Finding the right power lift recliner does not have to be difficult. When it comes to mobility assistance, every individual has a unique body build and thus, a unique chair ‘fit’. There truly is not a ‘one size fits all’ for power lift recliners. Until now.

The Golden Cloud power lift recliner is the first-ever chair that can be the finishing point of every customer’s search. It is an extremely versatile power chair, fitting users of any size including 5’ up to 6’2’’ and up to 375 lbs.

Above everything else, the Golden Cloud is a comfortable chair with back cushioning and a deep seat pattern that will make anyone want to sit for extended hours, watching a movie or napping. When you hold the “Lift” button, the chair will automatically move back to the standard seating position and then lift you up and out in one smooth fluid motion. It is so convenient and secured. Gone are the days of being stressed out from chairs that are uncomfortable in any position.

Top Highlights of Maxicomfort:

  • Elevates your feet.
  • Relieves pressure on lungs.
  • Distributes weight correspondingly| Relieves pressure points
  • Encourages proper seating posture
  • Available in Brisa Fabrics with breathable technology

Golden Twilight Technology

Golden has taken a step ahead with the new version of the Cloud- Twilight. This new chair has three reclining motors and two adjustment motors making for five Comfort Zones’; one of which is called “cradle”. Cradle allows the chair to use one of the motors to lift the front of the chair up to 30 degrees while simultaneously raising the back. This creates the cradle position giving the user a feeling of comfort never experienced before. This ‘cradle’ technology takes the traditional power recliners to the next level and makes them even better.

There is no other seating system in the world like twilight positioning. It has many health benefits including, achieving a back angle that is similar to standing, relaxing the spine and reducing spinal muscle fatigue. The 30-degree angle gives an extra edge to the usual TV watching and zero gravity positions. Only Twilight offers a TRUE zero gravity sensation. Indulge in an exceptional seating and recline experience!

The traditional Cloud has three featured present positions – zero gravity, TV and sleep. Twilight technology has given the Cloud’s preset positions a new dimension.

“When I looked at the chair, I thought, I know this is the best place to sleep. The lift chair lifted me up, I didn’t have to put any effort on myself, and it cradled me to sleep. Being able to press a button and it just lifts me up. There was no strain or anything, and I understood how important it was to have something like this for us,” said Jack on his review.

TV Watching Position

This preset position offers the world’s finest rejuvenating seating experience! The amplified leg elevation, adjustable seat and tilt movement and leaning back a bit- all these can give a personalized reclining experience.

How do you sit in your regular recliner when you watch TV? What if you could add a new dimension? That of raising the front of the chair, providing a slight tilt back and a gentle bend in your legs, employing a truly restful position for your legs. You cannot imagine how wonderful this feels until you experience it!

The previous experiences with the standard Cloud were good. The chair had all the creature comforts you would expect from a Golden chair. You could lean back and lift your legs to a comfortable position while watching TV, but sometimes it could be difficult to see without craning your neck. The Twilight cradle is the added feature that gave the Cloud the boost that is required for perfect viewing. With the Twilight feature, watching TV in a Cloud has never been better!

Sleep Position

Many users spend a longer period of time in their chairs. Many also find sleeping in their chair more comfortable than their bed. Being able to sleep or nap in a power lift recliner is an especially important thing to consider. The cradle made the sleep position so comfortable that Golden renamed this unique positioning on the Twilight Cloud.

You still have the control to put the Twilight Cloud in a true sleep position, enabling a more traditional power lift recliner sleep position. You will find sleeping in your Maxicomfort Cloud better than your traditional lift chair sleep position.  This is a position everybody loves.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity positioning is the perfect position for those who have circulation issues, surgery, or other ailments that require leg elevation. It has adjustable seat and tilt movement that is a great feature to experience.

Twilight technology and the ‘cradle’ create a zero-gravity position that adds lift for your back and head. Simply just putting the back all the way down and the foot all the way up, the Twilight Cloud gradually cradles your body so your head is higher than your stomach. More importantly, your toes are higher than your heart. This position is as comfortable as the sleep position and that is saying a lot!

Available Fabrics and Leather Options

Golden Technologies Cloud Lift Chair is available throughout the country in three standard fabrics including Brisa options. Brisa is a man-made polycarbonate that is temperature neutral and breathable. Brisa looks like a high-grade leather but is far superior.  Brisa is clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes. It provides superior comfort in all climate conditions - staying cool in summer and warm in winter. Brisa is the best fit for cold weather as it resists stiffening and cracking. Brisa has a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Check Sizes

While lift chairs look compact, they can take up a lot of space when reclined. Know the measurements of your room and where you hope to place the chair.  Some recliner lift chairs have a deep recline, requiring additional space. Others have big, overstuffed arms requiring a wider measure. Therefore, it is important to check out the sizes and know the measurements of the room you will be placing the chair in. If the chair will not fit in your desired space, you might want to look for a special model that can easily be placed against a wall with ample room while reclining. This is an important thing to be taken into consideration.

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