After our ‘seventh inning stretch’ (if you know a little about baseball that’s the point in the game where everyone stands, stretches, sings “Take Me Out to the Ballfield”, and settles in for the remaining 2 innings), we settle in for a different kind of lifestyle.  We want to maintain our lifestyles; our mobility and independence - we might just need a little help doing that.

A senior citizen with a disability recently approached us with just this challenge.  He has severe knee problems that were keeping him away from doing his regular tasks properly.  We recommended the purchase of the Golden Buzzaround Extreme 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter  .  After using it for a week, he said that he was quite satisfied with his scooter selection and had rated it five stars in the review section.  According to the senior citizen, the mobility scooter is a boon to the disabled.  It enabled him to get around independently.  He further added that the best features are the long distance travels between charges.

Getting around independently is important and the lack of mobility can make doing basic tasks difficult and sometimes impossible.  But no one has to worry about that with the Golden Buzzaround EX.  It is one of the most efficient and quality scooters around. Moreover, the 3-Wheel Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX Mobility Scooter can be easily disassembled and placed in the truck or car.

Most Efficient 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter for Adults with Disabilities

Golden Technologies Buzzaround Extreme 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is one of the highly recommended products in the long-distance range.  Strong performance, excellent features, durability, and dependability make the Buzzaround EX 3-wheel disability scooter one of the bestselling products on the market.  Adults who are challenged by a lack of strength or a disability may find the Golden Buzzaround 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter significantly boosts their independence.

One of the reasons this 3-wheel travel scooter is sought after by people with disabilities is the durability of the product. Those who have been using this product for a long time are satisfied customers.  They have not found it necessary to look for other options.  Golden Technologies simply makes some of the best mobility scooters  on the market.

The 3-wheel Buzzaround EX mobility scooter comes with an extended driving range.  It’s equipped with two durable U1 USA Made MK Batteries for a maximum operating range of up to 18 miles. The Extreme also features an ultrabright LED headlight and taillight and comfort suspension springs for the smoothest ride.  All the benefits plus it’s portable, easy to disassemble.   It has a maximum speed of up to 5 Miles per hour.

Buzz Extreme Ensures the Most Comfortable and Smooth Ride

The Golden Buzzaround EX Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel is among the most comfortable mobility scooters.  The product has been designed with comfort spring suspension which can handle cracked sidewalks, rougher terrains and grassy areas.  The model comes equipped with a stadium style seat that has secure seating, and is easily adjustable according to user’s choice for maximum comfort. In order to easily reach the Delta tiller, the seating can be adjusted for the best travel position.

The Buzzaround EX mobility scooter has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. This ensures that the driver need not worry about becoming stuck amidst a trip due to his or her weight.  The Buzz Extreme  also has the option to upgrade the seat size.  It comes standard with a 18"x16" stadium style seat that folds for easy transportation or it can be upgraded to a 20"x18" stadium style seat.

Despite the heavy weight capacity, the Buzz Extreme weighs 100 pounds without batteries.  When disassembled the heaviest piece is 46 pounds.  Senior citizens and adults with disabilities will find great value from the comfort and ease of transportation offered by the Golden Technologies Buzzaround Extreme 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.