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Jazzy 614 HD

The Jazzy® 614 HD is a powerful and classic power chair with advanced and modern features for better stability and safety. The power chair is equipped with Active-Trac ATS suspension technology for better maneuverability and performance on different kinds of terrains. Some of the standard features of the mobility power chair are dual enhanced in-line motors, independent drive wheel suspension, height adjustable seat with headrest and height adjustable foot platform. The Jazzy® 614 HD Heavy Duty Power Chair supports weights of up to 450 lbs and runs 11 miles on one charge.

Jazzy® 614 HD Power Chair

The Jazzy® 614 HD is a powerful power chair designed to deliver outstanding performance and excellent maneuverability on different kinds of terrains. The power chair is equipped with advanced features like Active-Trac® ATX suspension which showcases optimal performance regardless of terrain and smooth turns in tight spaces. It also features 6’’ casters for better terrain handling and stability. The independent front casters are easy to adjust as conditions warranty. This ensures a smooth transition from flat to rugged surfaces.

The independent drive wheel suspension system is the big plus of the Jazzy® 614 HD power chair. The suspension system supports each drive wheel with a dynamic spring-strut dampening system and hence reduces the vibrations caused due to uneven driving surfaces. The dual enhanced in-line motors provide better range, torque and efficiency to the power chair. The Jazzy® 614 HD battery operated power chair couples with a contemporary design high-back seat option which is easy to fold. For getting maximum comfort, riders can adjust the depth of the wheelchair. The standard seat size is 18’’Wx24’’D which can be extended to 24’’W x 24’’D.

Some other salient features of Jazzy® 614 HD Heavy Duty Power wheelchair are:

  • Weight Holding Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Black, high-back and comfortable seat with headrest
  • 6’’ casters on rear and front for enhanced stability
  • Easy rear access for batteries
  • 5 AMP off-board charger
  • Patented Mid-wheel 6 Technology
  • Runs up to 11 miles on single charge with top speed of 4.25 mph
  • Seat with different lab belt sizes (50”, 70”, 80”, 90”)
  • Height adjustable and customizable seat options
  • Tool-less shroud removal
  • Simple design for easy servicing
  • Flip-up and height adjustable foot platform

Jazzy 614 HD Key Features

OMNI-Casters Active-Trac® ATX Suspension Large 14” Drive Wheels< Easy-Access Freewheel
Spherical caster shrouding design to prevent hang-ups when climbing Enhances comfort and performance Exceptional traction on varied surfaces Freewheel levers are easily accessed for caregiver assistance

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Jazzy® 614 HD Specification

Jazzy 614 HD
Weight Capacity 450 LBS
Turning Radius1 22.75"
Width1 25.5"
Length1,2 35.5"
Maximum Speed3 Up to 4.3 mph
Ground Clearance1 2.25"
Front Wheels 6" solid casters
Drive Wheels 14"
Rear Wheels 6" solid casters
Drivetrain Two-motor, in-line, Mid-Wheel 6®
Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical
Suspension Type Active-Trac
High-Back Seat (max. size) 24"W x 24"D
High-Back Seat-to-Floor Range 20.5" - 23.5"
Synergy® Seating 24"W x 24"D
Synergy® Seat-to-Floor Range 17.75" - 19.75"
Standard Electronics 50A, Dynamic Shark
Battery Size (2 required) 12 volt, NF-22
Standard Battery Charger 5A, off board
Per-Charge Range3,6 Up to 11 miles
Battery Weight5 37 lbs.
Weight of Heaviest Piece4 122 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight 52 lbs. (high-back)
Standard Seat Size 20" x 18"-20"
Medicare Code Coverage Group 2: Heavy Duty (K0824/K0825)
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty on frame;
13-month limited warranty on electronics;
13-month limited warranty on drive motors



Jazzy® 614 HD wheelchair comes with the following non-transferrable warranty:

  • 5-year limited warranty on frame
  • 13-month limited warranty on drive motors and electronics


Power Chair FAQs

How can I adjust the headrest on the seat of my power wheelchair?

Adjusting the headrest is done the same way as most automotive headrests. At the bottom of the left post that supports the headrest, push in the clamp while pulling up on the headrest or lowering it. Once you have the desired position, release the clamp and the headrest will lock into place.

What is the difference between center-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive power chairs?

Center-wheel drive chairs, like Golden’s Compass series, offer users the most intuitive driving but placing the drive wheels directly underneath the user. Center-wheel drive allows the user to turn the power chair in its own space, meaning that whatever the footrest clears, the rear caster wheels will clear when turning in a complete circle. Center-wheel drive chairs are preferable in tight indoor spaces. Rear-wheel drive chairs have a larger turning radius meaning you need more space to turn the chair in a complete circle or navigate in tight indoor spaces.

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