Medical Lift chair Rentals


Quite often we refer to lift chairs as 'recliners'.  We do that because a lift is only half the story.  The lift chairs at Affordable Medical Equipment are also luxurious, comfortable and very much therapeutic.  Before you consider renting or buying any medical equipment like a lift chair, make sure it fits your lifestyle.  The purpose of a lift chair is to lift a person to a standing position without causing injury or any kind of discomfort.  This mobility device is amazing in its own way since it is designed to have the look and feel of a recliner, provide maximum comfort and healing, while adding to the décor of your home.  Ergonomically, the lift chairs from Affordable Medical Equipment are designed to give the body a  maximum level of comfort. The designs provide sufficient floor space in front of the chair to allow you good support when you stand up.  In fact, our efficient lift chairs are designed to minimize the risk of falling out and reduce the strain on major joints.

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  1. Lift Chair Rental -3 Position
    Lift Chair Rental -3 Position
    • 1 Month: $95.00

    Lift Chair Rental - 3 Positions - Alta Technology in Fabric 

    Small/ Med Size with 325 Weight Capacity LOW OR NO STOCK 

    • Suggested User Height 5'4" to 5'7"
    • 20" Between the arms 

    Medium/ Large with 325 Weight Capacity - LOW OR NO STOCK 

    • Suggested User Height 5"11-6'2"
    • 22" between the arms 
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Medical Lift Chair Rentals to Fit Your Mobility Requirements

With the growing age, people are prone to get arthritis or similar diseases, which debar them from doing their day to day activities. It makes their life painful by letting them face lots of challenges on daily basis. You feel pain especially while moving up and down while sitting on a chair. The biggest solution is none other than a medical lift chair.

Reasons to have Medical Lift Chair Rentals

There are various reasons why you should approach Affordable Medical Equipment. If you are not capable of walking on your own due to arthritis or any other medical condition, you often need to depend on your family members. Getting a medical lift chair lets you be independent and live your life proudly.

These chairs are designed uniquely to assist you with your every move and give you a reason to smile by making your lifestyle easy. It enables you to get up and down effortlessly. With the medical lift chair rentals, you don’t need to get the assistance of your family members to stand up. These chairs come with a remote that let you feel cozy and relaxed with an amazing seating position. You can also enjoy this position, especially while reading a newspaper.

Equipped with a button that can raise its back portion, the chair makes it easy to do hip over your knees to bring you into a standing position. All just you need to do is to make your back straight and you can then start walking. And you don’t need to work hard for the same.

What are the Advantages of a Medical Lift Chair?

When it comes to the benefits of a medical lift chair, it is available in plenty. Both you and your care provider can expect numerous health benefits from these chairs. As mentioned above, patients can attain a standing position without the help of others with these chairs. Besides, it also minimizes the risk of both you and your caregivers.

This is not the limit, lift chairs from Affordable Medical Equipment ensure your mental wellbeing by getting rid of stress as it offers a sense of independence. On the other hand, it is a simply famous option that improves your mobility to make your life meaningful.

With the medical lift chair, you can get the correct seating position that helps you make or maintain the perfect structure of your body. Apart from this, multiple seating positions are other factors that enjoy the majority of users. With push button, you can adjust the chair easily and reset it to its original position. These chairs are also appropriate for those who are seeking massage, reclining positions, etc. With a reclining position, you can minimize the fluid in the legs. And it is also helpful in blood circulation.

Another greatest advantage of a medical lift chair is that is capable of letting you maintain your muscle tone, as per the research. Apart from this, research also proved that these chairs are also advantageous in minimizing pain and thus, it lets you feel more comfortable.

So, these are some of the greatest benefits of medical lift chairs that encourage people to buy them. Meanwhile, buying these chairs is not a viable option for everyone as these are a little bit expensive and not everyone can afford to buy. Therefore, rental is a suitable option for these people. All you need to do is to approach a reliable service provider for medical lift chair rental.

Affordable Medical Equipment is the Right Place for Medical Lift Chair Rental

If you are searching for a reliable place to get lift chair rental in Columbia, you should get in touch with none other than Affordable Medical equipment. With a range of options to choose from, you can easily find the right medical chair that can match your specific needs and expectation. We serve mainly those who are residing in West Columbia and other locations nearby by it.

We provide lucrative rental options for all available models of medical lift chairs and prompt you to opt for the right one that suits your needs.  While buying a lift chair, you should consider factors like weight, height, etc., and choose the right options that you think can go with your requirements perfectly.

The most important thing about this chair is that you can customize it based on your needs and can get specific features that match your specific requirements. For instance, you can customize chairs to minimize pressure, and people who are suffering from spinal cord issues can improve their posture.

Moreover, one can also witness several therapeutic advantages of using those various medical lift chairs since these are equipped with massage features and also can be helpful in calm tremors. People having a problem like arthritic can get the most benefited from features like heat and massage.

We at Affordable Medical Equipment endeavor to provide you advanced recliner lift chair on an affordable rental option that one can easily avail of. We provide you the best value for your money by offering you exactly the same product that you are in need of. Our medical lift chair lets you put your arms in a position where you can get maximum support while availing of enough grip.

Stay in Touch with Our Experts to Get the Right Recliner Lift Chair

While getting the lift chair, you need to make sure that you have selected the medical lift chair that is quite higher and helps you maintain a good seating position along with the right posture. Even if you are not capable of choosing the right option for you, our experts will help you in this arena. All you need to do is to get in touch with our experts to get the right suggestions.

Be it design, fabrics, or colors, our experts consider various important things to help you in choosing the right medical lift chair that can be perfect for you. To get the best assistance, you need to tell your preferences to our experts and they will not leave any stone unturned to suggest you the right option.