Few things are more exciting or fun than a swimming pool in the summertime.  Everyone is a kid when they jump in a nice cool pool.  Whether you are five and just learning to hold your breath or 85 and enjoy a nice float, pools seem to bring out the best in us.  They bring families together that may only see each other once a year.  They unite neighbors into a neighborhood.  Throw in a grill and some hot dogs and you have the recipe for a great weekend afternoon.

Unfortunately, not everyone can access the pool.  There are those that are confined to a wheelchair or have some other disability that prevents one from enjoying a cool splash.  The good news is that there are solutions.  If it is a community or public pool, the American Disabilities Act requires that there be some form of access for the disabled or handicapped.  For those pools that are private (most pools are private) there are neat solutions.  There are built-in ramps that are part of the pool structure that allow a wheelchair or shower chair to be pushed into and out of the pool.  There are pools that are constructed on one side similar to what a beach looks like, with a gradual descent into the pool.  You can get a platform lift that lowers the wheelchair down into the pool.

Aqua Creek has long been recognized as a leader in the pool access arena.  Since 2002, Aqua Creek has been setting the standard for pool lifts, access chairs, and training equipment.  Aqua Creek makes the Ranger 2 (most popular), the Admiral, Ambassador, and the Portable Pro Pool 2.

Electric pool lift - Entering a pool is no longer a challenging task

Electric Pool Lift

More than just a way to unwind at the end of the week, going for a swim at your neighborhood pool is enjoyable. Medical professionals have long praised swimming's advantages, including its ability to build muscle, increase endurance, and reduce stress. Because of this, people with fibromyalgia and arthritis can find relief from their symptoms by swimming. But those with limited mobility might find it challenging to meet the physical requirements of entering a pool. Aqua Creek pool lifts are available at Affordable Medical Equipment. Learn more about pool lifts and their potential advantages for you and your loved ones.

How Do Pool Lifts Operate?

For those who have been injured or have a handicap, more help may be needed while getting into pools. A mechanical seat that helps raise and lower the user is a characteristic of lifts. They can't fall or get up from the seat since it usually has a restraint, which helps to maintain safety. Electric Pool lifts are portable for use in a public pool or permanent, such as the sort often used in treatment pools.

What Are the Different Types of Pool Lifts?

Aqua Creek Ranger 2

Aqua Lift has three primary types of pool lifts. The most popular model is the Ranger 2. The Ranger™ 2 lift is very affordable and is the perfect choice for most in-ground pools or spas.  The Ranger™ 2 can be found in hundreds of hotel locations as well as backyard pools throughout the world.  What makes this non-rotating lift unique is a low profile and small footprint making it an incredibly solid, durable, and reliable product. Users access their pools sitting in the seat parallel to the lift and side of their pool in a single out-and-down motion.  The Ranger 2 has a 350lb weight capacity, comes in multiple colors, and carries a 5-year limited warranty.

The Admiral™ is an incredibly strong and durable lift. It also has a non-rotating design that is for use on in-ground pools and spas. It is shorter in height than the Ranger 2 and has a very small footprint. It has a 450lb weight capacity and is incredibly solid, durable, and reliable.  It also comes in multiple colors.

The Ambassador Lift is an affordable lift that can also clear small curbs up to 10-inches high.  The lift is a great choice for some raised perimeter pools and spas.  Like the other Pro Pool Series Lifts, it has a low profile and goes with almost any decor.  It has a 300lb capacity and is also non-rotational.

Finally, the Portable Pro 2 lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to in-ground pools and spas.  Similar in design to the Ranger and Ambassador, it provides for a safe, smooth, and steady out and down the operation into the pool.  No anchor is needed; the lift is well balanced and when tipped back for transport, it is easily rolled along the pool deck to wherever you may need it. This lift will typically function on in-ground pools where the pool deck is flush with the top of the pool.  It does not clear high curbs or walls around the pool.

An Electric Pool lift's Benefits to People

Electric Pool Lift

Although swimming pools may be wonderful places to relax, not everyone will find them to be so. Even while we may take having the ability to leap off the high dive and swim in the deep end for granted, some individuals are disabled because of an accident, a hereditary condition, or other factors.

Even if it may not be feasible, it's crucial to discover strategies to motivate these individuals to take part in swimming activities. The obvious solution is a disability pool lift. The advantages of our Aqua Creek Pool lift are available to you.

A pool is one of the best forms of exercise. Moving in a pool creates resistance, and resistance helps strengthen and tone muscle mass. A pool is also good for cardiovascular and physiology. The psychological benefits are the greatest of all benefits. A pool brings happiness to people. These lifts may be useful for a wide range of persons with various ailments and ages. The following are a few instances.

The Elderly: Exercise is vital at all ages, but sadly, as people age, they often develop arthritis and mobility issues owing to their fragility, which makes exercise challenging. One of the few ways our senior clients may exercise in their own homes is if they have access to a pool and the capacity to join it. This allows them to walk against the resistance of the water.

Patients with obesity: Just like the elderly, patients with obesity are advised to stroll in a pool as exercise. While getting into the pool may be simple, accidents often happen when people try to pull their own weight out of the water.

Children gain full access: No kid with cerebral palsy should be denied the chance to enjoy a pool. While wearing the appropriate safety flotation devices is important, having access to a lift enables them to enjoy the same swimming freedom as their peers.

People with Disabilities: The Paralympics have shown that everyone can be an athlete, and nobody should be denied the chance. A lift can give disabled people the same ease and opportunity to use a pool as their peers as it does for people with Cerebral Palsy.

Healthy People: Even if they may not need the usage of a pool lift, healthy people can nevertheless benefit from it. By lowering the chances of sliding and falling when trying to exit the pool, it is a naturally safer strategy. In the sad event that someone is harmed in the pool, these lifts provide an additional layer of security. They can be lifted out of the water without running the danger of making their injuries worse.

Embrace the Health Advantages

Aqua Creek Lift

As we previously covered, swimming has a variety of positive health effects. As a result, water therapy and exercise are often used as forms of treatment for those who are afflicted with illness or handicap. Water can accommodate your motions by changing its form, a process known as hydrostatic pressure. Your skin, muscles, and joints are compressed as a result. The hydrostatic pressure helps people with arthritis or those who have been injured by swelling. Furthermore, the buoyancy of the water helps support the weight. Sprains, strains, and bone fractures are helped by lowering joint stress. To guarantee that everyone can benefit from these significant health advantages, pool lifts must be used. Marge M. commented on her use of Aqua Creek pool lifts. “These lifts change people’s lives and make them able to have some normalcy back into their lives. Even after only one session, my body felt better, and my mobility improved. Thank goodness I discovered Aqua Creek Lifts.”

We Are Pleased to Assist You

Aqua Lift

Although having access to a pool is liberating for everyone, it is nevertheless advised that young children and those who are unwell be closely watched over or have ready access to panic or assistance buttons. We at Affordable Medical Equipment are more than pleased to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about pool lifts or any other home medical equipment. We can provide you with both temporary and permanent water therapy equipment and supplies. For further details, contact us.