Wheelchair Clothes Guards Help


Solid plastic, fiber, or cloth. The device is shaped like a quarter of a circle and is situated between the wheelchair user and the rear wheels. The rigid models require extra mounting hardware that is attached to the chair. This device is used primarily on manual wheelchairs.


  • Keeps clothes from rubbing against the rear wheels of the chair.
  • Acts as a barrier and protects user from debris tossed up by the wheels.
  • Aids in pelvic containment when no arms are being used on a wheelchair.
  • Cloth models will fold tight when a folding wheelchair is folded.


  • Adds weight to the chair.
  • May have to be removed to facilitate transfers.
  • May have to be removed when folding a wheelchair.
  • Requires mounting hardware to be installed on chair.
  • If rigid models are added to a chair whose seat width is small for the user, they may cause pressure against the trochanters (hips).
  • May not allow wheelchair to fold tight.
  • Will not work with conventional single or dual post arm rests.
Commonly used with no arm rests or tubular arms. Ziggi Landsman

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