Scooter Overview

We are all about mobility. We focus on assisting those seniors and others that are facing mobility challenges. Sometimes a cane or walker is the first step in the process. Stage two might be a wheelchair or a powered wheelchair. If mobility is not necessarily your challenge, we have a host of products that we hope can meet your need. Things like adjustable beds, batteries, compression socks, cushions, elevators, hospital beds, incontinence products, knee walkers, ramps, recliner lift chairs, reclining wheelchairs, ramps, rentals, stairlifts, vehicle scooter lifts, vertical platform lifts and so much more. We have over 11,000 products in our inventory!

Today we want to share an exciting new product that has just been introduced – The Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle is a brand new, multi-terrain electric vehicle that is designed for anything you want to throw at it!


Easy to Maneuver

It is rugged, and easily climbs hills that other scooters would not be able to take on. A redesigned two position captain’s chair makes the ride comfortable regardless of terrain. The 20” wide by 18” deep seat is adjustable forward and back and is a traditional rotating seat as well. The armrests are width adjustable, and they also flip up which makes it amazingly easy to get in and out of the seat. The five-inch ground clearance is the best in class and gives you the freedom to go so many more places yet fits up a standard ramp and on vehicle lift.


⦁ Comfortable Ride

On solid surfaces it is a smooth and comfortable ride. As easily as it navigates through stores and malls it can just as easily take on the toughest paths, farmland, grass, trails and more. Pneumatic wheels make a huge difference! Though we like foam filled tires because of minimal maintenance the disadvantage to them is that they do not grip well. Therefore, getting through leaves, across sand and climbing can be a real challenge.
Pneumatic tires give you such a better grip – allowing you to go about anywhere you want to go with no trouble at all.


⦁ Amenities

The Golden Eagle is the first scooter to integrate a large, lockable, water-resistant storage box on the back of the scooter! Additionally, there is the Bluetooth speaker system and USB interface. The integrated LCD console display provides travel information, and the rearview mirrors provide an extra safety feature.
One of the nicer cell phone chargers we have seen comes standard. It has convenient drink holders and a full lighting system for evening or early morning rides. The delta tiller handle offers rubber coated hand rests for comfort and dual throttle control levers for easy right- or left-hand use.
The Golden Eagle scooter comes standard with padded front and rear bumpers designed to protect the front and rear shrouds from scratches and dents. The floor mat comes standard with a removable non-slip rubber floor mat.

The Golden Technologies Eagle Scooter is unique in so many ways, but the Bluetooth speaker system is one of everyone’s favorite features. While you are on your outdoor adventures, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite tunes with the loudspeaker that is powered by Bluetooth or SD card. You also have a USB charging port that you can use to charge your USB-powered devices like your cell phone or tablet. This scooter has the most powerful headlight system on the market which is ideal for users that plan to use this as an outdoor electric scooter. The other unique feature that the Eagle offers is the captain's seat which has a wonderfully comfortable and tall seat back that reclines further than any other scooter in its class. It also features both rotation and depth adjustment levers. The armrests are width adjustable, and they also flip up which makes it amazingly easy to get in and out of the seat.


⦁ Long Range - Large capacity allows up to 32-mile range

At eight miles per hour, it can take you up to 23 miles or up to 32 miles with upgraded batteries. James White said of his Golden Eagle, “a fast scooter that gets me from my dock to my house just as well as my golf cart.” Clayton M said he was “thinking about the Afkin C4 or S4, but the price was crazy expensive. My neighbor has the Afkim C4 and loves it, but the price he got it for was much less than today’s price. I saw a bunch of cool videos on the Pride Wrangler, but I tried it at a local dealer, and it was awfully hard to turn…”. He went on to say that the Eagle was “the most affordable one it its class.”
One of our recent reviews includes Sandra and Tim. Sandra recently got an Eagle to traverse her acreage and Tim borrowed her scooter to check it out in comparison to another 4-wheel scooter he purchased. He was so impressed that he decided to get one to navigate his 400 acres! Safe to say, the range is there.

Sammy W said, “I love this scooter. I have a Victory 10 sport, and it has been an excellent scooter for many years, but no comparison between the two. I love my Eagle. Thank you! The Eagle now allows me to get around my yard with more confidence than before because of the tires and it has a lot more power. Such a comfortable scooter to ride all day. I got the Phosphate batteries and they have been amazing.”


⦁ Large capacity - Up to 500 lb. weight capacity

With a 500 lb. weight capacity, the Golden Eagle offers the ability to accommodate a wide range of customers with different needs. In a class all its own, the Eagle’s stylish yet rugged, off-road design is built for high performance and maneuverability with front and rear suspension for smoothly traversing outdoor terrain and a powerful 140 Amp controller for outstanding climbing ability.
One year warranty on the batteries, a 5-year warranty on the frame and two years on drive train & electronics show that Golden stands behind this scooter to last the test of time!


What makes Affordable Medical Equipment Unique

Affordable Medical has been in business since 2006. With over one hundred years of combined experience in the field, we use our expertise in mobility, seating, daily assistance aids, toiletry items, bedding, and lifts to meet every need you might have.
We are different because we want to help and that means we listen, we ask questions, and we qualify your desires with proven solutions.
We represent dozens of manufacturers with some of the most unique equipment you will find anywhere. Check out our Google reviews and you will see what makes Affordable Medical Equipment unique and why customers not only keep coming back but they tell their friends about us too! Word of mouth has propelled our success.
Some people find it odd that we do not charge more for products and especially our service. We work on many types of equipment, whether you purchased it here or not. We do not ‘penalize’ you if you did not buy it from here. Our service rates are the most reasonable you will find anywhere.
And we have fun here…and make sure you have fun as well in choosing the equipment or aids that you need. Come check us out for yourself or call us at 803-926-1493.


What Makes Golden Technologies Unique

Golden Technologies is proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of power lift recliners, mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. They are a family-owned and operated company located in Old Forge, Pennsylvania providing jobs for nearly 500 American workers.
What sets Golden Technologies apart from the others is the company culture. They live by the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Golden strives to build a team who supports the vision of building the most innovative and comfortable products, putting family’s lives in motion all over the world.

The Golden Rule: At Golden, they treat others the way they want to be treated.

Family: Being a family-owned & operated company, Golden brings family values from home to work creating a comfortable, safe, and caring environment for team members.

Do the Right Thing: The company operates with trust, honesty, and integrity. They put their customers first.

Get the Job Done: The work family is a team of innovative thinkers and hard workers who strive to “build it right the first time,” every time.

Innovation: They value “aha” moments by staying ahead of the competition and evolving with the market. Innovation is the key to Golden’s success.

Loyalty: Management is loyal to its team members, customers, and to the thousands of people who use their products every day.

Own It: Golden sets clear priorities and holds all accountable for their actions. There is focus on being part of the solution, not the problem.

Discipline: Motivated by a culture of discipline and strategy, Golden focuses on what they do best, while also always looking for ways to get better.

Humility: They humbly recognize each other’s strengths and limitations and never assume they know all the answers.