Harmar Vehicle Lifts

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  1. Profile Scooter Lift Al160
    Profile Scooter Lift Al160

    Harmar Al160 Power Scooter Lift. 

    • Accommodates: Scooters up to 42" Length 
    • Capacity: 350 LB
    • Installed weight: 74 LB
    • Platform Size: 26"x23"
    • Securement: Automatic Hold- Down Foot and Rear Cradle 
    • Powered: Fully Powered 
    • Free Cover with Purchase 
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  2. Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600
    Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600

    The Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600 is a power lift that comes compactly designed and is ideal for almost scooters. It can be used in small cargo carrier vehicles, SUV’s and cross-overs.  It’s easy turn handles allow swift retraction of the platform. The weight distribution handlebars are used for easy and secure lifting of power chairs and scooters.

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  3. Automatic Universal Power Chair Lifts AL560 & AL560XL
    Automatic Universal Power Chair Lifts AL560 & AL560XL

    The Harmar power chair lifts AL560 & AL560XL meet the needs of customers to quickly lift a power chair and securely place it on a vehicle.  The lifts are capable of lifting scooters and chairs of all types; up-to 350 lbs weight. It is simple and easy to use with no chair modifications required.

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  4. AL500 /Universal Power Chair Lifts
    AL500 /Universal Power Chair Lifts

    The Harmar AL500 and AL500 HD lifts are a good fit to raise any power chair or scooter to the safety of a vehicle. The weight lifting capacity of the two models is 350 lbs and 400 lbs respectively. Harmar’s industry leading construction standards ensure robust design and sound engineering.


    • Key switch, license plate light, and courtesy light
    • License plate mount, manual crank backup
    • No chair modifications needed, self-tensioning Q’Straint Retractors
    • Swing-Away option available It loads all power chairs
    • (4) Self-tensioning Q’Straint retractors
    • No need for any power chair modifications
    • Manual crank back up
    • License plate mount
    • Swing away option available
    • Harmar AL500 or AL500 HD are weather resistant and can withstand outdoor severities.
    • Stars -N- Stripes Aluminum Deck
    • Works with a Class II or Class III hitch
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  5. Harmar Swing Away
    Harmar Swing Away

    EASY CARGO ACCESS Our lightweight swing-away is our latest accessory for your outside auto lift. This innovative design uses a new I-beam construction, resulting in a 13 lb reduction that provides you with greater handling and steering.

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  6. Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift
    Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

    The Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift and AL100HD are uniquely designed power lifts to easily load and lift mobility scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs onto vehicles without making any modifications to the vehicle itself. The lift Stars -N- Stripes aluminum deck design has the capacity to lift anything up to 400 lbs of weight.

    Key features:

    • Light weight 84 lbs
    • Easy installation on vehicles
    • Heavy duty platform lift
    • Locking arm technology
    • Swing away option
    • License plate mount
    • Accommodation of wheelbase up to 42”
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  7. Battery Pack
    Battery Pack

    This is a light and effective power source for many of our most popular lifts.

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Harmar Vehicle Lifts For Sale

Aging and physical disability are the two main reasons for the growing popularity of mobility vehicles. An increase in the demand for mobility vehicles simultaneously increases the demand for vehicle lifts so that they are easy to load and unload from vehicles. Harmar is a well-renowned name in the market when it comes to offering high-quality and innovative home accessibility solutions in the form of vehicle lifts. Harmar Vehicle lifts are engineering marvels that give confidence to users to explore outdoors by keeping the vehicles in trunks of a car, SUV or trunk and safely load and unload them. Affordable Medical USA is your one-stop destination for obtaining all kinds of Vehicle lifts at the best rates.

 Types of Harmar Vehicle Lifts

With the help of Harmar Vehicle lifts, transporting a wheelchair, mobility scooter or power chair on a vehicle safely is like a breeze. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular vehicle lifts in which we deal:

Hoists or Inside Auto Lifts: These lifts are easy to mount in a vehicle’s cargo area. They are equipped with a swing-outside hoist mechanism so that a mobility vehicle is easy to load into the vehicle. These lifts have a moderate level of difficulty when it comes to operation, therefore a person should possess these capabilities to operate the lift easily:

  • Able to stand for three-four minutes while the lift is operating
  • Able to attach docking device with mobility device which may require kneeling or bending over, adequate hand dexterity and strength and balance to attach a docking device
  • Able to fold down a mobility vehicle’s seat back so that it comes in the best compact position.

Outside Lifts: These lifts are easy to operate by attaching a vehicle with a hitch. The hitch comprises a platform and an actuator that securely carries the mobility device on a vehicle’s back. To operate these lifts, a person should possess certain physical capabilities like possessing a physical strength to stand for two-three minutes till the time lift is operating, inserting a key and able to rotate it to 90 degrees to activate the lift and many more.

Hybrid Auto Lifts: These lifts are designed to move out and down from the cargo area of a vehicle so that a mobility device like scooter or wheelchair easily gets loaded onto the platform from the ground. The Hybrid lift then easily transports a mobility device into the vehicle for safe transportation. Like other lifts, even a person needs to fulfill certain parameters to operate this lift carefully.

Which Harmar Vehicle Lift to Select?

Because different styles of lifts are available in the market, thus it becomes important to consider factors like mobility device, hitch class, vehicle compatibility and physical capabilities of users before choosing the right piece. Full-size cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s have different interior space and weight capacities. Thus, before purchasing any lift, take a note that whether or not your assistive mobility device can fit inside a vehicle’s trunk. Similarly, some of these lifts are operated manually whereas some feature partially automated lifting. Thus, consider your physical abilities as well before making a final decision.

If you are facing any problem in deciding which scooter or wheelchair lift can meet your requirements, feel free to contact us. We have been dealing in a variety of Harmar Vehicle lifts with varied weight capacity, features and functionality. We give assurance that whatever lift you choose, it stands strong on the standard industry-leading construction and complemented with sound engineering and robust design. All the lifts are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty, durable and are easy to install.

For advice or consultation regarding the best lift for your needs, either call us or visit our showroom.