Between their many responsibilities, it is no surprise that the head of the house finds little time to relax. Continued medical research has consistently concluded that (1) rest and relaxation is directly correlated to our overall health, and (2) we don’t get enough of it! Bryan Russell recently commented that we need to “increase relaxation rather than struggle to decrease stress”.  It is so essential for everyone, young or old, to find some ‘ME’ time. Now is the time to show your dear one how much you care for them by giving them the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This is not just another common gift. With a little bit of creative thinking and effort, you can give your special someone the ‘ultimate gift’- the chance to relax on a reclining lift chair with Twilight positioning.

Twilight positioning is different than any recliner positioning on the market. It’s patented. It’s like no other. We have had customer after customer attest that “it is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.” It comes equipped with many health benefits that include achieving a back angle that is similar to standing, putting less stress on the spine and reducing spinal muscle weariness. James F said his chair is “very comfortable, (delivers) excellent thigh support. (The) Twilight feature is really important for me to raise my legs/feet higher.” With this avant-garde technology, the recliner can be placed in any position.  The Golden Orion achieves a 30-30-30-degree position. This means your lower legs are 30 degrees to your upper legs and your upper legs 30 degrees to your back. It is the new definition of ‘rejuvenation’. It also can put you in a zero-gravity position.  Zero gravity decreases pressure on pressure points – delivering the best in relaxation. It is with this variety of lift chair that your ‘head of household’ will appreciate all these positions instantly. It is the perfect example of an exceptional seating and recline experience!

What Makes Golden Lift Chairs the Best Lift Chairs on the Market? 

Golden’s new Orion lift chair represents an extended level of comfort and ease of operation. Using Golden’s Twilight technology, the dual motor system tilts and moves the recliner to a comfortable position. The chair base itself, including the armrests, come back and tilt up, allowing the individual to enjoy a cradle position in comfort like never before. We asked one family what they liked the most about their Golden Orion lift chair. Cecil, his wife and adult daughter all responded in unison, what we like best is “when it’s available!”. We can certainly appreciate that! The all new Golden Orion Lift Recliner with Twilight Positioning lets you achieve extreme zero gravity and easy TV watching positions for a truly rejuvenating experience. The chair also features programmable hand controls, which allow users to save their preferred positions for later.

Why We Like it?

This chair comes with all the comfort features you love to have on your dear one’s lift chair. The soft, contoured seat and superbly soft armrests and back cushioning offer plush comfort. The unique Twilight hand control works its wonderous magic by gliding you gently to a true zero gravity sensation. Leon P. said, “my wife loves her Golden chair and gets mad when I’m in it.”

To make the chair more comfortable, Brisa®, a soft and luxurious faux material, is used to cover the chairs. This exceptional material has a unique capacity to keep the recliner as soft and supple as possible with its unique ventilation system. Again, the comfort level of the chair is multiplied with its polyurethane fabric. The fabric has the special quality that it is scratch and stain resistant and is available various color ranges. It doesn’t get hot in summer or cold in winter; doesn’t fade or crack.

SmartTek® Technology and Battery Backup System

With advanced SmartTek® technology, technicians can diagnose and fix problems that may occur and identify any specific part that is causing the error. Hence, the patented technology makes it easy to diagnose and fix problems and return the chair to full usage sooner. In case of power outage, the battery backup system brings the chair from a reclined back to the seated position.

Ultimate in Comfort and Relaxation

Whether you are looking for a lift chair to present your loved ones for their utmost comfort, or you’re looking for a reclining chair that will rejuvenate them day or night, look no further than the all new Golden Orion Lift Recliner with Twilight Positioning, the most comfortable lift chair ever built! With the right technology, comfortable seating, and a stylish look, the chair features a unique design that cradles you in comfort.