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If you find propelling manual wheelchairs exhausting and want to reduce strain on arms and shoulders, you should switch to power wheelchairs. Power wheelchairs are advanced versions of manual wheelchairs and easy to move around without putting effort. These chairs are ideal to use by people suffering from chronic conditions like spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, etc., and even by people with restricted mobility. We, at Affordable Medical Eqiupment, offer the best designs and features of power wheelchairs for sale on affordable prices.

Different Components of Power or Electric Wheelchair

The Base: The base is the lower portion of a wheelchair that houses batteries, motors, casters, drive wheels and electronics. Even the seating system of the mobility assistive device is attached to it. The base of a chair closely relates to the center of gravity.

Seating and Positioning: The seating part of any wheelchair plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of the chair and offering comfort and safety to the user. As per medical condition and personal preferences, a user should choose the right seating system. The seating system falls into categories like modular, off-the-shelf and custom. Cushion and backrest are two important components of every kind of seating. Go for the customized sitting if a user is suffering from a pressure sore or undergone a flap surgery.

Backrests and Cushions: These essential features of a power electric wheelchair available for sale made from a variety of materials like air-filled bladders, contoured foam, combinations of foam and air, etc. These materials differ on the grounds of postural stability, quality of addressing pressure distribution, airflow and conduction of heat. Thus, a person can choose any material as per his personal preferences.

Control Systems: Access device controls a power wheelchair. The controls are programmable and easy to operate via switches or joysticks.

Seat Elevation: The electric wheelchairs have seat elevating mechanisms that allow a user to stand upright comfortably without putting pressure on the knees. The elevating seats ensure safe lateral transfer to bed also.

Wheels: These wheelchairs are equipped with a rear-wheel drive, front-wheel and mid-wheel drive. The rear wheels are behind a user’ s center of gravity, front wheels are in the front of the user’s center of gravity whereas mid-wheels are absolutely beneath the user’s center of gravity.

Power wheelchairs are expensive than manual wheelchairs but they are equipped with a variety of safety and other features. These wheelchairs are suitable to use indoors and outdoors, and even lighter in weight. At Affordable Medical Eqiupment, both old age people and limited mobility people will find the high-quality power wheelchairs for sale at competitive rates. Moreover, many models are easy to customize further with additional accessories if asked by customers.

Different Styles of Power Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

Travel Power Wheelchairs: These chairs are compact with disassembling feature. Lightweight, travel chairs have excellent turning radius and considered as the best chairs to use in indoor settings like in homes and supermarkets. Offering a safe and comfortable ride on sidewalks and other smooth surfaces, these wheelchairs are transport-friendly and support weight less than 250 pounds. In the mobility assistive market, transport wheelchairs are the least expensive category of power wheelchairs.

Full-Sized Power Chairs: The full-sized power chairs are the most comfortable amongst other wheelchairs. These chairs feature powerful batteries that allow a user to plan an outdoor trip. The full-sized chairs are easy to customize with all-terrain tires, different styles of the reclining seat, adjustable seat, etc. The chairs have a high weight holding capacity of 400 lbs. Ideal to use all day, this range of the wheelchair is available in fantastic options and prices at our leading online store.

Heavy-Duty Power Chairs: It is easy to guess that these chairs are designed for bariatric users with a weight holding capacity of up to 600 pounds. The heavy-duty chairs encompass all features of a full-size wheelchair with upgraded motors, batteries and reinforced frames. Suitable to use on levelled and unlevelled terrains, heavy-duty power wheelchairs have added width for providing a stable base. As compared to full-size power chairs, heavy-duty wheelchairs are expensive and better when it comes to quality, durability, stability and performance on uneven terrains.

As per market demands, we have been offering power wheelchair related accessories that increase the functionality of these mobility assistive devices. These accessories are weather-breaker power chair cover, power chair pack for storing essentials, armrest bag, a cup holder to name a few. Along with power electric wheelchairs offering on sale, we even offer these useful accessories at cost-effective rates.

Get Best Quality of Power Wheelchairs from Affordable Medical Equipment

We have been offering every mobility assistive device with the unanimous mission of improving the quality of life of old age and limited mobility people. This encourages us to offer better than the best mobility devices to the people at an economical range. We are not only offering wheelchairs on affordable sale and rental prices but also repairing them if asked by customers. Believe us, it is hard to find such a collection of power wheelchairs at any other place. Moreover, when customers purchased these wheelchairs from our leading online store, they get the following benefits:

  • The guarantee of secure shopping
  • Brands at guaranteed lowest prices
  • Fast doorstep delivery with free shipping on orders exceeding a particular amount
  • Favourable return and exchange policies
  • Genuine reviews from customers
  • Multiple payment options

As different customers have different demands, therefore we have been offering customized solutions and a host of wheelchair accessories. The customers can rely on our expertise regarding customization solutions. Even if they have any specific requirements, we request them to discuss it once with us. We will try our best to come up with a suitable and an affordable solution in the minimum period. So, browse our collection and find the right power wheelchair exclusively for you, matching your taste and style. If you are unable to find, seek help from our experts.

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