Power recliners, or lift chairs as they are often called, are structurally designed to help anyone who has difficulty taking a seat or getting out of a regular chair. “When my grandparents toddled around and had pains getting up and down from the chair, … I searched online and found Affordable Medical Equipment offering an ample variety of lift chair models to suit every individual need”, says Carol Anderson.

VivaLift Radiance Power Recliner

But they are much more than that. A good power recliner/lift chair helps you completely relax, has infinite positioning to put you in that perfect spot for rest, and can also provide healing to achy muscles and joints. Additional features make all the difference. Our range of incredible lift chairs are designed in different materials and come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the power lift recliners' additional features include adjustable back cushioning, footrest extensions, headrest adjustment, and more.

The brand new Radiance from Pride’s VivaLift power recliner collection is a power recliner/lift chair we are proud to share with you today. The Radiance has so many new and exciting features that it simply stands in a class all by itself. Of course, it has all the usual functionality that you expect from a power recliner/lift chair – independent backrest and leg operation, superior comfort, beautiful stitching, and multiple colors. It comes in a petite wide, small, medium, and large/tall. The Radiance has an adjustable power headrest and adjustable lumbar. The Pride Radiance 4-motor recliner technology delivers increased leg elevation for increased circulation and wellness, with adjustable seat and tilt movement for a personalized reclining experience. If your doctor is prescribing ‘toes above heart’, the Radiance accomplishes that easily – and without feeling like you are going to fall out of the chair! The PLR-3955 offers adjustable bodyweight distribution, creating a weightless stress-free experience for better ergonomic support.

NEW VivaLift Radiance Power Recliner

Whether you are enjoying a cool beverage and enjoying your favorite book or kicking back for a relaxing evening of television, this power recliner is right for you! Experience the pleasure of the Radiance Collection from VivaLift! ® Power Recliners. The new additions to the VivaLift Radiance represent a new level in reclining comfort. The Radiance comes standard with three different heating pads - the shoulders, the lumbar and the seat. You can adjust your heat level with a low or high setting to soothe your tired muscles. Keep your smart phone close at hand while you charge it with the wireless charging station that pulls out from the armrest. The other armrest provides a pullout drink holder. Both can be hidden into the armrest when not in use – making the chair even more beautiful. And if the power goes out, know will have peace of mind with the lithium powered battery backup. The 4-motors in the Radiance provide a smooth and seamless movement between various positions. The Canyon fabric is luxury at its finest.


Also new with the Radiance is an ergonomic designed toggle remote which is a marked improvement over push buttons. The toggle switch is easier to operate and provides a full range of motion. Additionally, you will find two memory buttons that you can program to any of your favorite positions. Finally, the remote has a USB port for easy charging of a cell phone or iPad.

Radiance Recliner

There is just so much to like in Pride’s new Radiance Power Recliner. The PLR-395 Petite/Wide chair is for those under 5’4” who need some extra width (24” between the arms). The Small is for those under 5’4” with a more homogenous frame (20”). The Medium (22.5” between the arms) supports heights up to 6’ and the Large/Tall supports people over 6’ (and a width of 23.5”). All the Radiance Power Recliners support up to 400 pounds – also an improvement over other lift chairs. The new Pride Radiance could be the most comfortable recliner in the world. And you can find it today at Affordable Medical Equipment, 1812 Sunset Blvd in West Columbia, S.C. or call us today at 803-926-2224.

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