Is there anything more relaxing than chilling in your favorite chair after a hard day’s work? Yet whether you are settling down for a cup of coffee or watching a thriller series on Netflix, we all need a place to unwind. Luckily for you, the MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight can be called the World’s most comfortable chair!

Besides an exceptional comfort level, the MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight comes with many health benefits, which include achieving a zero-gravity angle, reducing spinal muscle fatigue and putting less pressure on the spine. It supports your body in weightless comfort and the new 30-30-30-degree angle takes the usual seating positions to a whole new level.

The Technology

The patented three-motor technology offers a wide array of relaxing options to de-stress the body and mind. The third motor actually moves the chair base itself, tilting up and back, allowing the user to experience the ‘cradle’ position; unique to the Maxicomfort with Twilight. This gives you a truly weightless sensation, removing any excess stress and pressure from your entire body! Built on the ultra-comfortable Cloud PR-510 design, the Twilight lets you achieve extreme zero gravity, ultra comfortable TV watching positions and lounge for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Trendelenburg Position

The Trendelenburg position improves circulation and reduces swelling in the feet, ankles and legs. With the feet rising high, this position is ideal for those who suffer from edema, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neuropathy, and/or blood circulation disorders. The position relieves pressure on the legs and stimulates blood flow. It is also idea for those with knee problems, hip pain, or breathing difficulties. Indeed, Hattie G. has had her Maxicomfort with Twilight less than one month and she already reports that her knee pain “is starting to go away and she is able to get up and out for longer periods of time!”

Worth the Price

With its thick cushions, adjustable design and a very comfortable footrest, relaxing chairs don’t get much better than the MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight. The Affordable Medical Equipment price makes it an excellent choice for a recliner and lift chair. You won’t find better value for the money. Ronnie A. said, “my mother was leery at first but now she loves it.”  The Golden Maxicomfort with Twilight technology – the perfect solution to make your body feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!