Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters


If you're doing a lot of terrain travel, need extra comfort, something larger for your frame, or longer battery life, a heavy duty mobility scooter may be the perfect answer for you.  A heavy duty portable scooter has many applications and many different benefits.  At Affordable Medical Equipment we sell and support several different heavy duty portable scooters. The following is a good sampling of our inventory.  

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  1. AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
    AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter

    AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter

    • Available in Red, Grey, Blue & Silver
    • Electronic command technology
    • Lithium Battery or AGM
    • Up to 450 lbs weight capacity
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  2. Afikim C4 First Class  Four  Wheel Mobility Scooter
    Afikim C4 First Class Four Wheel Mobility Scooter
  3. Pride Maxima 4-wheeled Scooter
    Pride Maxima 4-wheeled Scooter

    Pride Maxima 4 wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

    The newly redesigned Pride Maxima 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter offers even more durability and comfort than before!

    • FDA Class II Medical Device
    • NEW! All-new infinite position tiller lever
    • NEW! High back depth adjustable seat
    • NEW! USB charger built into the tiller
    • NEW! Full LED light package
    • NEW! User Friendly Console
    • NEW! Optional electric seat adjustment adds 6.25" in height
    • 500 Pound Weight Capacity
    • 53" Turning Radius 
    • 10 Solid Tires
    • 10% more range per Charge

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  4. Merits S941A 4- Wheel Full Suspension Mobility scooter
    Merits S941A 4- Wheel Full Suspension Mobility scooter

    Merits S941A 4- Wheel Full Suspension Mobility scooter 

    • 350 Weight Capacity 
    • Max Speed of 9.5 MPH
    • Full LED Light Package 
    • Battery up to 32 miles with upgraded battery 
    • Large 12 Front and Back Tires 
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  5. 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter
    4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter

    Merits New Design S940L, 4- Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter 

    • 450 Weight Capacity 
    • Full LED Light Package 
    • Digital LCD Dashboad Display 
    • Full Suspension 
    • Color: Black 
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  6. All New Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter
    All New Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter

    All New Wrangler All Terrian Scooter 

    • Large 14.5 inch Tires
    • Comfort Trac - Supension
    • 24 Volt Dual Inline Rear Wheel Drive 
    • Two 74 AH Batteries - up to 22.6 Miles per charge 
    • Maximum Speed of 11.4 MPH 
    • 350 Weight Capacity 
    • Color Options - Desert Sand or Stone Grey 
    • 5.5 Inch Ground Clearance

    Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, lead time on this scooter cannot, at this time, be determined.

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  7. Victory LX Sport with Comfort- Trac Suspension
    Victory LX Sport with Comfort- Trac Suspension

    The Victory LX Sport offers a per-charge range up to 19.7 miles and speeds up to 8 mph. The Full LED lighting package includes curb and rear lights, directional signals and a courtesy light under the tiller.


    • Speeds up To 8mph
    • Comfort- Trac Supsension 
    • Feather - Touch disassembly
    • Crush- Proof Front Basket 
    • Non- Scuffing tires ( Black ) 
    • High Back Seat with Sliders and Headrest 
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  8. Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter
    Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter

     the Golden Avenger 4 Wheel mobility scooter.

    • Is built for the great outdoors!
    • Presents a robust full-size.
    • Demonstrates great 4-wheel on and off-road performance.
    • Has solid 13’’ pneumatic tires
    • Affords exceptional ground clearance.
    • Is equipped for a 500-pound weight capacity. 
    • Supports a driving range of up to 18 miles.
    • Has a high-back contoured seat.  
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  9. Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter
    Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter

    • 400 lb. weight capacity
    • Top Speed 8 mph
    • 3.5” Ground Clearance
    • 76.5” Turning Radius
    • Operating range up to 18 miles per charge! 

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    Odyssey GT is a Full Size Scooter 

    • Class- Leading 9.5 Mph top Speed 
    • 22 Mile Range 
    • High/low switch for instand speed control 
    • Sport Style Captain's Seat in 18" Features a reclining, fold down backrest, Height adjustability, swivels, and adjusts forward or backward on auto- style seat slides 
    • Padded armrests feature easy turn cylinders for angle adjustment 
    • Large, air filled, low profile tires on a Blade style alloy rims
    • Full Suspensioni on articulating Frame 
    • Extra Bright LED lighting and full light package with hazard lights, turn signals 
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Heavy Duty Scooters For A Heavy Duty Life

As the name suggests, heavy-duty mobility scooters are the right choices for all those seeking to have sturdy and powerful mobility chairs. Moving alone is something that is not easy for people especially those suffering from major health issues and can’t walk properly. Old age and physical disability are other reasons why people face such issues. The reason is that you can’t find every time people to get their assistance.

