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PL400EF Foldable/Portable/ Transportable Mobile Everyday Patient lift

New PL400EF Foldable Portable and Transportable Patient lift

The Bestlift PL400EF asssembles or folds with 3 easy steps allowing for operations or preparing for storage and transport.

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Best Lift offers amazing products to fit almost every person needs with patient transferring. We are happy to introduce the new foldable, portable, and transportable patient lift. The Pl400EF has 400lb lifting capacity, 2 pt. Spreader Bar, foldable, portable, transportable and can be used to help someone up from the floor. The Pl400EF comes with best care, new control system that offers, LCD display panel, emergency stop button, up/down button and onboard dc in connection for charging.

The PL400EF is a great lift for easy storage and transportation. The Pl400EF is light weight and easy to move. The PL400EF has optional scale available and optional spare battery and wall charger available.

The Pl400EF has a 3 year warranty on the patient lift frame or spreader bar, 2 year warranty on actuator, control box, pendant, charger, weight scale, casters excluding normal tread wear.

Sling Options:

1)Universal Mesh U- Sling with Head Support

Small- Users Weight 85-140LB

Medium - Users Weight 140-200LB

Large - Users Weight 200-400LB

2)Universal Mesh U- Sling

Medium - User weight 140-200LB

Large - User Weight 200-400LB

3)Universal Padded U Sling with Head Support

Small- User Weight 85-140LB

Medium - User Weight 140-200LB

Large - User Weight 200-400LB

4)Universal Padded U Sling

Medium- User Weight 140 - 200 LB

Large - User Weight 200-400 LB

Our Universal Sling is made for easy application and minimized discomfort. The Universal Slings come in different styles mold around the body easily. Offers six to eight hook-up straps for many attachment options and adjustments. Padded legs help to reduce skin injury or discomfort during sling application. Select mesh models for wet applications and quicker drying times. Mesh models come without padded legs. Universal slings are available with or without head support.

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