Zero Gravity

EZ Sleeper MaxiComfort with Twilight

The New Ez Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate Comfort.

  • Elevates Feet Above Heart
  • New Power Lumbar Support
  • New Power Head Rest
  • Ships Quick in our New Fabric Line

Class II Medical Device

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The all new EZ Sleeper recliner with Twilight technology, MaxiComfort positioning, power lumbar support, power head rest and all the healthy benefits of Twilight and more. The EZ Sleeper comes with our patented Twilight Technology now in a Unique 5 motor system!

The EZ Sleeper

  • Unlimited relaxation without being in a lay flat position
  • Amplified leg elevation for increased circulation and wellness
  • Adjustable body weight distribution, creating a weightless, stress-free experience for better ergonomic support and wellness
  • Unlimited customizable positioning with memory capabilities
  • Adjustable seat and tilt movement for a personalized reclining experience

Built with 5 motors: Motor #1 - adjusts back positioning; Motor #2 - controls the footrest movement; Motor #3 activates Twilight technology, a tilting movement that provides a weightless experience. Motor #4 controls the Power Headrest position and motor #5 controls the lumbar adjustable support.

The EZ Sleeper, Healthy Benefits:

  • Elevates Feet Above Heart
  • Alleviates Pressure on Lungs
  • Distributes Weight
  • Relieves Pressure Points
  • Encourages Proper Posture
  • Supports Natural 'S' Shape of Spine
  • Dramatically improves circulation

What is Twilight Technology? Twilight technology gives you the ability to achieve positioning that no other chair in the world can accomplish. Twilight actually raises the box of the chair - keeping your feet above your heart while allowing a comfy TV watching position.

Twilight in TV watching Position - This position is an enhanced TV watching position using Twilight Technology, which allows an additional motor to provide a unique tilting motion. This is a whole new angle that offers a cradle- like feeling so you can rejuvenate and refresh your lower extremities and allow your feet to be elevated above the heart while still in a position to enjoy your favorite show on TV.

Twilight in Lounge Position- This position allows you to be actively engaged in living room conversation while enjoying perfect comfort. The Lounge position in Twilight is a unigue tilting motion that keeps you in more of an upright position. Combine this with a gentle bend in the knees and you have the perfect recipe to reduce stress on the lumbar area.

Lounge Reclined in Twilight - This position is the ultimate choice for relaxation. The third motor has the ability to achieve a series of 30 degree angles to relax the lower extremities while the unique tilt provides a comfortable upright position. It eliminates horizontal stress on your body and allows you to have restful sleep with no pressure on the joints.

Twilight in Rejuvenate Position -This position is an extreme Zero Gravity position that only our Twilight Technology can provide using our third motor to create a tilting motion. A unique healthy position, its cradle-like feeling allows for improving circulation by elevating the feet above the heart and the head above the hips. Restful sleep and relief from Edema, Sleep Apnea, and Acid Reflux are among the many benefits.

The Ez Sleeper- Model PR761 still provides MaxiComforting positioning including: Tv watching position, Zero Gravity, and Trendelenburg.

The EZ Sleeper ships quick in our new fabrics

Microsuede - is a stylish alternative to suede with wonderful advantages. Made of 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane, this microsuede fabric is soft to the touch and easy to care for. Composed of millions of microfibers, it has the soft feel of natural suede leather but none of its drawbacks. The napped surface feels like genuine suede. Long- lasting and stain- resistant.

  • Bourbon
  • Smoke

Brisa - is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric - Brisa is a stain, scratch and blemish resistant fabric, clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather. Superior comfort in all climate conditions, it resists cold weather stiffening and cracking. Brisa cleans effortlessly with soap and water.

Ships Quick - Brisa

  • Coffee Bean
  • Shitake
  • Iron

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pdf PR761 EZ Sleeper with Twilight Info Sheet Details and specifications PR761 EZ Sleeper with Twilight Lift Chair pdf 301.5 KB Download
Model NumberPR761-MLA
Weight Capacity375 LBS
Twilight TechnologyYes
Chaise SeatYes
Pocketed Coil SeatYes
Back TypeSeam
Overall Width34"
Overall Height46"
Width Between Arms22"
Floor to Top of Seat21"
Seat Depth21"
Seat to Top of Back30"
Seat to Top of Arm8"
Power Pillow OptionYes
Power Adjustable Lumbar OptionYes 
USB Charging PortYes
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