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At Affordable Medical USA, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and an active lifestyle, even while traveling. For individuals who rely on power wheelchairs, navigating unfamiliar environments and different terrains can present challenges. This is where our selection of lightweight travel power wheelchairs comes in.

Time never stops for anyone. Life should never stop either. Unfortunately, it’s harder for some people. But accepting that doesn’t mean sitting in a corner alone. Accepting means understanding the situation and finding ways of tackling it, writing your own fight song. Affordable Medical USA steps into this fight as your trusted soldier to give you a helping shoulder of support. We offer a wide range of power chairs to help you with that!

All the aspects related to the movement of an individual who needs a little help are covered by our power wheelchairs. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, a cross-country adventure, or a cruise vacation, our lightweight travel power wheelchairs will be your reliable companion.

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  1. Jazzy® Carbon Power Chair

    Pride Mobility Light Weight Folding Power Chair 

    • Ultralight, carbon fiber frame for strength and long-lasting durability!
    • Easy folding and unfolding makes it a must for travel!
    • Padded seat back with soft seat cushion for all-day comfort!
    • Airline-compliant lithium battery!
    • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs!
    • Free Upgraded Stealth Cushion 

    *Best Seller*

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    93 % of 100
    Special Price $2,539.00 Regular Price $3,499.00
  2. GP302 Cricket Power Wheelchair

    Golden Technologies - Model Cricket Folding Power Chair 

    • Sporty, strong, and high-performing with a 100% carbon fiber frame!
    • 300 lbs Weight Capacity!
    • Total Assembled Weight - 35 lbs!
    • Airline Approved Lithium Ion Battery!
    • Now comes with a travel cover ( Free)   
    • USA03 Discount Code for special savings 

    Class II Medical Device

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    Special Price $2,999.00 Regular Price $3,799.00
  3. Ally TSA Folding Power Chair

    Golden Folding Power Chair "Ally TSA " Model # GP303-TSA 

    • Simple Folding Design 
    • Memory Foam Cushion
    • Leather look and feel Armrest
    • Indoor or outside Riding 
    • Bluetooth Technology 
    • Digital Display 
    • 330 Weight Capacity 
    • Safety Built-in Lighting  
    • 10" Pneumatic Rear Tires 
    • TSA Approved 12 AH Battery Up to 9 Miles

    Currently out of stock.  Expected ETA or Arrival July 17th, 2024

    If you want to preorder,, please get in touch with us at 803-926-2224

    PS: if you place an order, the unit will not ship until after July 17th - 

    Currently out of stock.  Expected ETA or Arrival July 17th, 2024

    If you want to preorder please get in touch with us at 803-926-2224

    PS: if you place an order, the unit will not ship until after July 17th - 





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    Special Price $2,899.00 Regular Price $3,629.00
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Why Choose a Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchair?

Traditional power wheelchairs, while offering excellent stability and support, can be bulky and cumbersome to transport. Some are simply too big. This can make traveling a logistical nightmare. Lightweight travel power wheelchairs address these concerns by incorporating several key features:

  • Compact Design: These wheelchairs are specifically designed to be more compact than standard models. This allows them to fit easily into most car trunks, minivans, or accessible vans. Some models even fold or disassemble for even greater portability.
  • Lightweight Construction: Travel wheelchairs utilize lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminum or high-strength plastics. This significantly reduces the overall weight of the chair, making it easier to lift, load, and maneuver.
  • Exceptional Maneuverability: Travel wheelchairs often have a tighter turning radius compared to standard models. This allows for navigating tight spaces, narrow hallways, and crowded environments with greater ease.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Most travel wheelchairs come equipped with simple and intuitive joystick controllers. These controllers are often designed for single-hand operation, offering greater convenience and ease of use.

Benefits of Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchairs:

  • Enhanced Independence: Travel wheelchairs empower you to explore novel places, participate in activities, see new sights and experience all the joys of life that you might otherwise struggle with.
  • Increased Confidence: The ability to navigate unfamiliar surroundings independently fosters a sense of confidence and freedom.
  • Reduced Travel Hassles: The compact design and lightweight construction make transportation significantly easier.
  • Greater Comfort: Many travel wheelchairs offer features like adjustable seating, breathable materials, and comfortable armrests, ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

Exploring Our Selection of Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchairs

At Affordable Medical USA, we offer a diverse range of lightweight travel power wheelchairs to cater to individual needs and preferences. Here's a glimpse into some of the key features you can expect:

  • Weight Capacity: Our wheelchairs typically have weight capacities of up to 300 pounds, accommodating a variety of users.
  • Range: Travel on a single charge can range from 10 miles to 20 miles, depending on the model and terrain.
  • Speed: Most models offer speeds of up to 3.5 mph, ensuring safe and comfortable travel.
  • Seating Options: Many models have adjustable seat height, depth adjustments, armrests height adjustments and reclining options providing a customized fit for optimal comfort.
  • Additional Features: Many models come equipped with features like LED headlights, cup holders, and storage baskets for added convenience.

