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Lumin Sanitizer Cleaner

Lumin Sanitizer

  • Quick Clean 5 minutes
  • Laboratory tested
  • NO harmful Ozone
  • Used to disinfect personal items
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Lumin Sanitizer and Cpap Cleaner

Cleans and sanitizes Cpap Mask and accessories but can also be used to sanitize personal items. The Lumin makes cleaning easy and fast. Lumin sanitizes with a UV Light that operates using a form of high energy light and no chemicals or residue. The Lumin sanitizer is patient friendly and cleans in five minute ozone free cleaning cycle with no need for water or chemicals. The Lumin sanitizer cleans by emitting high energy light, narrow spectrum known as UV. The low-pressure, mercury- arc lamp is designed for the highest amount of UV light - where 90% of energy is generated around 254 nanometer. ( nanometer is basic information about the UV light and measures the light wavelengths is the nanometer.


  • No harmful ozone
  • The most cost effective way to clean your Cpap
  • Laboratory tested to kill over 99% of dangerous bacteria and fungus which can cause infections
  • Can also be used to disinfect hearing aides or dentures or personal items.
  • Quick 5 min. cleaning
  • Uses UV Light
  • Easy to use -push of a button

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