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Raised Toilet Seat with Legs

Raise  Toilet Seat with Legs 

  • Extra Support offer additional stability for safety 
  • Height Adjustable 
  • Twist Clamp provides extra safety by locking onto the toilet 
  • Padded foam handles for a comfortable grip 

Simply set the seat over your toilet and tighten the twist clamp onto the toilet 

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The INNO Raised Toilet Seat with Legs provides users with solid handles for safety in addition to height to aid with bathroom safety. This style is more durable than conventional elevated toilet seats since it is supported by sturdy legs. Simply set the seat over your toilet and secure the toilet bowl with the front clamp. As soon as the frame is secured, you can change the height to from 19"-23" as necessary. The padded handles on the sides provide a pleasant grip and help to balance your body while the higher seat eliminates the need to stoop down to access the bowl. Features of the Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs It provides a more sturdy base than standard Raised Toilet Seats (RTS). The front twist clamp secures the frame to the toilet bowl, preventing the seat from slipping or moving while in use. The foam rubber grips give a firm hold, helping users to maintain their balance when getting on or off the toilet seat. 300lbs Weight Capacity
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Raised Toilet Seat with legs by Inno Medical  

  • Height-adjustable  frame 19" - 23"
  • Tool Free Assembly 
  • 300lbs weight capacity.
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