Here Are Some Specific Examples of Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchairs

At Affordable Medical USA, we offer a variety of lightweight travel power wheelchairs to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Here's a detailed breakdown of some popular options to help you narrow down your search:

  • The Golden Cricket:
    Simply one of the best travel power wheelchairs on the market today. The Cricket is a fold-down dream and is the lightest travel power wheelchair on the market today. Featuring a total weight of 33 pounds (with 4 lb. battery removed), the Cricket is easy to use and easy to pack. It has a turning radius of 22” and a range of up to 9.3 miles. It will stand on end to maximize storage and the lithium-ion batter is airline-approved. The width and depth of the seat is 17.3” x 16.5,” respectively.
  • The Ci2 Whill Power Mobility Device:
    This feature-rich option is perfect for those who value maneuverability and technological integration. The Ci2 Whill boasts a remarkably tight turning radius of 29.9 inches, allowing you to navigate narrow spaces and crowded environments with ease. This model incorporates Bluetooth technology, enabling you to connect to your smartphone and potentially control the chair using an app (availability depends on the specific model). For added convenience during transfers, the Ci2 Whill features a flip-back armrest. The controller height is adjustable, and the backrest has three positions for your comfort adjustment. The backrest also has three adjustable positions. It has a beautifully contoured and comfortable seat and travels up to 11.2 miles on a single charge. Customers have found the Ci2 to be one of the most adaptable travel power wheelchairs when it comes to riding through grass or terrain beyond just concrete and asphalt. Not only is it a horse of a power chair but it also has a sleek look that stands above anything else on the market.
  • The BuzzAbout Super Portable Power Wheelchair:
    This lightweight option is a dream come true for frequent travelers, especially those who fly. The BuzzAbout lives up to its name by disassembling easily into several manageable pieces. This allows for convenient storage and transportation. The BuzzAbout features a compact design with a width of only 22 inches, making it ideal for navigating narrow store aisles and doorways. While the weight capacity is lower at 250 lbs, its portability and ease of transport make it a strong contender for those who prioritize air travel. It has a comfortable full captain’s riding seat, a spacious footplate, and automatic lights for getting down dark hallways or kitchen. Sometimes a midnight snack is a necessity!

We recommend browsing our website showroom to explore the complete selection of Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchairs. ​


Additional Considerations When Choosing a Lightweight Travel Power Wheelchair

Beyond the features mentioned above, here are some additional factors to consider when selecting a lightweight travel power wheelchair:

  • Your Individual Needs: Evaluate your daily activities, travel plans, and physical requirements to determine the most suitable features.
  • Comfort and Support: Consider the amount of time you typically spend in your wheelchair and choose one that provides adequate back and leg support.
  • Portability: Think about how you will be transporting the chair and choose a model that folds, disassembles, or has a weight that you can manage.
  • Durability: While lightweight construction is crucial, ensure the chair is built with high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and potential travel wear and tear.
  • Battery Life: Consider the typical distance you travel on a daily basis and choose a wheelchair with a battery range that meets your needs. Many models offer optional extended-range batteries for longer journeys.
  • Warranty: A comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind knowing you're covered in case of any unexpected malfunctions.
  • Buy from a dependable dealer with a deep bench. Make sure you are dealing with a company that has trained technicians, a full inventory of parts, and a reputation for providing great service.

Price Range to Suit Your Needs:

At Affordable Medical USA, we understand budgets vary. That's why we offer a diverse range of lightweight travel power wheelchairs priced between $1299.00 and $4000.00. From value-driven options to feature-rich models, you're sure to find the perfect chair within your budget. We rent as well and at reasonable prices, so there’s no reason not to give us a call when you have a lightweight travel power wheelchair need.

Shop with Ease:

Our user-friendly website makes finding the perfect travel wheelchair a breeze. Utilize our search function to narrow down options by brand, price, or specific features. Filter by weight capacity, turning radius, or seat width to find chairs that meet your needs. Further refine your search with sort options to prioritize price, weight, or specific features.

Beyond Purchase:

We understand that your needs may extend beyond purchase. That's why we offer both rental and repair services for lightweight travel power wheelchairs. Need a chair for a short vacation? Consider a convenient rental option. Our experienced technicians can also handle repairs to keep your existing travel chair running smoothly.

Tips for Traveling with a Lightweight Power Wheelchair

Here are some helpful tips for traveling with your lightweight power wheelchair:

1. Planning and Preparation:

  • Research your destination: Check accessibility features of hotels, transportation options, and tourist attractions you plan to visit.
  • Book accessible accommodations: Choose hotels or rentals with wide doorways, roll-in showers, and accessible elevators.

2. Contact airlines or cruise lines in advance:

  • Familiarize yourself with their policies regarding wheelchairs and battery transportation.
  • Pack a travel repair kit: Include basic tools like a tire pump, wrench, and spare fuses to address minor issues on the go.

3. At the Airport:

  • Arrive early: Allow extra time for check-in and security procedures. Inform the airline about your wheelchair and any assistance you might require.
  • Battery Removal: Some airlines may require removing batteries for safe transport. Ensure proper packaging and labeling of batteries if necessary.
  • Gate Assistance: Request wheelchair assistance from airline personnel to navigate the airport and board the plane.

4. Traveling by Car:

  • Secure your wheelchair: Use a wheelchair tie-down system to ensure it remains secure during transport.
  • Plan for rest stops: Choose rest areas with accessible restrooms and ample space for maneuvering your wheelchair.

5. General Travel Tips:

  • Pack light: Bring only essential items and consider using a backpack for easy access.
  • Protect your wheelchair: Invest in a travel bag to protect your wheelchair from scratches and dirt during transport.
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Be prepared for minor challenges but focus on enjoying your travel experience.

We offer a diverse selection of lightweight travel power wheelchairs to suit various needs and budgets. The services we provide are top notch with a hard-working staff dedicated to making your life easier.

Visit our website to browse our complete selection and find your perfect travel companion today! We look forward to helping you explore the world!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our blog for additional travel tips and resources for individuals with disabilities!

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