Recreational Scooters


Let's not waste any time and explore the range of recreational scooters added to the catalog of Affordable Medical Equipment. These scooters are apt for outdoor use and can be driven easily over a gamut of surfaces. Our collection comprises of heavy-duty, compact and portable models can give buyers the opportunity to choose in line with their needs and budget. For instance, a person buying a recreational scooter with portable model can able to stow in the trunk of his/her car with ease.

With us, you can find recreational scooters for sale in bright colors, chic designs and superior in performance, thereby enabling you to feel empowered and in control while driving. Put simply, you can use the scooter as an alternative mode of transportation or as a mobility motorized solution that will give you the freedom to go where you want to go.

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  1. AfiScooter C3 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter
    AfiScooter C3 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

    AfiScooter C3 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

    • Ergonomic modern steering tiller
    • Rear suspension and advanced front shock absorbers
    • Adjustable armrests
    • 25-mile drive range or up to 36 miles 
    •  Weight Capacity 300 
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  2. AfiScooter C4 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter
    AfiScooter C4 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

    AfiScooter C4 Mobility Scooter

    • Adjustable orthopedic support seat
    • LED light technology
    • Weight capacity 330 lbs
    • Available in blue, silver, red and grey
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  3. AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
    AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter

    AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter

    • Available in Red, Grey, Blue & Silver
    • Electronic command technology
    • Lithium Battery or AGM
    • Up to 450 lbs weight capacity
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  4. Afikim C4 First Class  Four  Wheel Mobility Scooter
    Afikim C4 First Class Four Wheel Mobility Scooter
  5. All New Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter
    All New Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter

    All New Wrangler All Terrian Scooter 

    • Large 14.5 inch Tires
    • Comfort Trac - Supension
    • 24 Volt Dual Inline Rear Wheel Drive 
    • Two 74 AH Batteries - up to 22.6 Miles per charge 
    • Maximum Speed of 11.4 MPH 
    • 350 Weight Capacity 
    • Color Options - Desert Sand or Stone Grey 
    • 5.5 Inch Ground Clearance

    Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, lead time on this scooter cannot, at this time, be determined.

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  6. Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter
    Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter

     the Golden Avenger 4 Wheel mobility scooter.

    • Is built for the great outdoors!
    • Presents a robust full-size.
    • Demonstrates great 4-wheel on and off-road performance.
    • Has solid 13’’ pneumatic tires
    • Affords exceptional ground clearance.
    • Is equipped for a 500-pound weight capacity. 
    • Supports a driving range of up to 18 miles.
    • Has a high-back contoured seat.  
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  7. Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter
    Patriot 4-Wheel Scooter

    • 400 lb. weight capacity
    • Top Speed 8 mph
    • 3.5” Ground Clearance
    • 76.5” Turning Radius
    • Operating range up to 18 miles per charge! 

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    Odyssey GT is a Full Size Scooter 

    • Class- Leading 9.5 Mph top Speed 
    • 22 Mile Range 
    • High/low switch for instand speed control 
    • Sport Style Captain's Seat in 18" Features a reclining, fold down backrest, Height adjustability, swivels, and adjusts forward or backward on auto- style seat slides 
    • Padded armrests feature easy turn cylinders for angle adjustment 
    • Large, air filled, low profile tires on a Blade style alloy rims
    • Full Suspensioni on articulating Frame 
    • Extra Bright LED lighting and full light package with hazard lights, turn signals 
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  9. Pride Raptor 3-Wheel
    Pride Raptor 3-Wheel

    Pride Raptor 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

    FDA Class II Medical Device

    Enjoy luxurious and comfortable ride on an electric mobility scooter, Raptor 3-Wheel. The all-new scooter saves travelling time with high speed of 14 miles per hour. Some other salient features of the scooter are hand brake with regenerative braking system, full LED lighting package, LCD console highlighting speed and mileage information, front and rear suspension, under seat storage compartment and two rear-view mirrors.

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  10. Triaxe Sport Scooter
    Triaxe Sport Scooter

    The Triaxe Sport Scooter is a new, lightweight and foldable mobility scooter.

    Up to 35 Mile Battery Range 

    3 Speed Control - Up to 12 miles per hour 

    Folds Flat for easy loading 

    Color options - 

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Recreational Scooters For Sale

With increasing age, people often struggle to walk properly. Even if they walk, they feel tired after walking for short distances and even take frequent breaks. With the rising age, the problem becomes severe and therefore people rely upon recreational scooter to help them move around properly. Also known as mobility or street scooters, these scooters are bigger and faster than standard two-wheeler scooters and have stylish appearance. Nowadays, people using recreational scooters on the streets, in shopping centres, large supermarkets and at tourist attraction is a coming sight across USA. Considering their rising popularity, Affordable Medical USA offers highly advanced and different styles of recreational scooters which are available on sale at discounted rates.

