3 Wheel Scooters


Three-wheel scooters provide users with the mobility and freedom they deserve.  Three-wheel mobility scooters have a much tighter turning radius than the four-wheel models.  With sizes ranging from small to large, we have the perfect scooter for indoors or outdoors. 

Will a 3 Wheel Portable Scooter be the Right Fit for you?

  1.  Are you mostly indoors?  3-wheel is better for tight areas and flat surfaces.
  2.  Yes, if you need a scooter with better turning radius for narrow spaces.
  3.   Yes if you are able to get up and off your scooter with little assistance. 
  4.   Yes if  you need more leg room ( three wheel scooters offer more leg room) 
  5.   Yes if you require something more lightweight. 

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Endless Opportunities with 3 Wheel Travel Scooters

Mobility scooters can make life more accommodating, allow you greater independence, and get you places that previously might not have been accessible.  Life can be fun again.  There are several different sizes of scooters and there's one to fit every need.  But as far as wheels on the ground there's the 3-wheel and 4-wheel.  Travel scooters tend to be small to medium in size and portable - like it says in the name, 'travel'.  We'll take a minute to discuss the 3-wheel travel scooter here.

Designed for Comfort

The 3 wheel travel scooters are designed for comfort. The sleek shape of the scooter makes it look elegant. Users can easily step in and out of the mobility vehicle. The height is kept low and the seat is an innovation with armrests on both sides. The tiller is adjustable and you can hold on to it while the innovative wheels take you on a great ride. This vehicle moves on sharp turns and is easily controlled. There is no chance of any toppling as the base is flat and the legroom is kept spacious.Enjoy rides at high speeds and for your knowledge, there are also speed settings available. Riders can keep low speed for indoor and high speed for outdoor use. The 3 wheeled Scooters are found in innovative colors like Red, Blue, and Black.

Key Features of 3-Wheel Travel Scooters

The 3-wheel portable mobility scooter has two rear drive wheels and one front steering wheel.  Typically, but not always, there is a single motor.  In many instances, the 3 wheel travel scooter will disassemble or fold-up for easy transport. The tiller will adjust forward or back for ease of use.  The console for 3-wheel travel scooters has a battery strength indicator, key insert, horn and usually a charging port.  Some will also have a headlight switch if so equipped.

Convenient for Users

The travel scooter is convenient to use. There is a basket where you can store items while shopping. The legroom is large to accommodate large things. It is capable of carrying weight up-to 250 lbs that allows you to go on a shopping spree and bring your purchases home without having to hire a cab. The battery is kept protected in a sealed case below the seat. So, now you can take the scooter out even if it rains. Of-course you may have to carry an umbrella to shade your head from rain. A single charge of your battery will take you on 6.8 miles tour. Now that is a long distance, so stay worry-free after a single recharge of the battery.

Compact and Foldable

The scooter is made compact and folds very easily. The tiller tilts, and the adjustable seat is lowered to a position. As it is foldable so it is stowed and taken to distant places on SUVs and other crossover vehicles. On reaching a destination, the scooter is landed from the SUVand it takes a few minutes to get it restoredfor a ride. The user can start on a seamless ride and take the vehicle for sightseeing of places around. Make adjustments of the seat height and theposition of the tiller based on your bestchoice and comfort.

Ride on Innovative Wheels

The scooter rolls on innovative wheels. It has one 2" x 7.5" solid front tyre and two 3" x 7.5" solid rear tyres. The tyre size keeps 1.5" of ground clearance. It is possible to maintain 31" turning radius while the scooter is on a ride. The scooter accelerates well and the wheels take it up to a speed level of 4 mph. The engine motor supports the speed and the vehicle is brought to an instant halt with the ingenious braking system. It is a safe ride and takes you to places with ease.

Buying Options

At Affordable Medical Equipment we have a wide range of 3-wheel travel scooters that you can try right here in the store.  We also provide a rent-to-purchase program that allows you to rent a scooter for a week, try it out, and if you want the scooter, we will apply that week's rental to purchase.  Financing is accessible from Care Credit.  And of course, you have the option of ordering right here on our webpage.

Advantages of Choosing a 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

There are multiple reasons to consider a 3-wheel travel scooter over their 4-wheel cousin.  The 3-wheel travel scooter is typically a little less in weight.  The 3-wheel is going to be far more maneuverable.  In the home especially this is going to be huge.  The 3-wheel can get into tight spots and around tight corners that a 4-wheel travel scooter is simply not going to be able to manage.  The 3-wheel can make sharper turns.  Finally, the 3-wheel is probably going to afford you more legroom.

Warranty Available

Standard warranty on the 3 wheel mobility scooters is available to buyers. There is 2 year limited warranty on electronics and drivetrain. During this period if anything goes wrong with the electronics of the scooter, then the buyer is assisted by our trained professionals. The problem is fixed and your scooter will always be ready for a ride. There is also a lifetime limited warranty made available on the frame. So, if anything goes wrong with the frame of your scooter, we are always there to assist you. Warranty should be claimed only if your mobility vehicle malfunctions.

The 3-wheel travel scooter can be a great companion both indoors and out.  Whether you're headed to lunch, dinner, a baseball game, the theatre, the park or virtually anywhere else your 3-wheel scooter will be there to provide the lightweight but sturdy mobility assistance you need.  Analu H. said of her 3-wheel scooter, "...this scooter is definitely worth every penny.  So glad I made this choice."

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