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Lumex - Bariatric Easy Lift STS, 600 lbs max

The Bariatric Easy Lift STS is designed exclusively for those patients who face trouble in standing from a seated position. The sit to stand lift is capable of lifting a 600 lb patient from a seated position. The advanced features of the lift are a low base making it suitable for home settings. Additionally, they??re made from sturdy steel construction, have large handles, an adjustable knee pad unit, a 24 VDC motor operation, and more.

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The Lumex Bariatric Easy Lift STS (Sit to Stand) helps with patient transfer from seated to a standing position safely and securely. The lift holds weights up to 600 lbs adequately and is capable of lifting patients from a seated position, but not from lying position. The unit supports heavy-gauge steel construction and comes with a low base that fits under most beds. It also has an attractive white powder-coated finishing. Therefore, the medical device is easy to use in hospitals as well in homes.

Bariatric Easy Lift STS features:

  • Designed specifically to help those patients who face problems when trying to stand
  • Ergonomic and unique foot pedals open and close the base legs
  • Easy to grip large handles for smooth maneuvering
  • The lower base height of 4.75 fits under most beds conveniently
  • The rubber base coating of the lift does not leave any mark on walls and furniture
  • Adjustable knee pad unit and removable foot platform
  • 24 VDC motor ensures smooth operation
  • Warning indicators in case of overweight capacity levels or low battery charge
  • Hand pendant with pendant hook designed ergonomically
  • Emergency stop button/ easy to access
  • Comes with accessory storage bag for keeping charger and slips
  • Comes with interchangeable battery which works with Lumex Easy Lifts
  • Maximum weight hold capacity: 600 lbs
  • Designed to meet requirements of HCPCS code: E0635

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