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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust or saw dust, which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


PLR975 VivaLift Elegance Lift Recliner

  • Power headrest
  • Power backrest
  • Power lumbar
  • USB remote with soft-touch buttons
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Footrest extension

PLR975 VivaLift Elegance Lift Recliner

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust or saw dust, which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

PLR975 Elegance Lift Recliner

A truly elegant, sophisticated recliner is more than just physically alluring: It’s the precise combination of function, style and comfort. The Elegance Collection from VivaLift!® Power Recliners is all of these and more, providing a cozy place to relax with your family. The soft fabric and contrast stitching makes this recliner a perfect addition to your home. 


  • Power headrest
  • Power backrest
  • Power lumbar
  • USB remote with soft-touch buttons
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Footrest extension

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PLR975 VivaLift Elegance Lift Recliner

Model PLR975M PLR975L
Position Infinite Lay Flat, Relaxed, Reclined, Upward Lift Infinite Lay Flat, Relaxed, Reclined, Upward Lift
Weight Capacity 400 lbs. 400 lbs.
Seat to Floor 20" 20.5"
Seat Depth 21" 22"
Seat Width 21" 22"
Top of Back to Seat 27" 29"
Fully Padded Chaise Yes Yes
Footrest Extension Standard Standard
Seating Type Total Comfort Total Comfort
Chair Height 42" 43"
Distance From Wall 14" 16"
Overall Chair Width 35.5" 37.5"
Chair Weight 152 lbs. 157 lbs.
Battery Backup Lithium Lithium
Height Range 5'4"-5'9" 5'10" and above
Warranty 7-Year Pro-rated 7-Year Pro-rated


7-year prorated warranty

Lift Chair FAQS

What is the difference between a two-position and a three-position lift chair?

With a two-position lift chair, when the chair is reclining and the footrest is going up, the angle between the backrest and the seat does not change. With a three-position lift chair, when the chair is reclining and the footrest is going up, the backrest reclines back farther, opening the angle between the backrest and the seat. The chair can recline more fully into a “sleeper” or “napper” position.

Some of your chairs have a “split chaise pad” while others are described as having a “full chaise pad.” What is the difference?

A “split chaise pad” means there is a gap between the front edge of the seat and the footrest. The gap is covered with a piece of fabric called an apron. A “full chaise pad” means there is one continuous piece of seat foam covered in fabric from the very back of the seat all the way through to the front end of the footrest, providing more support and comfort for the legs when the footrest is raised.

The Owner’s Manual says my chair goes into the Trendelenburg position. My doctor recommends this position for me to help improve the circulation in my legs. How do I get to the Trendelenburg position?

Only Golden’s patented MaxiComfort chairs move into the Trendelenburg position. It is very easy to get to. First, use the ZG button to move to the Zero-Gravity position. Once the chair has moved to that position, then use the backrest button to move the backrest down towards the floor. When the backrest stops moving, the chair is in the Trendelenburg position.

Are there any health benefits to sleeping on a Flexabed adjustable bed?

A Flexabed adjustable bed can help relieve the symptoms of ailments such as arthritis, acid reflux, asthma, breathing disorders, hiatal hernias, swollen legs and feet, phlebitis, varicose veins, back pain, and neck pain. Because Flexabed fits the bed to your body, you’ll never resort to sleeping in a recliner, stacking pillows or putting blocks under the head of your bed again. A simple push of a button and your head and feet are instantly adjusted to a comfortable, restful position.

What is the difference between a fold up scooter and fold down scooter?

The fold down Go Scooter from Golden allows you to remove seat and battery; the unit then folds flat to allow for easy handling and storage.  Fold up scooters usually are one piece and can be awkward to handle. 

Can I use a Flexabed instead of a hospital bed?

Flexabed adjustable beds should not be considered as an alternative to a hospital bed. A physician should be consulted when health issues are involved as to the appropriateness of an adjustable bed. For some, Flexabed adjustable beds can provide a solution allowing partners to sleep side-by-side in the same bed while providing flexibility that can appeal to those needing extra functionality. A bracket connects two twin beds to form a single king bed, each side being independently adjustable. Our adjustable beds offer extra features like optional, dual-timed massage, that may not be available in hospital beds and also look like any other bed. Optional side rails provide added security while you sleep and can be folded away when not in use.

