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Golden Life Chairs Recliners – Making the life easy

The requirement for lift chairs recliners may come from anyone who has some sort of issue including of issues in joints or back problems. For all such people we have brought in Golden lift chairs that are extremely sturdy and durable to last long and serve the users well. Now, getting up from a chair would not be an issue as you have creaky joints, accidents and back problems for you have ergonomically designed lift chairs recliners from Golden Technologies. We at Affordable Medical USA have brought in exclusive range of Golden lift chairs for our customers to help them move comfortably.


If you are an elderly person and your knee and hip joints stiffen and you are unable to get up quickly from a seating position without causing considerable pain to the joints, Golden lift chairs are designed for you. Nonetheless, people with spinal conditions like Spondylitis and arthritis could benefit a lot from these recliners as they could easily move from one place to another. The best part with Golden lift chairs is that the size, height, width and depth, etc. are as per the specific requirements so that they use them comfortably. 


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  1. Dione Power Lift Recliner
    Dione Power Lift Recliner

    Deluna Series - Dione PR446 - Comfort Zone 4

    • Adjustable Power Head and Lumbar for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable Lower Body and Upper Body positioning
    • AutoDrive Programmable Remote
    • USB Charging Port
    • Available in either medium or large chair
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  2. Elara 3 Position Lift Recliner
    Elara 3 Position Lift Recliner

    Deluna Series – Elara PR118 - Comfort Zone 1

    • 3 Position Power Lift Recliner 
    • 375 Pound Weight Capacity 
    • Adjustable Manual Head Rest 
    • Quick Ship Fabric - 5 Color Options 
    • Width Between Arms: 21" 
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  3. Cambridge Small / Medium Lift Recliner
    Cambridge Small / Medium Lift Recliner

    Cambridge SME  Power Lift Recliner 

    • Biscuit/Bustle Back 
    • Simple Two Button Hand Control 
    • Suggested Users Heights from 5'1"to 5'6" 
    • 375 Pound Weight Capacity 
    • 20" Between the Arm 
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  4. Cambridge Medium Large Lift Recliner
    Cambridge Medium Large Lift Recliner

    Cambridge MLA Power Lift Recliner 

    • Biscuit/Bustle Back 
    • Simple Two Button Hand Control 
    • Suggested Users Heights from 5'7-6'2" 
    • 375 Pound Weight Capacity 
    • 22" Between the Arm 
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  5. MaxiComfort Cloud With Twilight
    MaxiComfort Cloud With Twilight

    MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Chair With TWILIGHT (PR515)

    Twilight Technology Recliner with Lift and 5 comfort Zones 

    • Rejuvenating  positioning
    • Allows feet to be above heart. 
    • Lift Feature to help with standing
    • Maxicomfort Technology
    • Power Pillow & lumbar adjustment 
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  6. The New Ez Sleeper Maxicomfort with Twilight
    The New Ez Sleeper Maxicomfort with Twilight

    The New Ez Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate Comfort.

    • Elevates Feet Above Heart 
    • New Power Lumbar Support 
    • New Power Head Rest 
    • Ships Quick in our New Fabric Line 
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  7. Day Dreamer PR632 Medium
    Day Dreamer PR632 Medium

    The Day Dreamer chair is definitely a head-liner in the Golden Maxicomfort series. It has a sturdy body with multiple position control features. Easy pillow recline makes for a comfort like no other. The Golden Day Dreamer has all the best MaxiComfort features incorporated in the lift and recline system.

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  8. MaxiComfort Cloud
    MaxiComfort Cloud

    The MaxiComfort Cloud is a small/medium sized recliner made for people with height ranging from 5’1”- 5’6” and 5’7”- 6’2”, respectively. This chair is stuffed with the best in technology and has enriched features for comfort.

