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Armstrong Lift

Armstrong is U.S.A. Made and very strong lift 

  • Powerful motor makes easy lifts up to 350lbs
  • Unit mounts on the inside of vehicles, but to the side
  • Compact design accommodates power chairs and scooters inside vehicles
  • Easily removed and moved to another vehicle 
  • Full use of third-row seats
  • Swivels on steel ball during stowing

Note: Hard install, some vehicles have proven installation brackets, while others will need a universal bracket.   After the initial installation, this lift can be easily removed and put in another vehicle that has a mounting bracket and power wire.  The cost of installation can vary depending on the dealer.  For more information please contact 

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Armstrong Lift

The Armstrong is ideally designed to lift and stow mobility vehicles inside SUVs, minivans and other crossover vehicles. The powerful motor makes lifting a scooter easy. The compactness of Armstrong makes it an easy fit in all crossover vehicles. The cargo space gets maximized due to the side mount configuration of the lift. Third row seats of the lift can be used when mobility vehicles are not in the vehicle.

The Armstrong has a 29-pound lifting arm that can be pulled out and used in other vehicles when needed. The arm has a lifting capacity of 350 lbs and a standard installed weight of 40 lbs. It mounts on the interior side of vehicles and the minimum opening height is 29 in/737 mm. The side mount actuates bumper clearance of vehicles for easy loading and unloading of scooters. It keeps a low profile and swivels on a steel ball for maneuverability during stowing.

The durable steel construction makes for effortless stowing of mobility wheelchairs or scooters in compact spaces. Once inside, its position gets locked to avoid unnecessary movement.

Please note the installation is advanced but once install the lift is easy to install and remove.


  • Lifting arm can be removed and installed in another vehicle easily ( Only if initial Installation of bracket has been installed)
  • Ergonomic handle with Up/Down button controls
  • Rare design allows Stow and Go option
  • A powerful actuation motor lifts 350 lbs weight
  • When not used, vehicle??s rear view remains unobstructed
  • Rugged and high end steel construction
  • Position gets locked after stowing
  • Weight 40 lbs

After installation on the rear of a vehicle, the user needs some skills to handle Armstrong

  • The ability to stand two to three minutes while the lift operates
  • Hand dexterity, strength and balance are required to handle the device manually
  • Guide the scooter in/out of the vehicle when necessary
  • When needed walk from front to rear of vehicle
  • The initial installation could take up to 4-6 hours. Its advanced installation but once Bracket or Pillard installed the removal and moving of the lift is easy.
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