Grab Bars & Safety Rails

Security Pole

  • Non-permanent tension mounted pole
  • Fits as bathroom grab bar, bedside support, chair standing support
  • Adjustable, fits ceilings 7-10 feet
  • Supports 300 lbs weight

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The Security Pole assists the elderly or disabled to rise up or sit down. It is a fall prevention tool with extra stability and weight bearing capacity. Installation is easy as it is tension mounted and requires no screws or bolts to be fitted.

This two-in-one standing pole fits anywhere near a bed, couch, chair, or toilet. Installation is done in minutes and fits in 7-10 ft ceilings. The security pole is available in both black and white colors that blend with bathroom and living room. Skid resistant pads of the pole keep ceiling and floor safe from any kind of damage.


  • Extra support to people for reaching standing positions
  • Made of Zinc plated steel having powder coat finish
  • Fits ceiling height 7-10 feet
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Lifts weight up-to 300 lbs
  • Available in white and Black colors
  • Tension mounted, no bolts or screws required
  • Blends with home decor
  • Placed anywhere near a bed, couch, chair, or toilet
  • Knob turns clockwise to tighten the Pole
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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