Why is the GB-120 or “Carryon” scooter good for cruise ships?

The GB-120 is a great scooter to take on cruises or really any travel.   The Golden Buzzaround Carry On was design to fit under the bed of a cruise ship. 

My hand control has buttons labeled TV and ZG. What does that mean?

Golden’s unique AutoDrive hand controls for our MaxiComfort Zero-Gravity lift chairs feature factory programmed buttons for the TV Watching position and the Zero-Gravity position. With the TV Watching position, the footrest raises up and the backrest reclines very slightly, so that your back, neck and head are properly aligned to watch TV comfortably. With the Zero-Gravity position, the chair moves your body into the Zero-Gravity position to help relieve stress throughout your entire body.

I have mobility issues. Can an adjustable bed help me more easily get in and out of bed?

The Flexabed Hi-Low SL is the ideal solution because the base can be raised and lowered vertically with the touch of a button. The height of the Hi-Low SL model 23.25 inches from the floor with a gel top mattress and can be raised with the hand control to a height of 30.75 inches. We recommend the optional low profile mattress to further reduce the minimum height to 18.75 inches with or 16.5 inches without casters. The Hi-Low SL is designed specifically with home healthcare or assisted living environments in mind.

How do you charge the GB-120?

The battery pack is removed and charged away from the scooter with the off-board charger.  This is a unique feature to the Golden Buzzaround Carry On GB-120.

Can an adjustable bed help me to sleep better?

Possibly, by allowing you to sleep on your back and by inclining your upper body and lower body into a more comfortable position. You can alleviate pressure points common on flat surfaces that bear the majority of your weight by redistributing the weight. Adding a softer mattress can also help. Elevating feet can reduce pressure and swelling while improving circulation.

Can you use the Carry On at night?

The Buzzaround Carry On comes with a full lighting package.  The light package has LED front and rear lights for high visibility.

Can an adjustable bed alleviate my partner’s snoring?

Sleep apnea and snoring are very common in both men and women. Slightly elevating the head of the bed has been proven to reduce snoring and apnea and is recommended for people who suffer from this condition. With an adjustable bed, it is as easy as pushing a button. Because snoring and other conditions mentioned on this page are associated with problems affecting long-term health, we recommend also talking to a physician.

How heavy is the GB-120?

The GB-120 total weight is 65.5 lbs.  The seat and battery are easily removeable, leaving a net weight of 47 lbs.   This can still be heavy for some people but the design of the fold down scooter, with multiple handles, makes lifting the scooter much easier.  Check out the video below for a demonstration from a brand new customer.

Can an adjustable bed help relieve my acid reflux?

Laying flat can exacerbate gastric reflux, prompting those who suffer from this condition to prop up pillows or sit in a recliner. Elevating the upper body can help to alleviate symptoms without creating the same back problems.

Do I need a vehicle lift to transport the GB-120?

If you can pick up 50 LBS than you will not need an expensive lift to travel with the unit.  Watch the video listed above to see how easy it can be placed in the trunk of a vehicle.

Can I get Two GB-120 or “Carryon” Scooters into a small trunk?

Can I charge my cell phone on the scooter?

Yes.  The Golden Carry On comes with a USB charging station to charge your cell phone or other electronics.

What Colors options does the Carryon Scooter offer?

Red and Blue at present. 

Can I travel with my GB-120 on an airplane?

Yes, you can travel with your GB-120 on the airplane.  You will, however, need to purchase the Travel TSA approved battery.  The standard battery is not TSA approved but delivers an 18-mile battery range. The TSA approved battery will give you a 7-mile battery range and comes with a travel case. 

Can I charge the GB-120 battery offboard from the scooter?

Yes.  Both battery packs – the TSA Travel battery and standard long-distance battery can both be charged away from the scooter. 

Is it comfortable to ride?

Absolutely.  The Buzzaround Go Scooter has a built-in suspension system that absorbs bumps, divots and small holes extremely well.

Is the seat adjustable?

The seat is not height adjustable nor swiveling.

What is my Golden Go Scooter requires servicing?

Affordable Medical Equipment is an authorized dealer for Golden Technology products.  We are one of the oldest and largest sales and service centers in South Carolina.


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