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With a folding mobility scooter everyday activity is possible and easier than ever before.  Regardless of whether you have an injury, weakness or just need some mobility assistance, a foldable mobility scooter is a practical option that will keep you up front with the action!  Lightweight and compact, a folding mobility scooter offers everyone an easy and affordable mobility option.

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  1. Whill Ri Mobility Scooter

    Model Ri Three Wheel Mobility Scooter By Whill 

    • Reliable Manufacturer 
    • Complete Front and Rear LED Light Package
    • USB-C Charging Station
    • Adjustable Tiller 
    • Digital Dash Board 
    • IPX5 Water Proof 
    • Full Independent Suspension System 
    • FAA-Approved 269 watt Battery for All Travels 
    • 12 Mile Battery Range 
    • Wireless Quick Disassmbly for travel
    • Tesla of Mobility Scooters 

    Whill Ri will launch in late June 2024 Or Early July 



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  2. Go-Go Elite Traveller 2 4-Wheel Scooter

    New Innovation from Pride Mobility!

    The latest addition to the reliable Go-Go series with the tightest turning radius of any 4-wheel scooter on the market today!

    Pride Mobility's patented iTurn Technology - 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel maneuverability

    • 37" Turning Radius
    • 12AH battery - Up to 8.8 miles charge range
    • 18AH battery - Up to 13.8 miles charge range
    • Two color shrouds included, 6 more available
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
    • Top speed of 4.23 mph
    • Feather touch disassembly
    • Front basket included
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  3. Buzzaround Extreme 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

    The Golden Buzzaround Extreme 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter -

    • is one of the best mobility travel scooters today.
    • has highly advanced features and maneuverability.
    • has a driving range of 18 miles.,
    • features easy disassembly into 4 lightweight pieces.
    • has solid tires with high ground clearance,
    • comes with Comfort Spring Suspension Technology
    • is safe for evening with LED headlights and tail lights.
    • supports weight up to 350 lbs.

    Class II Medical Device

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    Special Price $1,832.00 Regular Price $2,540.00
  4. Buzzaround Carry On Long Range up to 18 Miles

    The Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter Model # "GB-120" Long Range Battery Up to 18 Miles 

    Now, it comes with a Kickstand and two Battery Options 

    Call Us with any Questions 803-926-2224

    In Stock and ready to ship - Also Ships with Free Back Bag. 

    • 300 LB weight capacity
    • Optional New TSA Approved Battery - Check out The Carryon TSA 
    • Folds flat 12" / For Storage under Bed or furniture
    • Easy Loading with leverage  
    • Quick Ship: Blue, Red
    • Free Hard Shell Carry Bag
    • Ships with Front Folding Basket
    • Now comes with Free Kickstand 
    • FREE CARRY ON- Hard Shell Rear Bag, Cup Holder, and Front Folding Basket ( 9" at top/ 7 1/2" at Bottom and Depth 8")

    Class II Medical Device


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    100 % of 100
    Special Price $2,019.00 Regular Price $2,811.00
  5. Buzzaround Extreme 4 wheel Scooter

    The all new Golden Buzzaround Extreme Scooter features the portability and easy disassembly of a lightweight scooter with the amazing benefits of a full size. Comes with MK 2-U1 batteries for maximum operating range up to 18 miles. Also features a brand new ultrabright LED headlight and taillight and our comfort suspension springs for the smoothest ride. Not to mention the lifttime warranty on the frame, 2 year warranty on the Drive Train and Electronices and 1 year on the USA Made Batteries.

    Class II Medical Device

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    Special Price $1,859.00 Regular Price $2,648.00
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Folding Mobility Scooters - An Outstanding Mobility Choice!

