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Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

The Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Liftand AL100HD are uniquely designed power lifts to easily load and lift mobility scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs onto vehicles without making any modifications to the vehicle itself. The lift Stars -N- Stripes aluminum deck design has the capacity to lift anything up to 400 lbs of weight.

Key features:

  • Light weight 84 lbs
  • Easy installation on vehicles
  • Heavy duty platform lift
  • Locking arm technology
  • Swing away option
  • License plate mount
  • Accommodation of wheelbase up to 42"
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Harmar makes the best lifts on the market today. TheHarmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift and AL100HD are durable lifts having the capacity to bear 350 and 400 lbs. respectively. Engineered to perfection, they can effortlessly lift mobility scooters and power chairs of all types. Their durable aluminum platform and effortless operation make these lifts a choice of all power chair owners.

Owners simply and effortlessly drive their vehicle on the platform. After driving the vehicle on the platform there is the hold down foot to secure the mobility device. Hence, the chair can be lifted securely and effortlessly. A scooter with a 42 wide wheelbase can be easily fitted on this platform. The price of this lift is kept affordable and it easily fits on the back of SUVs. The lift stays folded up when not in use thereby dramatically reducing the possibility of a backing accident.

Features outlining the lift??s capacity

  • Stars- N- Stripes platform to render maximum strength to the platform
  • Toggle buttons to raise and lower the lift vertically
  • Hold down foot firmly secures the scooter on the lifting platform
  • Lifts up to 400 lbs of weight
  • Swing away Attachment (AL105) allows for rear end access to the vehicle.
  • Product weighs 83 lbs so easily retracts
  • 27.5x 39 aluminum deck
  • Adjustable cradle extends to 47
  • Customized platform sizes that are 15 to 25% lighter
  • Lifts any type of scooter, sets the standard for all lifts
  • Comes with Warranty of 3 years

TheHarmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift and AL100HD lifts are automatically adjustable with the vertical padded hold-down arm to securely lift any power chair up-to 350/400 lbs respectively. When empty the platform automatically folds up and attaches to the rear of the vehicle. This makes it a fully automatic lift. Toggle buttons raise and lower the platform. Then the chair can be easily lifted to a vehicle for transportation.


AL100 / AL100HD are covered under the warranty program of the company. The warranty period is three years and if any fault emerges with any part of the system during this period as a result of shipping, defective part or normal wear and tear, then the company will repair and replace defective parts.

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Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf Harmar AL100 Sells Sheet Harmar AL100 Sells Sheet pdf 2 MB Download
Hitch Height With no Swingaway 6" to 18"
Hitch Height with Swingaway options 6"-16" ( No Drop Hitch ) Drop Hitch will vary depending on Hitch Height. 17-18". You will need 2-inch drop Hitch 
Lift Operations Power 
Power Source Wired or optional Battery Pack 
Lift Capacity 350 LBS or 400 With HD Unit 
Lift works for Mobility Travel Scooters or Full Size Mobility Scooters 
Platform Size Width 27.5" Length can be adjusted up to 39: and extended up to 46" 
Lift weight 83lbs 
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty 
Lift Mounts Outside on Class II, Class III or Class V Hitch receiver 
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