Back Wheel Drive Power Chairs

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  1. Gemini Heavy Duty Power Chair
    Gemini Heavy Duty Power Chair

    Merits Gemini Back Wheel Heavy Duty Power Chair

    • 450 weight capacity
    • Rear wheel drive ( Great for Outside) 
    • 4" ground clearance ( 14" Rear Tire) 
    • Optional elevated power seat 
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  2. Compact FWD/RWD Dualer With Seat Lift
    Compact FWD/RWD Dualer With Seat Lift

    All New Dualer by Merits - Model P312

    • New Design 
    • Elevated Power Seat 
    • Drive mode : Front or Back 
    • 18 Mile Battery Range 
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  3. Jr Power Chair
    Jr Power Chair

    Convenient, compact design that disassembles easily.

    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Tight, 23" turning radius
    • All standard power wheelchair features including programmable controller
    • Range: 12.5 miles
    • Reduced size allows for improved handling, storage, and transportation
    • Heaviest Part - 65 LB 
    • Color Options - BLUE or RED 
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Back Wheel Drive Power Chairs

A rear-wheel-drive power chair is one of three types of mobility chairs. People who are suffering from health problems and struggling to walk independently can go for this chair. Most of the therapists nowadays recommend these chairs to the needy for having innumerable benefits, apart from letting users be independent.

Boasting on two larger drive wheels on the rear side, the back wheel drive power chair is equipped with two casters on the front side. The wheelchair is designed with a drive wheel in the way in terms of its position to provide more power. It makes these wheelchairs perfect for an aggressive outdoor ride. In addition, back wheel drive also boasts of more power for accelerating wheelchair forward especially in case of soft or smooth terrain.

These wheelchairs are capable of handling grade changes in the easiest way while letting you enjoy a smooth ride. Besides, back wheel drive chairs include shock absorbers or also independent suspension on wheels when it comes to ensuring a more relaxed riding experience. With excellent control, while driving, uses can get enough time for making necessary adjustments to the joystick to finish the drive. No other power chair is as good as a back wheel drive power chair when it comes to stability.

Who Should Buy Back Wheel Drive Power Chair?

Back wheel drive power chairs are considered to be a perfect choice for everyone who gives prime importance to stability. Besides, it includes the capability of tracking even those of uneven terrain, which ensures its higher performance with a top speed. So, those who are in search of a mobility chair with outstanding performance will certainly find it a great choice for them. Besides, those who need to use wheelchairs outdoor can find it perfect. It boasts of turning radius and larger radius.

Buy Back Wheel Drive Power Chair from a Reliable Brand

When it comes to buying a rear-wheel drive power chair, you should never trust any local sellers as they may supply you with inferior quality products. We at Affordable Medical Equipment are a trusted market player when it comes to supplying a range of rear-wheel-drive power chairs and various other medical equipment. We are the most preferred destination for people seeking to buy custom power wheelchair.

With a range of available options, you can buy the right model of rear-wheel drive power chair based on your specific requirements. Whether you wish to buy Gemini Heavy Duty Power Chair, Compact FWD/RWD Dualer with Seat Lift, and Jr Power Chair, you can buy any of these at reasonable costs.