Benefits of Using Recreational Scooters

Recreational scooters slated as ideal and reliable mobility vehicles which allow user to cover short distances without exerting any physical effort. Like wheelchairs, users would easily travel from one place to another while remaining seated. These battery powered scooters allow people with limited mobility and physically challenged people to maintain active lifestyle by participating in those activities which previously they could not access. These mobility vehicles even enable them to live life independently by making short trips to supermarkets, museums, parks, etc., safely and without any external assistance. Most of the scooters feature bright LED head and tail lights, therefore riders can even plan night trip without any hesitation.

Salient Features of Recreational Scooters on Sale

The scooter harnesses the benefit of assistive technology, which allows individual to perform range of activities with ease and comfort which previously they are unable to perform by their own. These scooters look stylish and engineered with advanced technology to offer the highest level of comfort to riders. Excellent suspension to handle bumps on road, added comfort while seating, easy to operate features, etc., are some of the salient features of the battery powered scooters.


Like a motor bike, recreational scooters have the tiller that steers the vehicle. It is height adjustable so that user can operate it comfortably as per his requirements. Many scooters have tiller mounted storage basket which is easy to remove. User can use the basket for storing their small personal belongings like wallet, water bottle, spectacles, wallet, etc.

Reversing/Accelerating Levers

The two teaspoon shaped paddles are present near the handles of street scooters. These paddles are levers which control the forward and backward movement of the vehicle. These ergonomic and padded paddles are designed considering the limited mobility aspect of people; therefore they are easy to operate even with single hand.

Control Panel

The tiller encompasses control panel having speed control and LED light buttons. User can set different speeds at pavement and uneven road with speed control button. Once the speed is set, the vehicle will move at same pace regardless of terrain. Take advantage of ultra bright LED light buttons to bring visibility in low light areas.

Excellent Suspension System

Recreational scooters offer bumpy free and safe rider to users as they are equipped with excellent suspension system. The suspension absorbs the bumps and does not allow rider to experience any vibration and shocks on uneven terrain.

Comfortable and Padded Seat

There is an in-built padded seat in recreational scooter offering highest level of comfort to riders. Moreover, these scooters have swivel seat that allows smooth transition of a rider from a wheelchair into the mobility scooter. Some of the advanced models have high backrest with padded seat, padded armrests and height adjustable seat as standard features.

Ample Leg space

Recreational scooters have broad base instead of footrests, therefore riders get ample footrest space. This proves quite helpful to people with extra ordinary height and strong built.

We, at Affordable Medical USA, aim at improving the quality of life of limited mobility people, therefore offer recreational scooter for sale at affordable price range. Moreover, we maintain extensive stock of different styles of mobility scooters which are as follows:

  • Folding Scooters – Ideal for storage and transportation, folding mobility scooters are perfect companion for those people who love travelling. These scooters disassemble into light weight parts that are easy to carry into the trunks of most of the cars and SUV’s. Easy to disassemble and assemble feature makes folding scooters ready to transport at any point of time and to nook and corner of the place.
  • 3 Wheel Scooters – 3 wheel recreational scooters are medium-sizes scooters with excellent maneuverability. Ideal to use both indoors and outdoors, the scooters support gamut of features like armrests, padded and high back seat, storage basket, etc. Any person falling in the weight category of 300-400 lbs can enjoy safe and dependable ride on 3 wheel scooters.
  • 4 Wheel Scooters – Bariatric users should not feel dishearten as four wheel scooters are designed to fulfill their unique needs. These scooters have wider wheel base and offer better stability during outdoors’ trips. High ground clearance, tight maneuverability and black and non-marking tires make them a great choice for rugged terrains. These scooters are ideal to hold weight up to 600 lbs.

So any person with good upper body and poor low body strength should use recreational scooters to get around comfortably and independently. Many companies are offering different styles and features of recreational scooters on sale. Through our platform, people will get to see different brands and style of battery powered mobility scooters under one roof. We even offer rental options to our coveted customers. So, price sensitive customers can avail recreational scooters on rental basis. These scooters are thoroughly inspected before putting on sale.

Benefits with Affordable Medical USA

  • Attractive collection of different styles of recreational scooters
  • Folding, light weight, heavy duty, 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler scooters with different features
  • Recreational scooters on sale are available at discounted prices
  • Affordable rental facility
  • Fast doorstep delivery across USA
  • Favorable return policy
  • Repair facility of mobility vehicles
  • Extensive collection of different kinds of mobility products
  • Customized mobility solutions

Simply evaluate your requirements and disclose your needs to us; we will definitely come up with ideal mobility solution for you, falling within your budget.