Freedom. Independence. Joy. That is the result in people who did not have mobility, who could not get around, who were restricted in movement, after they received and started using a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters have changed lives as much as the automobile did 100 years ago. 

Mobility scooters help those who otherwise face a constant uphill battle with mobility. Mobility scooters are simply one more tool in the tool bag that makes life better and easier for those physically challenged.  A mobility scooter requires no physical effort. It's time to consider getting a mobility scooter if you depend on family members, caregivers, or medical staff to help you go from place to place. Discover how having a mobility scooter may help you save time and money AND enhance your quality of life.

Who could need a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters may be quite helpful for anybody who has mobility difficulty - whether it be with their legs, knees, or back. Be it a senior or anyone challenged with mobility, a mobility scooter can affect a life in so many positive ways.  Whether living at home or in an assisted living facility, anyone can benefit from them.  A mobility scooter allows people to take part in enjoyable and stimulating activities. Affordable Medical USA has been providing mobility scooters for 16 years and it is always so humbling to hear the stories, see the smiles and laugh with those whom a mobility scooter has improved their lives.  A mobility scooter changes your life, gives you a new sense of being, allows you to enjoy going places and doing things.  Once again you can enjoy the fellowship of going places and doing things with your friends.  In order to restore their freedom and maintain their level of activity, older persons with mobility issues must get mobile assistance, such as a mobility scooter.

It is not unusual for a mobility scooter to come as part of a progression.  Often times people start with a cane, progress to a walker and/or rollator, wheelchair, and then to the mobility scooter.  But that is certainly not always the case. Affordable Medical USA also rents scooters and people that are in fairly good physical condition will rent them for trips. Their challenge for them is in walking greater distances – like all over a cruise ship or on destination tours where you are on your feet all day.

The way people live today has changed as a result of mobility scooters. The development of technology has made life better for so many people. Mobility scooters are a lifesaver for folks with special needs who often struggle with long distance walking. Their use of a mobility scooter gives them comfort, confidence, and joy as they go about their daily lives. It may significantly improve the lives of persons who rely on others or need their assistance to engage in regular activity.

Types of mobility scooters

One way to classify mobility scooters is transportable and non-transportable. Transportable scooters either disassemble or fold. They come in three and four-wheel varieties. These scooters are rapidly changing the mobility scooter landscape. They are great if you cannot walk or can only walk short distances but at the same time you do enjoy being out. The fold variety of transportable mobility scooters have become the favorite because they are easier to transport than their cousins that disassemble.  They are usually lighter and take up less storage space in the vehicle.  There is a 250 – 350lb weight capacity on these light scooters.

Non-transportable mobility scooters are not transportable unless you have a vehicle lift on your car or truck. They are larger, more comfortable, have larger tires and can cross multiple types of terrain. The Avenger from Golden is a unique and strong four-wheel scooter that also has a classy look and proven track record. 

The GA541 Golden Avenger Scooter

The Golden Avenger has been around for years, known for its workhorse characteristics and long life. It’s awesome 140 amp controller and 13” pneumatic tires make it a horse of a scooter. It can carry up to 500lbs. and has a full 20” wide captains’ seat with headrest. There is 4” clearance from the deck to the ground. With its strong rear wheel drive It’s a great scooter for trails, off road, climbing hills or getting across the farm. Top speed is 7 mph, and it has a range of up to 18 miles. The Avenger has electromechanical braking to when you let off the throttle, it comes to a smooth and quick stop. The scooter width is 24.5” length is 57.5” and 38.5” axle-to-axle. So, you can be assured it is as sturdy as they come. It is a brawly beast! Golden is so sure of the Avenger that the frame has a lifetime warranty; drive train and electronics two years. The Golden Avenger has always been one of our favorite go-to’s for the individual that loves and adventures in the outdoors. 

What Advantage does the Four Wheeled Golden Avenger have?

Electric mobility scooters with four wheels tend to be more stable, making them a great option for those with mobility issues. This is especially true of the Golden Avenger since it is very capable on any type of terrain.  Marcy R. sent us a great quote, "This is a great scooter! I have been using scooters like these (but not like this one) for many years now, and this is the first scooter I've felt like I've had to make a review for. The quality of the scooter is almost perfect, and the scooter is easy to handle. The coloring is like new and the wheels are heavy duty so that you don't have to worry about getting stuck somewhere. The speed of the scooter is also great and feels fast enough at max speed. I would buy this scooter many more times before I would even think of buying another scooter."  As we mentioned, the wheels are pneumatic (air-filled) and this makes for a much smoother ride, especially across various surfaces.  It is not unusual at all for the Golden Avenger to be the last scooter that someone may ever buy.  If they do purchase another scooter – it is another Golden Avenger! Tina echoed Marcy’s thoughts, "I love how durable this scooter is. The wheels are so strong and well put together. I've been driving it on my own property of course, but there are some areas that I was worried about if it would still hold up on the gravel or dirt, and this scooter has not disappointed. It's also really easy to drive and handle, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking!

The ideal option for elderly or handicapped persons who struggles to travel long distances is an electric four-wheel scooter! While these scooters allow you to go to lengthy and difficult terrains that you have always desired, wheelchairs provide you with limited movement. Electric scooters with four wheels are a fantastic choice since they are portable and simple to use.

These four-wheeled electric scooters are appropriate for anyone struggling with cardiac or lung issues, obesity, arthritis, systemic or whole-body difficulties. Anyone who can stand up straight without torso support, take a few steps, and operate the steering wheel benefits. The Golden Avenger is primarily an outdoor vehicle. With a turning radius of 67” it would be a bit unyielding in the house – unless you have a very big house!

Using a Mobility Scooter Has Advantages

• Speedy Travel – Electric mobility scooters move quickly. Even the slowest can go up to 3 mph which is the speed of a fast walk.  These kind of speeds and not possible with a manual wheelchair.  This helps the user have a more enriched life with the freedom of knowing they can travel many places and do so independently.  In addition to travelling quickly, a mobility scooter can go more places than a wheelchair. 

• Portability – Do you need portability in an electric mobility scooter? It is another important feature to think about when purchasing a mobility scooter. Travel scooters allow for quick and easy disassembly; some even fold down (or fold up) to make portability quick and easy. If you do have the Golden Avenger, a car lift would be required for portability.  The Avenger does not disassemble.

• Standard of living – Standard of living is another important element that conforms with the advantages mobility scooters provide to the user. Many elderly and persons with special needs spend most of their time indoors, at home since they are unable to move about freely outdoors. Their use of a mobility scooter turns into a mobility AND health aid for them since they can now leave the house without having to wait for someone to help them move in a wheelchair. Now that they can spend more time outside, they can live healthier, more independent and more joyful lives.

There are a plethora of situations in which a portable mobility scooter may be necessary. Perhaps you tire out on lengthy family vacations or want to quickly return to normal after an injury. A quality scooter is an investment that will have a rich return for you in the long term, and you can use one all year round.

Comfort is also a big part of the picture with mobility scooters.  The Golden Avenger has an extra roomy seat with an adjustable headrest. The seat has four height adjustable positions and the folding armrests allow for easy transfers.  The arms can be adjusted by width and height.  Affordable Medical USA has the widest selection of mobility scooters anywhere.  Whether it is Golden, Pride, Afkim, Merits, Whill or any of several others, Affordable Medical USA has an electric mobility scooter that is just right for you! Visit us at to see our full selection.