1. The Best Lifts from BestCare

    The Best Lifts from BestCare

    A patient lift is used to transport patients who have limited mobility to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower or toilet. Patient lifts are used in hospitals, nursing homes and private residents alike for patients with varying degrees of mobility. We have long understood the importance of patient lifts, often called “hoyer” lifts, to the health care field. Especially with...
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  2. Stairlift to Heaven

    Stairlift to Heaven

    Stairlifts are wonderful mobility devices. Couples purchase split-level and 2-story homes when they are 30 and never move. At 65, climbing those stairs can be a real challenge!  That is where a stairlift can be a life saver. Stairlifts are electric chair lifts that run along a secured rail system. They carry an individual safely from one level to another...
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  3. 2020 Products That Made a Difference

    2020 Products That Made a Difference

    2020 has been a quite a year. Change has been tantamount to success. We learned to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Manufacturers of DME (durable medical equipment) also learned to change and adapt quickly. As a result, new products rolled out.  We wanted to spend a few moments reviewing our favorites from 2020. Up-right walkers did well in 2020. The...
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  4. Ramp It Up!

    Ramp It Up!

    Stairs, hills, and access to homes can all be a challenge for seniors who might be unsteady on their feet, have balance issues or have a mobility device. An aluminum ramp can be an effective solution to meet these problems. Ramps can be permanent or temporary. They are aluminum, have a high traction surface to prevent slipping, a lifetime warranty...
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  5. End of Season Starts Right Here!!

    End of Season Starts Right Here!!

    As we enter the most joyous time of the year, we want to help provide you and your family with joy as well. Our success is because of our customers – you give us feedback, you give us opportunities, you recommend us to others, and you tell us what you need. We are thankful for you and we will continue...
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  6. Pack Your Dreams and Go Anywhere

    Pack Your Dreams and Go Anywhere

    Reaction to the brand new Golden Technologies Buzzaround Go Scooters has been stupendous! The best part of the rollout has been watching seniors confidently and adequately store and retrieve the GB-120’s from their vehicles. At only 47 pounds and with its ‘roll-in, roll-out’ maneuverability, people are excited about getting a scooter without having to worry about an expensive vehicle lift...
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