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Purap 3d flotation cushion

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  • 3D floating technology to offer extra comfort
  • Prevents and Heals Pressure Sores
  • All-in-One Cushions
  • Alternative to Foam and Gel Cushions
  • Clinically Tested Cushion
  • Easy to Clean

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Purap 3d

The patented PURAP 3D Floatation cushion is regarded as one of the most technically advanced wheelchair, lift chair and recliner cushions available on the market today. Made from advanced and patented 3D floating technology thereby eliminating the possibility of flattening with time or regular usage. It provides extra comfort to all users with the lowest level of sitting pressure. The 3D floatation cushion has successfully passed various pressure tests at Stanford University and is considered safe to use by people with fragile health conditions. It has an anti-skid bottom, waterproof top cover and comprises different layers of fluid, air and foam.

Features & benefits of PURAP 3D Floatation Cushion:

  • Prevents and Heals Pressure Sores The advanced cushions dissipate pressure and eliminate putting pressure on ??hotspots"and thereby prevent pressure sores. The comfortable and effective cushions also help in providing relief from the sitting pain caused by Coccyx, Ischial, Sciatica and other conditions.
  • All-in-One Cushions These are all-in-one cushions that can be used along with recliners, lift chairs, wheelchairs, standard chairs, scooters, etc.
  • Alternative to Foam and Gel Cushions - PURAP cushions are more effective than foam and gel cushions which become flatten with time and cause pain when used for long hours.
  • Clinically Tested Cushions The cushions feature patented and proven 3D flotation technology, tested successfully at Stanford University Hospital.
  • Easy to Clean Users can easily clean it with mild cleanser wipes. Machine wash is not recommended.

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