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The Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter GB120- INSTOCK  

  • Air, sea, or train travel
  • 300 LB weight capacity 
  • Folds flat 12" / For Storage under Bed or furniture 
  • Heaviest piece 47.5 LBS  
  • In Stock : Blue & Red 
  • Free Hard Shell Carry Bag 

The Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter

We have the Carryon GB-120 Instock in Red and Blue -We ship fast! 

The Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter GB120 - Designed for travel and cruises 

This all new, sporty fold-flat scooter is what you've always wanted in a light, travel friendly scooter.  It's airline friendly and designed to fit underneath the beds on a cruise ship.  It's not a fold up scooter, it's a fold down scooter!  The Golden GB 120 is different than any scooter on the market. 

The tiller-locking seat frame folds for a compact profile.  The scooter has a sporty new 'on the go' look and a sleek front and rear lighting package.  The GB 120 or Buzzaround Carry-On-Scooter has a front carry handle, and a conveniently located USB port for charging your cell phone.  The GB120 has an LED battery indicator on the console and comes in two colors: red and blue.  The Carry-On-Scooter is the lightest in its class - only 47.5 lbs.  It has 4- point carry handles for easy lifting.  The GB 120 has two battery options- the 15 AH standard battery (not TSA approved) is 6lbs and the TSA optional travel battery is 3.8 lbs.  The GB120 has an ultra light weight seat of 12lbs. 

Carry on scooter has solid, low profile flat free tires.  The front tires are 6 inches with rear tires size of 7".  The Carry on Scooter - Model GB120 by Golden will have a ground clearance of 4", overall length of 38" and a width of only 19.5".  The Carry on scooter has a weight capacity up to 300 pounds.  The Carry on scooter is only 47.5 pounds but has many handles for easy lifting, which will make the scooter feel much lighter than most fold up scooters.  The seat is very light at only 12 pounds and the battery 6 lbs.  

The Golden Carryon" is in stock and ready to ship from our location at Affordable Medical Equipment.   

GB 120 Carry-On-Scooter Features 

  • Requires minmal storage space 
  • 4- point carry handles for easy transport 
  • 12" height when folded (without seat) 
  • 4" ground clearance (1.5 at transaxle)
  • Infinite adjustable tiller 
  • USB port and water bottle holder on tiller 
  • airline friendly 6.5 AH lithium ion battery pack (optional)-
  • 15 AH lithium ion battery pack (standard) for a range of 18  miles 
  • FREE CARRY ON-  Hard Shell Rear  Bag and Cup holder 

The GB-120 Fold Flat Sccoter or "Carryon" Breakdown of scooter 

  • Hand Grips: Rubber coated forward grips for comfort and non- slip control levers for easy right or left hand use. 
  • Tiller: Easy to use tiller offers infinite adjustment to find your most comfortable driving position.  The Yellow tiller angle adjustment lever is located on the right-side of the tiller, and locks automatically in place when released.  A Battery Charging port, USB Charging Station, and charger fuse holder are conveniently located in the center of the tiller under the control panel. 
  • Water Bottle Holder: The Carry on scooter comes with a tiller mounted water bottle holder that can be fitted on either side of the tiller and easy to reach from seated position.  
  • Main Body: Features: Compact profile; headlights and taillight; front and side handles for easy transport; and top mounted freewheel switch for easy access.  
  • Control Panel: Easy to read display features: Oversided speed control knob; LED battery gauge; key switch to turn the unit on and off; light switch to turn the headlights and tail light on and off; and horn button.  
  • Seat:  The armrest can be tilted back to make transfers easier, and the seat back and armrest fold foward for easy compact storage when removing the seat.  Also has a chart pocket and flag holder sewn into the backrest.  We also offer a free hard case that is easy to remove when carrying the scooter. 
  • Seat Frame: The self locking seat frame folds forward for a compact profile, making storage easy.  
  • Easy Access Lithium Ion Battery Pack:  Located under the floor board, the battery pack has a wirless connector system for easy disassembly and reassembly. The Battery pack can be removed and brought indoors for charging with its off- board charger.  This is a great feature that many fold up scooters don't offer. 
  • Battery Options: The "Carry on" scooter comes standard with a 15 AH Lithium Ion Battery (6.0 LBS) with an 18 mile operating range. ( Operating ranged based on 200 lbs)  Upgrade or add the extra TSA Travel approved Lithium Ion Battery pack ( 6.5  AH, 3.8LBS)  for airline travel.  This battery will have an operating range up to 7.8 miles.  The Travel battery comes with a travel bag and will allow you to charge your cell phone or other devices.   

The Buzzaround Carryon GB120 is affordable and easier to transport compared to any fold up - like the Solax Transformer, Triaxe Cruze,  Heatway teQno or the Pride Mobility Fold and Go.  The Buzzaround is priced much better.  We feel that the Buzzaround Carryon is the best four wheel travel scooter on the market.    

