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For those who have mobility issues, power wheelchairs can be a rescuer. These are great when it comes to comfort and performance, from power seating to flexible moving. Bulky power scooters can have their own flaws in design and feature, leading many people to opt for portable power wheelchairs for their usage. This particular type of mobility scooter has been introduced keeping in mind the inconveniences faced by senior or disabled people when travelling. Learn more about this convenient travel option and how they can help improve mobility in your day-to-life with compact design and power-packed features.

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  1. Deluxe Ez- Go Travel Power Chair
    Deluxe Ez- Go Travel Power Chair

    Take the Merits EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of traveling light! This wheelchair folds down to a compact size so that it’s ready to go whenever you are.

    • Battery range of up to 12 miles!
    • Maximum Weight: 300 lbs!
    • Easy to disassemble!
    • Compact and Lightweight!
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  2. X Fold Power Wheelchair
    X Fold Power Wheelchair

    X Fold Power Wheelchair 

    • Easy Fold for Travel (fits in most Trunks) 
    • Top Speed 4 MPH 
    • Large Back Wheels 15.7"
    • Weight capacity 220 lbs 
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  3. Jazzy® Elite ES Portable
    Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

    The Jazzy® Elite ES Portable Wheelchair :

    • FDA Class II Medical Device
    • is ideal for indoor and outdoor travelling purposes.
    • has a large flip-up foot platform.  
    • is front-wheel drive.
    • has a 25.5' turn radius.
    • a long-time favorite!

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  4. Jr Power Chair
    Jr Power Chair

    Convenient, compact design that disassembles easily.

    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Tight, 23" turning radius
    • All standard power wheelchair features including programmable controller
    • Range: 12.5 miles
    • Reduced size allows for improved handling, storage, and transportation
    • Heaviest Part - 65 LB 
    • Color Options - BLUE or RED 
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  5. Ez- Go Travel Power Chair
    Ez- Go Travel Power Chair

    Take the Merits EZ-Go Compact Power Wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of traveling light! This wheelchair folds down to a compact size so that it’s ready to go whenever you are. It has a battery charge reach of 9 miles and it travels at 4 mph. For users up to 250 pounds.

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  6. Go-Chair®

    The Pride Go-Chair 

    • supports up to 300 pounds
    • has a top speed of 3.7 mph.
    • comes in 6 attractive colors!
    • comes with under-the-seat storage.
    • easily disassembles for transport.
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  7. LiteRider Envy
    LiteRider Envy

    The LiteRider Envy -Portable 

    • Easy Disassembly ( Heaviest Part 36 lbs)
    • Basket Under the Seat 
    • Right or left hand control option 
    • Six attractive colors 
    • TSA Approved 
    • Three seat options 
    • 300 Lbs weight capacity 
    • 15.5 mile battery range 
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Making Your Way Accessible with Lightweight Travel/Portable Power Wheelchairs 

Affordable Medical Equipment entered into the mobility market of West Columbia almost a decade ago. Its travel/portable power wheelchair is one of the finest range of products, giving easy maneuverability with rear-wheel drive. In short, it is a lightweight travel power wheelchair comes with bold new style and available in an array of contemporary colors and patterns.

Generally weighing up to 100 lbs, these compact motor powered wheelchairs offer mobility in a light package. The reduced size of the wheelchair allows for improved handling, storage, and transportation. Also the component parts assemble quickly and allow for easy transfer in-and-out of your car’s trunk. An electric travel/portable power wheelchair offers compact size, comfortable for all day ride, with a stadium-style seat and a generous footplate.

Travel-sized compact wheelchairs have the similar features as full-sized versions. The only difference between them is in their size. You may notice smaller seats or footplates in compact power wheelchairs; however, the battery life is extended, high weight capacity and durable structures. There are manufacturers who make both full size and travel-sized power wheelchairs. Affordable Medical Equipment offers only branded products in their range so you can shop by brand for your particular category.

When you can enjoy all the goodness in a travel-sized compact power wheelchair, why using a manual wheelchair for mobility. Unlike conventional wheelchairs, these power wheelchairs are faster, allow you to move independently and have convenient plush seats. Not only you will enjoy the delight of moving out of your boundaries, you will also feel like you are travelling in style. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about leaving it at the airport either. If you are planning a holiday or a family trip, consider picking the lightweight travel/portable wheelchair today.

Authorized Dealer of Travel/Power Wheelchairs

There is always a benefit to purchase from a factory authorized dealer than local medical equipment stores. As a leading supplier of affordable travel power wheelchairs in West Columbia, we have one of the largest selection of travel power chairs in the area, making it more easy accessible to product that you are looking for. Our objective is to get better prices and more affordable travel power wheelchairs for our clients with our lowest price guarantee.

The products range in this category of power wheelchairs include everything that you will need to travel around comfortable without the burden of carrying a bulky mobility chair. A fair travel range featured with good power back up allow to travel through most airports and to your hotel before the need to charge. The foldable design also makes it easy to store in virtually any car. 

Travel power wheelchairs have extended advantage and a lot to offer to the average buyer. To find the best range of lightweight travel power wheelchairs for sale, browse our online store today. Our selection of easy travel/portable wheelchairs will surely help you find the perfect chair to match your style and taste.