While it's often plain enough to see that we could use a little aid with everyday tasks, it can be more challenging to set aside a little pride and take action to make your life easier and stay independent. A lift and reclining lounge chair can help us stand, sit, or rest in a comfortable posture. Without some assistance, it might be difficult to weigh characteristics and choose which chair would best suit our requirements.

Within the electric lift and recliner chair family, commonly referred to as "lift chairs" or "rise and recline chairs," there is a wide range of choices. We hope that the advantages and factors we discuss below will assist you in choosing the characteristics that are most appropriate for you.

More than simply relaxing as you watch your favorite television shows, there is another purpose for Titan Power Lift Recliners. The range of positions offered by your lift chair may easily accommodate any activity you like, including using a computer or phone, reading books or periodicals, or participating in a number of other leisure activities. Due to the diversity of positions offered, many people choose to sleep in their lift chairs rather than on their beds. For ultimate comfort, most models may be adjusted to a flat position as well as varying angles and heights. Lift chairs are the perfect option for those who need to keep their legs raised while they sit or sleep.

Defeat the Obstacles

Life is all about overcoming obstacles, and as a species we have always managed to do so. Not only done so but grown stronger as a result. Since the beginning of time, this has been our path and will continue to be so. We can occasionally get overwhelmed with all the changes in our lives, livelihood, physical abilities, mental awareness, etc. But the human experience tells us that that we can beat the challenges and come out on top. It is natural to experience discouragement sometimes since we are emotional creatures that experience a steady stream of ideas and feelings.

Realizing that we are designed to survive whatever challenges we face in life is helpful. It is the way we were created. We all have the capacity to lead powerful lives filled with a variety of moments of peace, love, satisfaction, and pleasure, regardless of the particulars of our circumstances.

The conditions, environment, and experiences that make up our daily lives are always changing, and although certain aspects of our position are under our control, others are not. Examples include being young or elderly, unmarried or in a relationship, admired or rejected, etc. The list is endless.

Titan Power Lift Recliners' primary function is to help people get out of a sitting posture

Your chair will lift you into a semi-standing posture when your feet are firmly on the ground and you use the remote control to elevate it. Some types can even elevate themselves to a nearly upright posture.

The lift function gives a solid posture to stand, move away from the chair, or transfer to another device while requiring significantly less physical effort (such as a wheelchair).

Many individuals discover that getting out of a lounge chair on their own may be challenging after a time of sickness or in situations when mobility and leg strength are compromised for whatever reason. Electric assistance to stand may be an immensely helpful item if your shoulder and arm strength are also compromised, or if discomfort is a problem. If this is the case, using your arms to help push yourself up to standing may not be simple. To further enhance relaxation and boost circulation, these chairs also include an electronic reclining mechanism with a footrest lift.

Power lift chairs have many benefits

Your physician or therapist may have advised you to use a lift chair. They may even have suggested that it would help with your aging mobility issues. Furthermore, you probably have friends or peers that have talked about their recliner/lift chairs – you may have even seen them before. Although they first seem to be conventional recliners, you quickly see how radically different they are from past recliners.

Continue reading to understand what a lift chair is and about the significant benefits to take into consideration if you are currently searching for one. This will help you to be completely informed and at peace when selecting a lift chair for your mobility difficulties.

How do electric lift chair’s function?

Other names for lift chairs are power recliners, power lift chairs or recliner/lift chairs. As we have established, a lift chair seems like a conventional recliner but has many enhancements that put it more in the durable medical equipment category. They are designed to help people with mobility and health issues.

In contrast to a recliner, a lift chair includes a powerful lifting mechanism that, when engaged, tilts the base and back of the chair forward to assist the user in standing up again. The motorized lift chair may be utilized in an upright or reclined position by just pressing a button on a remote instead of manually operating a lever or switch.

A lift chair from providers such as Affordable Medical Equipment may be of great assistance to those with mobility challenges or significant health issues who struggle to rise from a sitting or standing position due to discomfort or a lack of strength in their muscles.

It's possible to maintain your independence using power lift chairs

As you become older, getting out of a sitting position on your own might become increasingly difficult or sometimes impossible. It can become harder to preserve your independence consequently. A motorized recliner/lift chair is designed to help you get out of a sitting or even a reclined position on your own. According to several studies, maintaining your independence reduces your chance of contracting chronic diseases as well as anxiety and depression disorders.

Bed sores, also known as pressure sores, may be lessened with power lift chairs

Bedsores are lesions to the skin and underlying tissue caused by prolonged pressure, often known as pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers. The skin above the body's bony structures, such as the tailbone, hips, heels, and ankles, is where bedsores most usually develop.

The most vulnerable individuals to developing bedsores are those who are unable to change positions owing to a medical condition or who spend most of their time on a bed or a chair.

One of the easiest ways to prevent pressure sores is to move about. However, that job could be challenging if you have mobility issues. A lift chair allows you to move about easily. Simply pressing a button can shift, move, and rotate your body to allow you fresh positioning. Or you can utilize the lift position to get up from the seat and move about, which will improve blood circulation.

Titan Power Lift Recliners Will Help You Catch the Perfect Nap

The ability of many lift chairs to be adjusted to a zero-gravity position, where you are lying almost horizontal, makes them special. The health effects of zero gravity are that your body is balanced, distributing weight evenly throughout the chair: hence, the name zero-gravity. This posture is excellent for both your overall health and for sleeping. This position for sleeping and lying down helps to straighten your spine, increase circulation, and enhance breathing. Because of this, lift chairs are often suggested for those with lung ailments, back concerns, and other medical disorders.

For family members and caregivers, power lift chairs may be safer

Lift chairs may provide comfort and safety for family members, other caregivers, and others who run the risk of being wounded when assisting persons rising from or returning to a sitting posture.

 When trying to help an elderly parent sit down or get up from a seated posture, a motorized lift chair is significantly more useful than a regular reclining chair. Because there are less muscular contractions while in a Titan Power Lift Recliner, you're more likely to maintain your balance when standing.

The benefits of power lift chairs for treating joints and back pain

As you age, your muscles and joints get stiffer and wear, which might cause pain. Lumbar support, heat, and integrated massage devices are just a few of the special characteristics that lift chairs offer that may aid individuals with sore joints, back discomfort, arthritis, and a variety of other illnesses. You may change positions during the day on a Titan Power Lift Recliner, or you can utilize the lift position to get up from the seat and move about, which will improve blood circulation.

Continue to be independent

To help family members preserve their independence at home, power lift chairs may make life simpler for you and them as well. Before making a power lift chair purchase, there are a few crucial things you should ask. It will make sure that the machinery is suitable and meets your needs in every manner. One way lift and recline chairs are categorized as "single,” “dual" or “multi-motor.”  They come in a range of sizes from petite and extra-small to large, wide, tall, and bariatric. Additionally, they come in various materials, cushions and comfort configurations, and may include changes that the Affordable Medical Equipment Team can make to tailor the chair to your unique form and support requirements. It is strongly advised to get an evaluation and schedule a chair trial before choosing whether to purchase a lift and recline chair and which model to choose.