Getting heavy duty mobility scooters gives you a complete sense of independence and helps you get rid of the dependency on others. These are the important type of scooters that are similar to the chair on wheels that one can use comfortably and make them highly relaxed.

Why one should Consider Buying Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

As mentioned, heavy-duty mobility scooters give you the liberty to move freely without getting assistance from other of your family members. One doesn’t need to go for hard training to ride it. Apart from this, it also enables you to travel for a longer distance as well and can expect a great mileage.

One can easily drive heavy duty mobility scooters irrespective of the road condition. Whether it's even or uneven terrain, one can drive smoothly while getting a full balance over it. When it comes to outdoor activities, it is considered to be the right option for the same. With a stylish and unique design, a heavy-duty mobility scooter can catch the attention of anyone. Affordability and convenience are other genuine reasons that prompt people to buy these scooters.

Whether you drive by the riverside or grocery shopping, or park, it will make your ride amazing and you will love to experience it again and again. Heavy-duty mobility scooters are available in different colors; you can find the tantalizing option that tempts you to a wider extent. These scooters are perfect to experience fun to ride as well.

Top Benefits of Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy-duty mobility scooters are available with a plethora of benefits that are the prompting factors for buyers.

•          Smooth and easy control in any direction

•          Large and wide tyres

•          Easy to use

•          Equipped with complete safety controls including seat belt

•          Capacity to carry out heavyweight

•          Availability of seats in multiple styles and sizes based on your body type and needs

•          One can operate through tillers and switch

•          One can get the liberty to select between rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.

What more you can expect from Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

A heavy-duty scooter is designed with a higher backseat that enables users to ride smoothly and feel more relieved. More and more, you can adjust your seats as per your needs and based on your height. One can get the flexibility to run these vehicles on both be it battery or electric. You can dissemble or assemble it without any difficulty whenever required, especially while carrying out these to new places.

With enough leg space, it makes your every ride special and also your experience amazing. Those who are handicapped can easily drive and control these mobility scooters. And the great advantage of these scooters that they don’t like wheelchairs. Apart from this, these scooters are also quite affordable when compared to wheelchairs.  

Get multiple Options to Buy

So, are you thinking about buying heavy-duty wheelchairs? Well, you will be excited to get multiple options to buy. With the availability of numerous models, heavy-duty mobility scooters easily match the need of everyone. The models like 4-Wheel Full-Suspension Electric Model, All- New Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter, Victory LX Sport with Comfort – Trac Suspension, Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter, Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter, Odyssey GT Mobility Scooter, and others are some popular options that people prefer to buy frequently.

What to Look When Choosing the Right Model

Well, each model is famous for having its unique feature, design, specification, etc and thus, witnesses its huge demand among buyers. To make a selection, you need to first go through the features of all these available models while analyzing your primary requirements. It helps you in making the perfect selection of heavy-duty mobility scooters that are quite appropriate for you.

Apart from this, you also need to look for certain other factors like body size of user, durability, safety, the purpose of use, while making a selection of these scooters. You need to find out the overall weight of scooters and compare it with the rider’s weight.

It’s advisable to look for standard-sized and lightweight scooters that are capable of accommodating riders having a weight from 250 to 350 pounds. But, those who are heavier than 350 pounds may need the additional support in those of heavy-duty bariatric scooters.

In nutshell, you should take into consideration the following factors while selecting the appropriate model of heavy-duty mobility scooters.

•          Your overall weight

•          Your height

•          Wight of items that scooter is supposed to carry

•          Preferred seating option

•          Location of use

Contact Affordable Medical Equipment to Buy Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

No matter which medical equipment you seek to buy, you should approach only an authorized seller to buy rather than your local stores. Affordable Medical Equipment is the best place for everyone who is in search of a reliable place to buy heavy duty mobility scooters. With varieties of available models, we help you buy the right one based on your preferences.

We provide detailed information regarding the features, specifications, etc. of every model. We sell products from highly reputed brands packed in with advanced features to cater to buyers. We sell a range of options for mobility scooters to match the needs of different buyers.

As the name suggests, Affordable Medical Equipment is committed to selling all the displayed products at affordable prices. All models of heavy-duty mobility scooters are available at different costs. No matter how much you wish to spend, you will find the best-suited option for you.