Knee Walker Rentals

A knee walker or knee scooter is a three or four-wheel mobility aid that comes with the unique benefit of providing an alternative to standard walkers, canes and crutches. In one word, a knee walker is an advanced version of traditional walking aids. This device allows users to propel themselves with one leg, while the other one is on a support platform. These devices are available for rental at the best price and are ideally suited to individuals who find it difficult or rather impossible to bear weight on a temporarily injured or permanently disabled leg. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we are ready to help you by choosing the best knee walkers for your fast post-injury recovery. With several configurations and features, you will definitely become spoilt for choice.
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Knee Walker Rentals in Columbia, SC 

Having an injury or major surgery on the foot or ankle isn’t easy.  With restrictions and limitations put on bearing weight, your everyday life and living activities are severely hampered.  Sometimes, a person takes an ample length of time to recover from these injuries. In such a scenario, the common advice given by healthcare professionals is to keep the injured leg or foot in an elevated position and rest as much as possible. For most people, lying in the bed for 24 hours is a fearful activity. They keep looking for such mobility devices that allow them to perform daily chores and stay mobile. Thankfully, by using knee walkers on a rental basis, a person can stay active as well as productive the entire day and even allow injuries to heal with time.

We at Affordable Medical Equipment are here to help you forget your disability and assist you to get back in motion and continue doing your important daily living activities. Our knee walker and other associative products are specifically designed to get you better faster, keep you mobile and enjoy your independence.

Knee walkers are known by several names, including knee scooters, knee coasters and leg walkers. Before this useful device was introduced, people didn’t have a lot of mobility options when they encountered foot surgery, foot fractures, gout, and diabetic ulcers.  With the advancement in technology for medical equipment, if you have problems with mobility and you're looking for a quality device to get around a little more easily, consider getting a knee walker from Affordable Medical Equipment.  We are one of the leading stores in West Columbia supplying one of a kind medical equipment for various needs.

Benefits of Using Knee Walkers

Helps in maintaining good posture: Some of the walkers are ergonomically designed that allow an injured person to keep the injured leg on a contoured platform and keep his body positioned in the natural upright manner. These walkers are easy to operate even by those people who have limited or no upper body strength. This further reduces the chances of physical exertion or back strain that normally occurs when a person uses crutches.

Speedy Recovery: Many studies prove that a person recovers fast if he remains happy and leads an independent lifestyle despite suffering from injuries. The knee walkers allow a person to move around comfortably and perform his daily chores with ease without putting pressure on an injured leg or foot. When a person experiences freedom of movement, this eventually results in staying mentally positive and a speedy recovery.

Speed & Ease: Some of the advanced models of knee walkers come with a rear drum braking system and adjustable rim hand brake that allows a person to use these mobility assistive devices on slopes safely and comfortably.

Easy to Store: You might feel that crutches are easier to store in small spaces than knee scooters. You are partially right as some knee walkers support a folding mechanism that allows convenient transportation and storage.

Knee Walkers: A Better Alternative to Crutches

Our knee walkers for rent are designed to be safe, efficient, comfortable and easy-to-maneuver alternatives to conventional aids like crutches or traditional walkers. When a person uses crutches, he struggles to keep the injured leg in an elevated position and he continuously needs to maintain balance to stay active. Moreover, Underarm crutches can be stressful and uncomfortable for many people as they put maximum pressure and stress on the armpit area and can often be tiring after prolonged usage. Our knee walkers come with 3 or 4 wheels, making it extremely easy and convenient for you to move across flat surfaces.  The leg rest area is also comfortable as it allows the leg to rest in a padded space to reduce fatigue.

For those who have a hard cast around their foot, a knee walker from Affordable Medical Equipment can be a much more comfortable option than any conventional crutch or traditional walker.  Before you make any choice, always bear in mind that knee scooters are heavier than crutches, but they do provide the most comfortable support. The only downside with knee scooters is they are not recommended to use on stairs.

To make the device safe, some brands include brakes on their knee walkers so you can stay in control and keep the balance on slopes and elsewhere.  We recommend you look for walkers with a storage basket on the front to hold groceries and other items while you're out on move.

Take Knee Scooters on Rental from Affordable Medical Equipment

We deal in different configurations and styles of knee scooters. We offer these scooters on sale as well as on a rental basis. Moreover, for those people who are already using the scooter and looking for repair solutions, we are a comprehensive solution provider of assistive mobility needs. So, if you are looking for the right scooter to meet your requirements, consult your healthcare professionals. Else, our professional team can assist you in choosing the right model. In case you have specialized requirements, we are ready to offer tailor-made mobility solutions within your budget.

Rest assured, when you contact our leading online store, we help you to regain independence in the most comfortable manner and in the minimum time frame. For more details, call us now!

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