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  1. Flexabed - The Best Sleep Ever

    Flexabed - The Best Sleep Ever

    Sleep.  Unquestionably one of the top criteria to good health; along with eating a balanced diet and exercise. According to the Sleep Foundation, Sleep is an essential function that allows- your body and mind to recharge, you to feel refreshed and be alert on awakening. the body to remain healthy and stave off diseases. your brain to function properly. Without enough...
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  2. One Moment in Movement: The Triaxe Scooter

    One Moment in Movement: The Triaxe Scooter

    Being cooped up for 18 months brings us a new appreciation and love for the outdoors, events, being with friends, and travel. We are making the most of this time and everyone is planning tiny trips here and there. But if you are one suffering from health issues, all the aforementioned can be a major hurdle. But we believe that...
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  3. Keep Moving with Merits

    Keep Moving with Merits

    A little traversing in the early morning or at sunset is a great recipe for a healthy mind. The freshness of the air and the chirping of the birds at the first flush of morning always mark the beginning of a delightful day. Unfortunately, those with impaired mobility due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury etc. don’t always have...
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  4. Pride Mobility Wins Gold With New Radiance Recliner

    Pride Mobility Wins Gold With New Radiance Recliner

    Power recliners, or lift chairs as they are often called, are structurally designed to help anyone who has difficulty taking a seat or getting out of a regular chair. “When my grandparents toddled around and had pains getting up and down from the chair, … I searched online and found Affordable Medical Equipment offering an ample variety of lift chair models to...
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  5. Everyone Can Be Mobile

    Everyone Can Be Mobile

    Summertime is here and it is a truly extraordinary time for many reasons. To stay active and independent, the mobility-impaired individual, with some extra effort, can go outside and enjoy the pleasant weather with their mobility equipment. That includes walks in the park, outdoor concerts, shopping, taking trips, meeting friends for lunch and much more.  After all, the more independent...
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  6. This Blog is on Backorder

    This Blog is on Backorder

    It has become the unfavorable response for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, grocery stores, you name it. “That item is backordered.” As a nation we have seen so many different shades of the Covid virus and its’ effects. What started as a health crisis rolled into an economic shut down which brought on a financial crisis? We had the hospital capacity crisis...
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