Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs


People with limited mobility are often dependent on heavy duty power wheelchairs to move around freely. These wheelchairs have been around to make them feel confident and be their own reason of happiness. The heavy duty power chairs are extra strong and are built to last longer. It’s strong built-in exteriors and high quality parts make this mobility device a convenient means of maneuverability for you. Take time to browse our large selection of power wheelchairs and see how these great features can help out. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we always find something useful and advantageous that suits your taste and lifestyle.  

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  1. Gemini Heavy Duty Power Chair
    Gemini Heavy Duty Power Chair

    Merits Gemini Back Wheel Heavy Duty Power Chair

    • 450 weight capacity
    • Rear wheel drive ( Great for Outside) 
    • 4" ground clearance ( 14" Rear Tire) 
    • Optional elevated power seat 
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  2. Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair
    Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair

    FDA Class II Medical Device

    The Jazzy 1450 is a highly comfortable and powerful mobility wheelchair with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. It is an all-wheel vehicle suitable for indoor and outdoor drive on rugged terrains. The strong motor package runs for 12 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 4.5 miles per hour. Some of the standard features of the wheelchair are striking color options, customized seat offerings, 60” lap belt, dual-layer power-coated frame, height adjustable foot platform and many other optional features. The powerchair is available in two striking colors.

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  3. Jazzy Elite 14 Power Wheelchair
    Jazzy Elite 14 Power Wheelchair

    FDA Class II Medical Device

    The Jazzy® Elite 14 is designed for excellent indoor maneuverability and outstanding outdoor capability. The Jazzy Elite 14 features 14” drive wheels for enhanced outdoor performance combined with a front-wheel drive design to provide tight turns around corners. Large front wheels offer extra absorption over obstacles for superb climbing capabilities along with front anti-tip wheels for transitioning over grade changes and handling various terrains with ease

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  4. Vision Super Power Wheelchair
    Vision Super Power Wheelchair

    Merits Heavy Duty Power Chair 

    • Optional Elevated Seat with 10 inch lift 
    • Max Speed up to 5 MPH 
    • True Mid Wheel Drive Power Chair 
    • 20 Mile Battery Range 
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  5. Golden Compass HD Power Wheelchair
    Golden Compass HD Power Wheelchair

    Compass HD Power Chair 

    • 450 Weight Capacity 
    • Center Wheel Drive Power Chair 
    • 12 mile Battery Range
    • 20 Inch Turning Radius  
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Working of Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Every kind and style of a power wheelchair comprises these four basic parts:

  • Motor
  • Drive
  • Battery
  • Controller

As compared to lightweight electric wheelchairs, power wheelchairs are equipped with 4-pole motor. These wheelchairs are equipped with sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA). These batteries are either dry or wet cell batteries with an output of 4-5 amps. When the chair is not in used, the batteries are easy to charge. Depending upon the usage, a person can either purchase front-wheel or center wheel drive chairs. The center and rear-wheel drive wheelchairs are recommended if a person wants to use them indoors i.e. on flat terrains. Four-wheel or front-wheel drive wheelchairs are suitable to use outdoors.

The power wheelchairs are steerable with a handle or a joystick. Those people who are suffering from limited mobility can use basic models of heavy duty power wheelchairs. Those who are severely disabled can choose advanced models like eye-to-computer screen controller wheelchairs or head to chin controller. As the name indicates, these wheelchairs are made from extra reinforcement to provide better stability to obese or heavy weight people. Ideally, a heavy duty power wheelchair supports maximum weight up to 650 lbs. In fact, certain areas of the wheelchair like suspension, engine, wheels, frame and battery are designed meticulously to support the extra weight.

Key Features of Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Seniors as well as limited mobility people look for such chairs that allow them to get around in every corner of a house and travel outside safely. This kind of versatility is hard to find in one single model of a wheelchair. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we have been maintaining an excellent collection of power wheelchairs along with accessories that will meet your needs appropriately. Some of the key features of wheelchairs in which we deal are:

  1. Foldable seat
  2. Comes in different sizes
  3. Easy-to-operate via joystick
  4. Padded and extra-wide seat
  5. State-of-the-art control panel
  6. Larger foot platform
  7. 6 wheel design for maximum stability
  8. Flip-up armrests
  9. Available in multiple colors
  10. 60’’ lap belt

A person can increase the functionality and comfort of using a power wheelchair by using a range of wheelchair accessories. Some of the accessories in which we deal are cushions, wheelchair back cushions, cup holders, bags and covers, armrest accessories, covers, batteries and chargers, cell phone holder, rear basket for storing small things, cane or crutch holder, etc.

Ask These Questions before Buying Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

If you are considering gifting your parents a power wheelchair, get a crystal clear idea of the following things:

  • Whether they want to use the wheelchair primarily inside, outside or both?
  • Whether they want a foldable wheelchair for safe transportation and storage?
  • What would be the preferred seating style- captain’s seat or rehab?
  • How much do they weigh?

By finding answers to these questions, it becomes easy to choose the right model that will give much-required freedom to your parents’ sedentary lifestyle.

Tough and Durable HD Power Wheelchairs

One of the leading medical equipment stores in West Columbia, Affordable Medical Equipment introduces the all new range of HD power chairs specifically for the users with difficult or limited mobility. The strong base has been both extended and widened for the heavy duty model, while the suspension is strengthened for stable platform. The HD power wheel chairs also come with extremely sturdy arm and leg rests along with wider footplates to create additional comfort and space to the user. The HD wheel chairs feature the Corpus seating system for the ultimate comfort with an exclusive power tilt and unprecedented recline. The ultra-strong actuators make it possible for the users to safely elevate their feet, while the durable upholstery helps keep your body moisture free. With the tough power, the HD power wheelchairs are built to withstand the haul of time and heavy duty lifestyles.

You can come across myriads of designs and innovative features that can make you feel more comfortable no matter where you are. You can find with us the extensive collection of the high-power, next generation power wheelchair designs from trusted manufacturers. With weight capacities of 450 pounds or higher, these power wheelchairs are designed with strong frames to last long.

We are an Authorized Dealer

At Affordable Medical Equipment, we are dedicated to bring forth the best quality medical equipment from the house of authorized dealers. Serving the industry for many years, we have successfully maintained the largest selection of heavy power chairs in our repertoire. Also, we make sure to keep the prices of our products low while not compromising on the quality. Combining with our manufacturer’s direct pricing structure, we can help you get the best price for the power chairs you are looking for. This makes investing in a heavy duty power wheelchair a more practical idea that you may find elsewhere.

Our team is constantly supportive in offering you practical solutions to your mobility problems. If you are looking for the unparalleled option of heavy duty mobility scooter, you will be able to find it in our online store at the best price. At any situation you are unable to find the right product, our team of dedicated customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

So, the best quality affordable heavy duty power wheelchairs are only a few clicks away when you shop with us at Affordable Medical Equipment. Get it today by contacting us directly for assistance.