A couple of months ago I wrote about the satisfaction that comes with a power recliner/lift chair.  We like to place a larger emphasis on the recliner aspect of the chair as compared with the lift function. The fact is a lot of us one day might need a lift chair to help us get up. But our population is becoming more educated on the benefits of staying active. People are spending more time outdoors – walking, cycling, running, camping, hiking and much more. It’s great to see and fun to be a part of this positive trend. Of course, there are side effects with increased activities; many positive but a few accidents as well. Not all accidents - many times it’s sore muscles, aching joints, or just plain worn out.

Recliners of old can be OK. If they have been maintained and it still fits you well and the rocker handle still works, and you don’t mind the absence of a chase pad – you’ll be ok. But is just ok, ok with you? The best of the recliner/lift chairs today are luxuriously comfortable without being luxuriously expensive. The one we want to tell you about today is the PR-514 Golden Twilight from Golden Technologies.

We like to talk about rejuvenation. That’s the feeling you get after spending some time in a Golden Twilight recliner. Soreness is smoothed away. Aches and pains are forgotten. Back stiffness is softened. You will enjoy a feeling of youthfulness years removed. The Golden Twilight delivers unmatched comfort and peace.

Like many lift chairs today, the Golden Twilight has independent controls for the legs and the back. This allows for infinite positioning. What sets the Twilight apart is a third motor that raises the box of the chair up to 30 degrees. This provides for raising the feet above the heart to dramatically improve circulation, reduce swelling in the lower extremities, and reduce the effects of edema. Historically chairs have had to rely on the Trendelenburg position to achieve these results. Trendelenburg lowers the head below the waste, bringing you to a reverse incline. Many people are not comfortable with this position. Twilight, conversely, keeps the head raised, thereby providing supreme comfort and results. Now, the Twilight also comes with headrest and lumbar adjustment. The PR-515 Golden Twilight is the ultimate testimony to comfort and relaxation in a recliner/lift chair.

As great as the Golden Twilight is, it’s not for everyone. The good news is that Affordable Medical Equipment carries a wide range of Golden recliner/lift chairs. We have one for every size, fit, budget and need. So, if you’re ready for first-class comfort at a coach price, call or visit our showroom today and allow us to show you the best chairs on the market today.