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  1. ShowerBuddy Transfer System

    Shower Buddy SB1 Shower Transfering System 

    Product Features included : 

    • 350 lb. weight capacity 
    • Tapered cushion with tailbone recess
    • It rolls over most standard toilets 
    • Removable/lockable/flip-back arms 
    • Height adjustable 
    • Full aluminum frame ( grade 6061 T6) 
    • Stainless steel hardware ( Grade 304) 
    • 360-degree rotation in shower subject to space 
    • Fold-up footrest 
    • lab & Chest blets 
    • 5" Casters 
    • Commode system and shower 
    • Super Easy Tool- Free assembly 


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    Special Price $2,885.75 Regular Price $3,395.00
  2. TubBuddy Transfer System with Tilt

    SB Bath Transfer System for bathtubs 

    • 350 LB Weight Capacity 
    • Adjustable Tilt angle from 0-30 degrees 
    • Rolls over most standard toilets 
    • Removable/ Lockable/ flip-back arms 
    • Seat Height Adjustable
    • Commode System
    • Stainless and Aluminum materials with (Grade of 6061 T6 and 304)

    SB2T Tub Transfer System significantly reduces costs compared to completely redoing your bathtub to a walk-in shower. 

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    Special Price $3,395.00 Regular Price $4,295.00
  3. ShowerBuddy Roll-In Eco Travel

    Roll-In Eco Travel Shower Chair

    • Weight Capacity of 265 Ponds 
    • Rolls over most standard toilets
    • Height- Adjustable 
    • Four Locking 4" Caster Wheels 
    • Commode System
    • Folds for storage or travel
    • Optional Bag 
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    Special Price $292.05 Regular Price $295.00
  4. Stander Sure Stand Security Pole
    • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 300 lbs.
    • Materials: Rust resistant aluminum with durable anodized finish.
    • Adjustable: Pole extends to fit ceiling heights from 7-10 ft. Extension piece sold separately for 12 ft. ceilings.
    • Ceiling Types: Fits flat and vaulted ceilings
    • Customize: Handles can be placed anywhere 360 degrees on the pole and at most heights.
    • Package Dimensions: 4.5″ H x 37″ L x 8.5″ W *Comes in 2 colors Deep Bronze and Graphite
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    Special Price $306.90 Regular Price $310.00
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Bathroom Safety Products

If your physical abilities are deteriorating because of age, illness, injury, or recovery from surgery, bathroom safety should be your primary priority. Due to the slippery surfaces and elevated risk of falling in and around the toilet, the bathroom is thought to be the most dangerous room in the house. Fortunately, there are steps you may take to make visiting the restroom alone or with a loved one safer and less likely to result in a fall. When buying Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors from Affordable Medical USA, there are many factors to consider and a wide variety. We are aware of the potential dangers the restroom poses to everyone who lives in the house, including older people, people with restricted mobility, parents of young children, and anyone else. Our team of bath safety specialists offers some advice on how to reduce the danger of harm in your house and how to make your bathroom a safer place to be.

The popularity of our bath safety products

One of Affordable Medical USA's main objectives is to assist patients in living independently, which necessitates continuous attention to restroom safety. An accident can be avoided by providing a safe restroom environment that lets patients live normal lives.

Every year, many seniors over 65 experience falls, with the restroom accounting for most of these incidents. Bathing and entering and exiting the shower or bathtub are the riskiest activities for seniors. Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors will become increasingly necessary as the senior population continues to grow.

While the senior population keeps growing and the economy is stagnant, more seniors are opting to age in place and do so on a budget. Seniors looking for less expensive remedies to make their restrooms safer don't want to hire a contractor to install or modify them.

Shower and Tub Safety

Using showers and bathtubs frequently could be harmful to your health regardless of your condition. Since they are an essential part of personal hygiene and frequently include wet, slick surfaces, finding and implementing safety solutions is required.

Entering and leaving the bathtub

A standard bathtub and shower combo require you to step over and clear a high edge each time you need to enter or exit. One needs a strong, flexible, and a balanced single leg for this maneuver to be constantly safe. You will not be able to enter and exit in a secure manner otherwise. It is essential to be able to move with independence and self-assurance while maintaining proper personal hygiene. 

Installing bathtub grab bars

To enter and exit the bathtub, one must use muscle, coordination, and balance. Installing a bath rail to the side of your tub will give you support and leverage to enter and exit the tub, sit down, and stand up more easily. A small investment could have a considerable influence on safety.

Putting in a transfer bench

If your lower body doesn't have enough strength or range of motion, stepping into or out of a bathtub might become perilous. You can roll into your bathing or showering area after sitting down on a transfer bench. Most of them feature handles so you can steady yourself when you sit, scoot in and out, stand back up, or even have the option to sit while having a shower. All of these are great for lowering the risk of injury.

Invest in a bath step

If your strength and balance are sufficient but you only need a little assistance getting in and out securely, think about utilizing a bath step. These four-inch steps provide you with the extra height you require when your knee, hip, and/or ankles are not flexible enough for you to clear the edge. Use a bathroom rail in addition to it for maximum comfort and safety.

Use non-slip bathmats and wall decals

Establishing some traction is the best line of action on slick, hard surfaces. A non-slip bath or shower mat can assist you to avoid slipping and some models even have a little layer of padding under your feet to help you feel less tired. However, avoid using thick rugs because they could unintentionally become a trip hazard.

You may quickly cover the bottom of your bathtub or shower with non-slip stickers by employing sticky material. Make sure the stickers are spaced apart enough so that none of your feet totally touch the tub's smooth surface.

Add grab bars

Our Bathroom Safety Products such as grab bars are a great substitute for artificial supports that are not designed to sustain weight, such as glass doors or towel racks. Choosing a metal grasp bar that can be securely drilled into the wall is the best option for people who need more long-term help, even though a suction cup grab bar is useful for temporary situations or travel. Before adding a permanent bar, make sure you consider the best location for safety and practicality in your specific bathroom plan.

Make use of a shower chair

If you are recovering from surgery, tire more easily when standing, are unable to bend over or balance in the shower, or for any other reason, using a shower chair will provide you with the support you need. A shower chair is a sturdier choice with armrests for greater comfort and stability.

Reduce your suffering and anxiety

Baths provide benefits beyond just making you cleaner; they can reduce stress and pain and even improve your mood.

Using Bathroom Safety Products makes bathing safer and less stressful, regardless of whether you have limited mobility, are elderly, are recovering from a short- or long-term disability, or are simply less steady on your feet than you once were. These bath aids are also beneficial for preserving independence and enabling you to retain your privacy without support.

Why opt for bathroom aids from Affordable Medical USA?

Affordable Medical USA provides a large variety of high-quality Bathroom Safety Products at affordable prices. We also have some bathing suggestions for you, such as how to choose a grab rail, how to make your bathroom more accessible, and how to choose a bath lift. This provides you with further direction and information as you search for the appropriate bath assistance for your needs.

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