Power Patient Lifts

Splash Bath Lift

  • Slim and modern in style
  • Operates with remote and hand cotrol
  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Weighs 14.3 lbs, is battery powered
  • Lifts 280 lbs. weight.
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Designed with Fixed Back Mode

Fits close to the tub back, optimizes legroom, and allows splash

Total weight 14.3 lbs

The seat fits easily and is removed from bath in one smooth motion

Low Seat Design

Personal hygiene is improved with maximum water immersion

Hand Controls and Slim Remote for Easy Operation

Easily operates with remote/ hand controls

Stable, Solid and Smooth Movement

Maximizes the bathing experience

Battery Indicator with Stop Descent

Battery power monitoring, prevents descent when the battery is low

Sound Engineering Design

  • Blends with any bathroom
  • Low position makes the seat unimposing

Designed Compactly

  • Carries easily
  • Stores in small spaces

Modern Look

  • Looks slim and modern in style

The ultra-lightweight lift makes it an easy fit for bathtubs with a smooth-floor surface. The robust design makes it a safe and comfortable lift capable of lifting 280 lbs weight.

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