Highest Quality Recliner Fabrics

Everyone wants luxury, but only a few can pull it off. A power recliner is just the perfect piece that will create a classy look in your living room. Eventually, it is a limitless bliss, for family and friends from the power lift recliner manufacturer, Golden Technologies, that they made their power chairs with plush luxury. After a long workday, what can help you to unwind than these motorised wonders! Again, it is the fabric they use that makes all the difference. There are range of choices to match every taste including- the exclusive luxury Brisa fabric, high performance fabric with Alta technology, plus an extensive palette of plush fabrics and colors. At Golden Technologies, the comfort level is prioritized by adding excellence to your lift chair in its appearance, durability as well as functionality.

Luxurious Brisa® Fabric

Brisa Fabric – Brisa is a polyurethane fabric commonly used in the recliner that allows for breathability and unique ventilation of the chair so that it remains cosy. The fabric has been built with specialised material that keeps the owner comfortable while reclining in a relaxed position. It is different than leather and comes with ventilation system that improves the level of comfort. Brisa fabric is animal friendly, crack resistant, fade resistant, odorless, skin friendly and non- allergenic. The fabric has Takumi Technology that assures strength and longevity.

Brisa Color Options

We go with the trend to make your lift recliners look at its best. The available color options are- Brisa Beet Root, Black Onyx , Buckskin , Night Navy, Desert Clay, Cream, Coffee Bean, Distressed Saddle, Salsa, Bark and Bridle.

Our top selling Brisa fabrics are Coffee Bean, Bridle, Distressed Saddle, Buckskin, Night Navy and Black Onyx.

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High-Performance Fabric

Our NEW high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology is perfect for heavy-duty or high-traffic seating. Alta™ ramps up performance with a total liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains. Exceptional cleanability reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents. Durablock™ liquid barrier provides breathable protection. Golden offers a 10-year warranty on all high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology.

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Anli Urethane Fabric

The fabric we use is known for its durability and it provides the realistic imitation of leather. The composite material and polyurethane coating make the fabric water resistant, flexible and lightweight. Unlike other material that makes the fabric to crack and peel off, Anli Urethane Fabric keeps it soft and supple.

Easy Living Fabric

Easy Living Fabric is just the thing you want for your lift recliner. It has modern, updated look that matches perfectly to any home decor. It can be designed extremely well bringing out the shape and look of the lift recliners. This fabric features SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating- an amazing combination that adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

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New Imagine Fabric

Our contemporary plush Imagine fabric comes standard on our Value Series lift recliners, but is also available for special order on every lift recliner collection. This beautiful, soft fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

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Microsuede Fabric

Microsuede Fabric makes a stylish alternative to suede that comes with great advantages. Composed of microfibers, this faux suede fabric is long-lasting and stain-resistant and is perfect for furniture that endures a high volume of use or spills. It is 100% vegan, with a stylish look, and has two gorgeous color options. The exquisiteness of these fabrics makes it an excellent addition to any décor. The microsuede fabrics from Golden come standard on select Golden power lift recliners.

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Porto Fabric

The luxurious soft fabric of its range is the Porto Fabric. It has subtle pattern that accentuates any space and matches your style with a classic touch. This fabric features the exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This particular type, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

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