    Brisa colors:

    • Hazelnut
    • Bridle
    • Calypso
    • Coffee Bean
    • Flint
    • Buckskin
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Recline and Relax with Golden Lift Chairs


The lift chairs from Golden Technologies are here to rescue all those who have issues in their knees or back as with them moving is not just easy but relaxing and reclining is jerk-free. Moreover, since these lift chairs provide an effective solution to the back problem and make it easy to not only get up but also recline and relax; even elderly people can keep one for themselves. Not just the users can change the angle of inclination easily with the help of a push button but also elevate the chair to a comfortable slope. Thus, getting onto the chairs and getting off from them is extremely easy and comfortable.


Additionally, since Golden lift chairs have forward motion the person's position from a sitting posture to a half standing, the users don’t even need to move their body to change their posture. Coming from America's leading brand of power lift chairs with patented comfort; these lift chairs from Golden Technologies offer the comfort that no other company can offer. Similarly, no company can match the wide variety of styles for every home that it brings for customers. Serving the customers since 1985 with its lift recliners that are built to last and backed by exclusive lifetime warranty, these are now available in our store as well.


Golden Lift Chairs for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs utmost physical care and comfortable body movement. There could not be any better chair or recliner than the one from Golden Technologies that we have brought in. These chairs help gently lift in and out of the chair and provide amazing comfort and full-body rejuvenation. Since Golden chair recliners have patented positioning technology, these are recommended a lot for those who are recovering from a Cesarean section and other surgeries for that matter.


Using a Golden lift recliner helps not just during the pregnancy but after the delivery as well as with them the woman get into a comfortable position, get in and out of a chair without any discomfort.


Health Benefits from Life Chairs Recliners


Since, Golden lift chairs allows feet to be elevated above the heart, users receive comprehensive range of health benefits against Acid Reflux Disease, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Congestive Heat Failure, etc. amongst others. Similarly, if the user is going through some treatment for Lymphedema or getting post- surgical or Chronic Edema, these recliners are the perfect choice. Needless to say Golden lift chairs have also been proven to be great for diabetes and wound care.


With the help of patented Twilight technology, these lift chairs recline back to an ideal 30-degree angle for complete comfort and ease. With such an elevation and angle, Golden lift chairs recliners are ideal for the women who have gone through Cesarean Section, Hysterectomy, Mastectomies, Breast Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, etc. amongst others. The best part with these chair recliners from Golden Technologies is that people who have gone through surgeries of Shoulder, Heart, Abdominal, Hip, Knee & Foot, etc. could also use them for complete comfort while recovering.


Excellent for home decor


Although Golden lift chairs recliners are meant to help people with medical conditions like joint pain or recovering from surgeries, these are also excellent for home décor. Made of fine quality raw materials, the lift chairs are quite attractive and easily blend in with the rest of your furnishings in the home or hospital. Nonetheless, Golden recliners are available in a wide range of color and fabrics; thus, depending upon your choice and likes-dislikes you can choose the best option.


Additionally, since these come in color options like Cream, Buckskin, Saddle, Bridle, Coffee Bean, Shitake, Iron, Black Onyx, Beet Root, and Night Navy, they are definitely a great addition for home decor.


Made of Fine Quality Raw Materials


We at Affordable Medical USA are helping out our customers select from variety of Golden lift chairs that help them with their movement and at the same time add to the aesthetics of their home or recovery centers. Since these lift chairs distribute weight and relieve pressure points, these are extremely great a solution for daily living and ambulatory care.


Made of premium quality raw material and the latest technology, the lift chairs enable the user to relax in a position that minimizes stress on all joints and complete restful experience.


Buy Golden Lift Chairs Recliners Online


Not just the complete relaxation but also stress relief comes when the body is in a comfortable angle. When the upper body is at a slight inclined position with the back at a raised position and the feet at a lower angle, the user receives comprehensive body relieve from pain. Since we at Affordable Medical USA have brought in these lift chairs in a variety of models that suit to the user's specific needs, you can browse through and choose the one for your requirement.