“Because in the end, it’s the journey that matters, and to live a life without limits is the ultimate freedom…”

Jan Miller, Founder, Stander

Where We Are Heading

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care reports that senior housing construction activity has increased over the past few years, but it still falls short of the demand. This has led to a shortage of available senior housing units in some areas. At the same time, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the population aged 65 and older is expected to grow from approximately 56 million in 2020 to 74 million in 2030, an increase of nearly 32%. Given that many seniors require some form of assistance with daily living as they age, it's likely that the demand for assisted living will continue to increase over the next decade; thereby outpacing availability. Given those two sets of contrasting statistics, different solutions must be utilized. Fortunately, there are many avenues of care being tested, and are being successfully implemented. Thanks to several DME (durable medical equipment) manufacturers, the health care industry, new and evolving technology, more and better solutions are being discovered every day. In particular, for the aging population that are still in good health and just need a little help with mobility. There are hundreds of devices available today that can help those challenged with mobility issues get around easier, and safer!

Another encouraging move is the further development of Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). As these two programs continue to develop not only will more people be able to age gracefully within their own home setting, but it could also save $265 billion dollars. McKinnsey estimates that this will happen within the next two years! NEMT is a Medicare/Medicaid provided service that can get members to doctors appointment. RPM is a type of patient care that extends the reach of physicians, enables a constant relationship between patients and caregivers, and offers providers a continuous stream of real-time health data. This data can include glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and other vitals that help stem hospital trips and emergencies. Staying at home is becoming easier, more realistic, affordable and safe as the at-home industry continues to advance.




Stander is one of those companies that has led the way in mobility innovation. Stander was started in 1997 by Jan and Troy Miller. They had the goal of making Jan’s grandma Essie’s life easier. As Jan shares, “Shortly after Essie’s 90th birthday, her physical health started to decline – and daily tasks like standing from her couch, bed, and care became quite difficult. At the time (1997) – there weren’t many tools to help Essie with these tasks; and in effort to help my grandmother age comfortable – I teamed up with my husband, Troy (a Rocket Scientist Engineer), and created a few “furniture-like” mobility aids to help Essie stand without ruining the comforting feeling of her home. And for the first time in years- Essie felt confident in her mobility… Now Essie had the confidence and support she needed to live independently; and she continued to live in her home 7 years longer than what we ever expected.” Since then, Jan and Tony have developed dozens of tools that help seniors manage mobility in a safer and easier fashion. Stander’s inspiration is straight forward. “I founded Stander because I want you to be free, I want you to feel safe, and I want you to live without restrictions…That’s what I wanted for my Grandma Essie, and since then, our mission is to invent innovative mobility aids that you will love using! Because in the end, it’s the journey that matters, and to live a life without limits is the ultimate freedom…” Stander’s product line has come to include mobility and in-home aids for the auto, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Their products are specifically designed for fall prevention, standing support, walking support, travel and to address bariatric needs.

Signature Life

Heavy duty (or bariatric) rollators have never been much on design. They tend to just be bigger and heavier than the small rollators that support up to 300lbs. But they look and feel like any other rollator. The Elite Travel Rollator HD has been one of our favorite new products by Signature Life. Strong and sturdy, it supports up to 500lbs. yet has the profile of a regular rollator. The champagne color exudes elegance and style. It is very comfortable, has a long list of benefits and, best of all, you can take it with you anywhere. In our opinion, if you need an HD rollator there is no other than the Elite Travel Rollator HD.

Freedom Click Extendable Bed Rail and Freedom Click Bed Handle

We have always carried a wide variety of bed safety rails, from small and inexpensive to larger and more sturdy units. We have always felt we had a solution for every need; that is until people started realizing they needed safety rails on their new adjustable bed after they purchased it. We had nothing to offer because with an adjustable bed the whole frame moves, not just the mattress. There is no where or way to anchor the bed rail…until now. Signature Life now offers the Freedom Click Extendable Bed Rail and the Freedom Click Bed Handle. Both are unique to the adjustable bed market as they are the first manufacturers to offer a safety rail option to the adjustable bed market. Presently they are the only manufacturer that offers a solution to the adjustable bed market. Both bed rails can be removed from the bed with a click of a button thereby restoring the original beauty of your bedroom. The Extendable Bed Rail does offer more a security option where the Freedom Click Bed Handle is more of a rise-assist tool.


Sure Stand Security Pole with Handles

Once again Stander takes a traditional security pole to the next level with a stylish upgrade and options galore. For use in the bathroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere you spend a lot of time – the Sure Stand adds beauty and, more importantly, safety to your home. All the Signature Stand products are built with one reason in mind – for you to feel more confident in your mobility. To that end, one of the options we recommend are the grab handles. Grab handles can be installed anywhere along the security pole that you like. They give you the ability to safely and confidently move from bathtub to mat, rise from any seated position, stabilize you when reaching for upper shelf items in the kitchen or at any entry way to your home. As you can see, the Sure Stand Security pole with handles is a beautiful addition to any room in the house. Trapeze bars have been around for years and up until now – they look like they have been around for years. Stander brings a modern style and functionality to the trapeze as an addition to the security pole. With the extension bar and trapeze, you now have a tool to help you pull yourself out of the bed, turn, and grab the handles on the security pole for an easier and safer rise from the bed.

To that end, one of the options we recommend are the Sure Stand Security Pole grab handles.

Elite Travel Walker

We have always enjoyed selling the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker. It’s a big seller because it’s light (8 lbs.), folds up tight (4”x4”), is durable, multi-use (indoors and outdoors) and supports up to 300 lbs. Again, Stander ups the ante by introducing Elite Travel Walker. Stylish in a beautiful champagne color, leather trim and now supports up to 400lbs.! There are two sizes available – standard and short. The short version has a smaller footprint for those tight areas you may need to navigate and is a pound lighter.Signature Life has a full line of new products that we are proud to represent. Their new line of tables, mobility products, mobility assist tools and all the accessories that you can add puts them in a class all their own. We have all products on display in our showroom and we can also ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

In Conclusion

We begin teaching at a very early age that your life will have a signature to it, a story. Your story. At Affordable Medical Equipment we want you to live well, live independently to the greatest extent possible, and enjoy every day to the best of your ability. Mobility brings freedom, it brings independence, it brings joy. We try to help everyone that walks in our doors find joy while they are here. Whether you purchase from us or not, we want you to be better informed about your options and maybe we will share a story of what we have found to be best practices. We are at 1812 Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia, S.C. and can be contacted at 803-926-1493. We would love to have you stop by.