Golden Technologies may have what one of the biggest travel announcements this year. Finally, a travel scooter that truly looks, feels, and weighs the same as a piece of luggage. That’s right – the soon to be released Golden Buzzaround Carry On Scooter GB120 is a game changer; and not just for those traveling, but for anyone that lives in tighter quarters, travels a lot, has minimal storage space available, or needs long distance coverage.

According to Disabled World, “Assistive and small sit-down motor scooters provide important advantages to people with mobility problems throughout the world.” And these scooters are getting better and better – smaller, faster, longer-lasting. The Buzzaround Carry On is a sleek and efficient new take on the folding scooter.  Most scooters fold up, but the Buzzaround Carry On folds flat.  At 12” wide (less seat) it fits nicely under cruise ship beds!

Cruise lines will be coming back strong late 2020 and 2021. Cruise Industry News reports that, “Carnival Cruise Line to start service again on August 1.” Cruise Line International Association reported that “14.2 million Americans took cruises in 2018”; that number continues to grow every year. “93 million Americans traveled outside the U.S. last year”, according to And though the Coronavirus has dealt the travel industry a blow, Americans love to travel. Which makes the Buzzaround Carry On a perfect new travel companion.

Besides the enhanced fold feature, this scooter has the longest battery range of any scooter in its’ class: a 15 Ah battery that delivers up to 18 miles! That means there is no limit to what you can see while in port or at a national park in a day. (The TSA approved battery is 6.5 Ah.) The Buzzaround Carry On is the first in its class that can accommodate 300 lbs.! It is built with a heavier grade aluminum with a load bearing capacity 3X what the VA recommends. It has a front and rear lighting package. And as if this were not enough the Buzzaround Carry On has a standard 1-year warranty – again, uncommon for this class of scooter. With a total weight of 47 lbs. (less seat and battery) you have your perfect travel scooter.

Affordable Medical Equipment is proud to be a premier Golden Buzzaround Carry On dealer.We offer a full line of fold-up scooters but really do believe that the Carry On GB120 is going to set itself apart, setting a new bar in lightweight and affordable scooter solutions.