Technology is a blessing for persons with disabilities. Wheeled and seated mobility devices are some of the best inventions among medical devices; intended to provide mobility and function for persons with restricted or no ability. Indeed, with excellent features and convenience, power mobility wheelchairs represent one of the most viable options today for independent mobility.

At Affordable Medical Equipment  , we offer an extensive range of mobility solutions that are meant for independent mobility. And we make it easy. As Consumer Affairs reported; “Finding the right electric wheelchair is a matter of finding the best fit—one that accommodates your body and lifestyle and provides you with the independence you want.” From an assortment of portable power wheelchairs, to robust models and heavy-duty models, we have everything covered. Our full-size power chairs are just perfect to suit most needs. With its superb design, unique features, unparalleled maneuverability and ease of operation, a full-size power chair may be just what you need.

Full-Sized Power Chairs

When you consider choosing full-sized power chairs, there are a number of items to consider. Yes, fit and lifestyle are important.  In addition, you want to think about budget, ride quality, ability of your local dealer to service, battery life and riding surface. There are a wide variety available in this range with various prices and options to fit your needs and budget and offer customizable options in areas such as seat height or size.

Full-sized power chairs run on batteries that will take you to your desired location all day without any problem. Upgraded seats add to the comfort of these power chairs, and some even come with options like all-terrain tires.  These chairs have a weight capacity ranging from 300 to 500 pounds. Perfect for all-day usage and with various options and prices, many people opt for a full-sized power chair for maneuverability.

Perfect for Seniors

Besides all other features, a full-sized power chair is good to consider because they typically will have a good ride. Elizabeth N. said her Pride, “(is) just right for indoor use but works well for outdoor use too.” There are basically three types of drive platforms for full-sized power chairs- front-wheel, mid-wheel, and rear-wheel. A front-wheel or mid-wheel is often more maneuverable and therefore makes an ideal choice for an indoor setting. Mid-wheel typically has the drive wheels under your bottom so you may feel more vibration through the chair.

Let us take a look at one of the varieties of Best Full-Sized Wheelchairs- Pride Jazzy Sport 2

The Pride Jazzy Sport 2   offers an incredible value at the best price. While comparing the value of some power wheelchairs, this is an excellent value for budget-conscious seniors. Moreover, the best part is it still comes with the essential features one would expect from a Full-Size Front Wheel Drive power chairs. It is stable as well as sturdy, and it also responds quickly to direction changes which is why Peggy W. likes hers so much; “light enough to move with ease, safe enough to feel secure riding in it, quiet, sturdy tires.” This power chair comes with Jazzy Armour® specially designed guards to provide safeguard from daily wear. The standard model is designed with a comfortable captain’s seat that both swivels and reclines. It also has height-adjustable, flip-up armrests to make moving and transferring easier.

Having comforts such as adjustable footplates and armrests are crucial, especially for older adults who are dependent on their power chairs for most of the time and need versatility.


Your physical condition, daily needs and general lifestyle will all help in choosing the right chair for you. If you love traveling then a more compact or lighter-weight model with a good powerful battery may be a better option. If you mostly stay indoors with tight corners and multiple rooms, something with a tight turning radius may be more up your alley.

Many seniors will be satisfied to buy a full-sized electric wheelchair and make their lives easier and more independent. It can reduce the need of a caregiver and can help you get where you need to go without getting tired or fatigued.