Affordable Medical Equipment is a premier provider of folding mobility scooters in the Columbia, SC area. Folding mobility scooters can be a wonderful solution for those needing mobility assistance. Mary E. said that, “The most valuable thing to me about this scooter is I can handle it myself.  It’s easy to set up and go. It doesn’t take up as much space in my vehicle as my old scooter.”  And therein lies the beauty of a folding scooter.  You need a disability scooter that can assist you getting around but can also provide convenience of sitting and moving. Mobility scooters that can be folded are designed to be carried and stored around easily while you travel on car, trains or by airplanes. Simply collapse the scooter and pack it away. Some like the Transformer even do it automatically!

Travel with Ease

When you love to travel around unattended all by your own, the mobility scooters are the best choice to make. It is going to take you on a sightseeing tour that you always enjoyed. Move out all on your own on the scooter supported by its engine and great wheels that rolls on any road to take you to destinations of your dream. An easy to adjust tiller and marvelous braking system make it easy to drive the vehicle without losing control. It ensures that you are safe on road with head light and tail lights to further add to the safety features.

Durable and Damage Proof

The folding mobility scooters are lightweight, durable, and affordable machine. Their aluminum construction is rust free and that ensures that even if it rains and the scooter is kept outside, still there won't be any damages or harm done to the machine. The battery stays totally sealed in a plastic cabin below the seat. So, there is no way that water shall ever percolate inside the battery storage area. That is why you can keep it parked outside and drive when the rain stops. Just enjoy the thrill of being ona move anytime and anywhere.

Foldable Mobility Scooter

One of the major differences between a full-sized mobility scooter and a foldable scooter is the engineering. Folding mobility scooters utilize a different drive system than larger scooters.  Det had this to say about his Triaxe Tour Scooter; “A great deal of ingenuity and careful craftsmanship went into this wonderful scooter.”  Similar to mobility scooters that are easily disassembled into parts, the folding mobility scooters for those that don’t have the strength and/or mobility to disassemble. Lady D. said she “loves this very sturdy but light weight scooter.” And you don’t have to sacrifice features either!  Our range of portable mobility scooters come equipped with many of the features found in full-size scooters, so they are considered a practical mobility solution.

Easy Launch after Stowing

Stow your mobility vehicle in SUV and carry it to a distant place. Upon reaching the place, disengage the lift and let the lever bring down your vehicle on road. Just open the tiller that normally stays folded during stowing. After the dislodging, sit on the comfortable seat of the vehicle and drive your scooter in the new place where you have arrived. Explore the new sightseeing places at ease by driving on the scooter.Choose to go to a market place and do your shopping before you return back to your resort.The vehicle is a great support wherever you may go. Just take it along and then see how well it is going to serve you in every situation.

18 Miles Ride on Single Battery Recharge

Recharging the battery of the vehicle is not an everyday job. Just get it completely recharged once and experience 18 miles of free ride. So, 18 miles means you can stay free without recharging for a number of days. The battery won't take much time to get recharged once placed on charging. This vehicle always lends a very fascinating experience to people who use it. When it is taken for a ride outside, the vehicle speeds up to 6 MPH. This is a really impressive speed that is attained keeping full control of the machine. The electromagnetic braking system brings the vehicle to an instant halt whenever the brakes are applied. This guarantees complete safety on road.

Impressive Design

When the scooter is taken out for a ride it looks very impressive. The red and blue color of its body, the elegant seat arrangement, ample foot space, and the impressively adjustable tiller with a basket for carrying items, all add to the beauty of the vehicle. When the scooter is taken out for a ride it looks very impressive. The red and blue color of its body, the elegant seat arrangement, ample foot space, and the impressively adjustable tiller with a basket for carrying items, all add to the beauty of the vehicle. The scooter is light-weight just 51 lbs but still, it is capable of carrying things that are heavy. That means if you want to bring something home after shopping, just place the item on the space of the footrest. Then drive the vehicle to carry the items on the scooter. Carry loads up to 250 lbs. Mobility scooters are very convenient to use and help people in all situations. Just have faith in your scooter and it is going to become your best companion forever.

All of the folding mobility scooters available at Affordable Medical Equipment are designed to be light weight and easy to travel with keeping in mind the convenience of the user. Come see us today to find what works for you!

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