. Nonetheless, continuous and passive motion with Zero-gravity position brings complete relaxation for lower back pain in just fifteen minutes.

Explore Comfort Zone with Golden Lift Chairs

Increasing your body’s wellness with patented and supportive positioning zones, Golden Tech lift chairs are here to help you get maximum relief. These generate wellness to your body and optimize the feeling of comfort whether you are in the office or at home. In the Comfort Zone by Golden you get the four-way motion of the seat to get relief for your muscle and joint pain.

With several combinations of positions possible in the lift chairs, users receive a range of comfort zones. For instance, with independent movement of the backrest you can receive relief from stress and strain from your upper body, back and shoulders. Similarly, the lift chairs come with upward motion and adjustable headrest that are aimed at relieving pain from neck and shoulders.

Golden’s power lift recliners help you with positioning system and offer four adjustable comfort zones:

Power Headrests

Each of the power recliners from Golden Tech come with Power Headrests to offer maximum comfort for your head and relieve you from stress and tension. The slide on an articulating arch works by lifting and lowering your head in a natural curve and offer the best ergonomic angle.

What makes Golden power recliners unique?

When you buy chairs or recliners from other brands, they fold you like a burrito. Some can even push your shoulders over and instead of offering any relief; contribute to your existing problems or body pain. Needless to say with Twilight chairs, PR515 SME, PR515- MLA, Twilight PR761-MLA, etc. you receive maximum relief against pain and body ache.

Order your Golden’s power recliners now!

Receive astounding features like Power Headrest and Power Pillow that will bring you hours of comfort without pinching your neck.

Heat and Massage for maximum relief

Select Golden lift chairs come with a highly sophisticated heat and massage system to offer you maximum comfort and support against pain and stress. The advanced massage system has dozens of massage settings covering two different massage zones so you can receive massive relieve from pain and stress.

Available with select lift chairs, the heat and massage system comes with four massage motors to provide relief to stiff, tired and strained muscles of your body in just half an hour. With this feature, you get the following benefits:

  • Adjustable massage intensity and speed settings
  • Soothing low and high penetrating heat offers complete relaxation
  • The feature that can also be customized with an independent 30 minute heat timer.
  • You receive amazing massage that soothes back muscles with a warming heat system and high-performance reclining angles.
  • Choose either Wave or Pulse massage settings and low/high heat settings.

Custom installation of Heat and Massage Feature

The heat and massage feature can be added to most of the chairs in the Comfort, Cambridge, and MaxiComfort series. With Golden Technologies attention to detail and dedication to quality, it can take 20-40 business days to install the heat and massage system.


Smart Tek to Minimize Downtime

All Golden Tech lift chairs come with the patented SmartTek® system to self-diagnose system issues and keep downtime to a minimum. When the user is notified of any electrical malfunction with the chair, they can then turn to the manual or ask for help from our qualified technicians.

SmartTek is not just about self-diagnosis. It is also about advanced technology that helps our technicians solve the problem quickly. The self-diagnosis feature accurately lets the technicians know the source of the problem, so it can be corrected quickly.

How SmartTek Works

The SmartTek system in Golden’s lift chairs comes with three LED lights. One of these LED lights can be seen on the two-button hand control for non-MaxiComfort® models and on the MaxiComfort AutoDrive™ hand control that comes with backlit buttons. The second LED light is located on the transformer and the third one is placed on the wire that plugs from the motor into the transformer.

Before contacting one of our qualified technicians, the user is asked to make sure the chair is correctly plugged in and all connections are secure and the electrical source is verified – ie, no breakers are flipped, etc. If there is still a problem, then users are asked to check the following:

  • Which of the three LED lights are not lit?
    • What to do when the green LED on the transformer is not lit?
    • This could be a serious issue; however, solution is always there for all such issues. For instance, when the green LED on the transformer is not lit, it simply means electricity is not getting to the transformer. Additionally, there could also be an issue with the transformer itself and in such a situation it needs replacement.

  • What to do when the green LED on the Hand Control is not lit?
  • This would indicate a problem with the Hand Control. You may need a technician to sort it out and get the machine working.

  • What to do all three LED lights are not lit?
  • This is most likely a power source issue. Check to make sure the chair is plugged in securely and that there is not an issue with that outlet, such as a breaker flipped. Also check the connections to the transformer and elsewhere.

Footrest Extension

Golden Technologies recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to lift chairs. Taller people may experience a challenge when sitting on recliners and power chairs; however, this challenge has been overcome with Golden Technologie’s Footrest Extension, available on certain models.

The following Golden Technologies lift chair models offer the option of a foot rest extension, that adds 3”-5” for your comfort./p>

  • PR531 Comforter
  • PR535 MaxiComforter
  • PR632 DayDreamer
  • PR735 EZ Sleeper
  • PR766 Relaxer
  • PR401 Cambridge

Our lift recliners are the strongest in the industry, featuring a northern maple hardwood frame and double doweled on all stress points, and reinforced mitre blocks that are stapled and glued for added durability.

Conveniences like heat & massage, gel memory foam, and automatic footrest extension make our chairs more comfortable, more personal, and more popular than ever. And to top it all off, every recliner we build is put through a rigorous 40-point inspection before it ever leaves the warehouse.

Take a look through our many custom features and enhancements below that make Golden Technologies the industry leader in power lift recliners.

All recliners are handcrafted by American workers with domestic and imported materials (with the exception of the DeLuna Series recliners, which are designed by Golden and assembled by our offshore partner). Each chair undergoes over 40 quality control inspections before the product is approved for shipping.

Things have been made great for users with power lumbar in all its chairs by Golden Technologies. Users can now use lumbar support to sit up straight. This helps them gain many health benefits from proper posture and sit for long durations as well. To bring the awesome experience the company uses a solid metal actuator that offers firm support behind the lower back. Additionally, since the power lumbar pushes from behind the padding, it meets the lower back and enhances support to the body. For maximum comfort you can just lay down in the chair.

Terms & Conditions

We encourage to read the terms and conditions well to rule out ambiguities. The following conditions apply with respect to repairing or replacement of lift recliners or power lift chairs:

In all circumstances, Golden Technologies reserves the right to repair/replace the defective parts. However, these warranty parts must have not been misused, abused or went through improper service. There is no replacement or repair if there was no damage in transit or handling.

Similarly, the buyers must make sure that the components have not been altered or repaired by unauthorized representatives. Golden Technologies also does not entertain costs for unnecessary service calls. Lastly, in situation the weight capacity of the chair exceeds the warranty would not be available.

  • PR531-PSA
  • PR531-MED
  • PR531-LAR
  • PR531 – TAL
  • PR531-S23
  • PR510 MLA
  • PR510 SME
  • PR766-MED
  • PR535-psa
  • PR535- MED
  • PR535- TAL
  • PR535-M26
  • PR531-m26
  • Pr531-T28
  • PR401-SME
  • PR401- MLA
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