With Valentines right around the corner what better way to show a loved one your love than by giving them a heavy-duty mobility scooter. If your loved one has a temporary or permanent disability and is bariatric, a heavy-duty mobility scooter can be a great solution for everyone.

For anyone who is bariatric and finding it harder to get around, a mobility scooter might just be an ideal solution. Buying a power scooter represents an important purchase, and there is a lot of choice on the market.

When you are choosing a motorized scooter for a heavier passenger or when it comes to navigating tough terrain, heavy duty mobility scooters are the best option. Having limited motor skills can’t stop you anymore and you need not to depend on others to move around. That’s why Affordable Medical Equipment offers heavy duty scooters for enhanced mobility. These scooters will take you where you want to go.

Heavy Duty Scooter Characteristics

A heavy-duty scooter is well equipped to accommodate more weight and offers exceptional features that make heavier users feel more comfortable on it. Bruce B. loves his Pride Maxima. “It's high quality and strength. Comfortable seat. Lots of room for a BIG man.” Many models come with larger and spacious seats, foot and arm rests as well as adjustable options to keep the rider safe and comfortable.

Then there is the Golden Compass HD. This amazing power scooter is one of the most flexible on the market. The scooter is known for its comfy ride and the way it lets people ride in style for up to 400 or 500 pounds. Heavy-duty scooters feature pneumatic tires that typically support a higher weight capacity than the typical scooter and can smoothly drive on rougher surfaces. Customer Ken D. said his “Compass HD greatly exceeded my expectations!”

Types and Features

Models that are featured with smaller tires provide low resistance but allow a greater travel range, and those with larger tires allow easy navigation on all terrain. Make sure you think about three- or four-wheel designs for different turning radius’ and stability.

Other things that make heavy duty mobility scooters different from other categories is the higher ground clearances and speeds, making them extremely convenient and efficient. Typically, these scooters have a full lighting package for evening rides. These include headlight(s), tail light and additional front end or side lighting. The Chair Institute mentioned the Pride Jazzy 1450 “is a surprisingly inexpensive, well-built mobility aid offered at a spectacular price by one of the best, most respected companies in the industry.”

It is also said that our heavy-duty scooters are a pleasure to use on the road or out in the yard. Highly recommend to any larger person that needs a stronger mobility scooter. Our customer Erna C. said she “feel(s) very safe driving the Jazzy 614 HD.” At Affordable Medical Equipment, we offer top brands at unbeatable prices. Browse all of our heavy-duty scooters to see what will work best for you!