Warranty: The Buzzaround CarryOn scooter has one of the best warranties on the market  with a life time warranty on the frame, 2 Year Drive Train warranty and 2 year on electronics.  The Battery will come with a 1 year warranty.   Charging your Carry on scooter must be done after every use and once a week if not being used.  The CarryOn scooter comes equpped with the 15 AH battery that can travel up to 18 miles.  The TSA Approved battery for airline travel can be purchased seperately.

Download Manuals

Model  GB120
Medicare Code  Not Coded 
Weight Capacity  300 lbs 
Drive wheels  Rear
Maximum Speed  3.6 mph 
Operating Range 

18 miles (15 Ah Standard ) 

TSA Approved Travel Battery 6.5 AH

Both are Lithium Ion 

Color  RED or BLUE 
Freewheel Mode  YES
Electronic speed control  YES
Electro - Mechanical Brakes  YES 
Charger  off board 
Controller  50 AMP
Length  38"
Width  19.5"
Height ( ground to top of back of seat)  34.5"
Maxium Height ( folded without seat  12"
Ground to top of seat  22.75"
Ground to Top of Deck  6"
Deck to Top of Seat  19.5"
Front Axle to Rear Axle  28.7"
Main Body  47.5 lbs 
Seat w/arms  12 lbs 

15 ah 6lbs 

6.5 AH 3.8lbs 

Front  6"
Rear  7"
Rear Anti-tip Wheels  2"

Stadium style 

Back Height - no headrest 13.25"

Width x Depth 15"x13.75"

Color - Black Vinyl 

battery range is based off of 200 lbs and will vary due to rider weight, drive surface, terrain and battery type 

Warranty: buzzaround scooter is one of the best in the market  with a life time warranty on the frame, 2 Year Drive Train warranty and 2 year on electronics.  The Battery will come with a 1 year warranty.   Charging your Carry on scooter must be done after every use and once a week if not being used.  The Carry on scooter will have a option of 15 AH battery that can travel up to 18 miles and or choice of a TSA Approved battery for airline travel.   


Frame: Lifetime

Drive Train: 2 Years

Electronics : 2 Years

Batteries : 1 Year 

Electronics warranty excludes batteries 

GB120 FAQs

What is the difference between a fold up scooter and fold down scooter?

The fold down Go Scooter from Golden allows you to remove seat and battery; the unit then folds flat to allow for easy handling and storage.  Fold up scooters usually are one piece and can be awkward to handle. 

Why is the GB-120 or “Carryon” scooter good for cruise ships?

The GB-120 is a great scooter to take on cruises or really any travel.   The Golden Buzzaround Carry On was design to fit under the bed of a cruise ship. 

How do you charge the GB-120?

The battery pack is removed and charged away from the scooter with the off-board charger.  This is a unique feature to the Golden Buzzaround Carry On GB-120.

Can you use the Carry On at night?

The Buzzaround Carry On comes with a full lighting package.  The light package has LED front and rear lights for high visibility.

How heavy is the GB-120?

The GB-120 total weight is 65.5 lbs.  The seat and battery are easily removeable, leaving a net weight of 47 lbs.   This can still be heavy for some people but the design of the fold down scooter, with multiple handles, makes lifting the scooter much easier.  Check out the video below for a demonstration from a brand new customer.  


Do I need a vehicle lift to transport the GB-120?

If you can pick up 50 LBS than you will not need an expensive lift to travel with the unit.  Watch the video listed above to see how easy it can be placed in the trunk of a vehicle.

Can I get Two GB-120 or “Carryon” Scooters into a small trunk?

Can I charge my cell phone on the scooter?

Yes.  The Golden Carry On comes with a USB charging station to charge your cell phone or other electronics.

What Colors options does the Carryon Scooter offer?

Red and Blue at present. 

Can I travel with my GB-120 on an airplane?

Yes, you can travel with your GB-120 on the airplane.  You will, however, need to purchase the Travel TSA approved battery.  The standard battery is not TSA approved but delivers an 18-mile battery range. The TSA approved battery will give you a 7-mile battery range and comes with a travel case. 

Can I charge the GB-120 battery offboard from the scooter?

Yes.  Both battery packs – the TSA Travel battery and standard long-distance battery can both be charged away from the scooter. 

Is it comfortable to ride?

Absolutely.  The Buzzaround Go Scooter has a built-in suspension system that absorbs bumps, divots and small holes extremely well.

Is the seat adjustable?

The seat is not height adjustable nor swiveling.

What is my Golden Go Scooter requires servicing?

Affordable Medical Equipment is an authorized dealer for Golden Technology products.  We are one of the oldest and largest sales and service centers in South Carolina.


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