Power scooters offer a renewed freedom and independence that many people find incredibly uplifting. One of the joys of being in this business is seeing someone that has been sidelined for too long suddenly mobile. It is like the sun has risen on a long night. The joy in their eyes and smile on their faces is indescribable. You can tell a heart and spirit has been lifted; that a burden has been removed. With the technology of powered mobility today there are so many choices available. Whether your desire is simply cruising your neighborhood or traveling the largest national parks – there is a power scooter that is just for you!

If you are headed to Dollywood, Disney, Six Flags, or your favorite campground we have the perfect power scooter for you! The Silverado full-size scooter by Merits Health is hearty yet stylish. It delivers up to 25 miles on a single charge. It has a top speed of up to 9.5 miles per hour.  The Merits Silverado has a full suspension system with shock absorption, making this scooter a fantastic choice for anyone on-the-go.

What Makes the Silverado Different

What Makes the Silverado Different
The Silverado features an attractively sleek, modern design that is sure to get noticed. LED lighting is featured throughout, so the front and rear lights are not only brighter, but they use less power while in operation. The dashboard display is a digital LCD display and shows the time, battery gauge, temperature, speed, odometer, and maintenance messages keeping you completely in-the-know. The Silverado comes standard with left and right mirrors. There is also a handbrake with lock. The tiller adjusts knob is in the middle of the tiller and easy to operate. It has a loud horn – something rare for a mobility scooter.

Silverado Thumb Drive

Totally unique to the Silverado is a thumb drive – and not like the one you stick in your computer. This thumb drive is easily manipulated from the right or left and is ambidextrous. You can literally fully drive the Silverado with one thumb! Another unique feature to the Silverado is a two-level throttle setting. You can set the preset switch to the tortoise (indicating a slow speed) and then further adjust that with the manual turn knob. Same for the hare (indicating a faster speed). The Silverado also offers a wonderful safety feature that automatically senses turns and slows to half speed, ensuring your continued safety. It has a DC adapter to hook up a stereo, spotlight, or camp lantern!

The Silverado has a full suspension system making the ride outdoors smooth and safe. Speaking of smooth and safe, the Merits Silverado has 16” pneumatic wheels in the rear and 14” in the front, delivering a full 5” of ground clearance. That is as good as any outdoor scooter you will find. The Silverado S941A supports up to 300 pounds; the S941L can support up to 450 pounds.  It’s a big scooter but has a slim waistline width of 29” making it more maneuverable.

Silverado with Extra Storage

If you are looking for extra storage, this scooter comes standard with a front basket and even has extra storage space beneath the tiller, so you will have plenty of room for your personal items. You will ride at ease in the generously sized captain's seat that features flip-back armrests that are adjustable in both height and width. The seat can also be slid either forward or back for the ideal driving position. Additionally, the seat rotates a full 360°.

Why We Like It

We have had great success with this Merits scooter. The people that are buying them live on large tracts, and travel. They live in larger residential areas where roads are mixed composite or have holes. This is exactly what Michael M. said. “Beautifully designed, heavy-duty scooter. Ideal for outdoors. Much higher quality than those most often seen in retirement homes.”  You can watch our test drive video here. This scooter combines the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and style. The DC adapter is exceedingly rare in a mobility scooter and can be used for so many different things. The LED lights are unusually bright, adding an immense safety value to evening drives. The Silverado is as rugged as any scooter we have driven, and we have driven a few. Give us a call today at 803-926-2244 or visit our website at www.affordablemedicalusa.com. We would love to hear from you.