Four Common Mobility Scooter Repairs Columbia You May Need to Worry About


mobility scooter store columbia SCIn many ways a mobility scooter becomes like a personal car to the person who is using it. It helps them get around and becomes an integral part of their life. However, even the most trusted mobility scooter is simply a machine. Much like an automobile, the parts wear down over time with continuous use. Some repairs can be completed at home with the correct parts purchased from Affordable Medical USA. Other repairs will require technical knowhow and may therefore require the expertise of a professional repair man. Discover four common mobility scooter repairs Columbia you may need to worry about and some repair solutions that you should consider.

1.     Replacement Wheels Found at Mobility Scooter Store Columbia SC

One of the most basic parts that everyone can recognize as necessary are the wheels. Much like a automobile or even a motorcycle, those wheels will wear out over time and need to be replaced by a mobility scooter store Columbia SC such as Affordable Medical USA. Sometimes the unfortunate happens and the wheels are punctured due to an unforeseeable accident which will require sooner replacement from the aforementioned mobility scooter store Columbia SC than originally planned for. Luckily, wheel repair is something you can prepare for and fix on your own. Visit to purchase an extra wheel just in case. Or, simply buy a wheel once you need it—although you may find that takes more time than you’d like. Once you have the wheel, be sure to read your mobility scooter repairs Columbia manual for directions. In a snap your mobility scooter will be functioning beautifully.

2.     Buy a New Battery At the Electric Wheelchair Shop Columbia SC

Batteries are what keep your electric wheelchair powered. When you find that the power charging has become slow it may be time to replace your batteries or the battery charger. If you have to replace the battery charger, keep in mind that a bad charger makes a bad battery—so it won’t be long until you have to replace the batteries too.

Fortunately, replacing your battery and the battery charger is rather simple. You simply need to buy a new one at a trusted electric wheelchair shop Columbia SC, such as Affordable Medical USA. Different batteries will offer different amounts of charge duration, so be sure to inquire about that. At Affordable Medical USA, the best electric wheelchair shop Columbia SC, the batteries come with warranties, so be sure to check the fine print for duration and what is covered under the warranty.

3.     Buy your Replacement Control Circuit Cluster at the Electric Wheelchair Store Columbia SC

electric wheelchair shop columbia scThe control circuit cluster is the brain of the entire mobility scooter. Sometimes it is a part that will be involved with mobility scooter repairs Columbia. Depending on the model, if the housing of the control circuit cluster gets damaged, the entire thing will need to be replaced. If the control circuit cluster gets wet, it’ll need to be replaced. Sometimes something misfires and it will need to be replaced. Luckily you can buy a replacement control circuit cluster through an electric wheelchair store Columbia SC. If Affordable Medical USA does not have the part on their website, be sure to email them and they will acquire the part you are looking for. Of course, the control circuit cluster is a part with necessary technical know-how—so you may want to pay a professional to install it for you.

4.     Figure Out your Drive Train Assembly Electric Wheelchair Repairs Columbia SC

When we are dealing with electric wheelchair repairs Columbia SC, it is important to remember that while anything can malfunction, that same thing can be fixed. This is especially true when you are faced with a broken drive train. The drive train assembly is what houses the motor, brake and transaxle. In short, it is what makes the electric wheelchair move. When this part is having a problem you are likely to hear a strange noise or even have problems with mobility. You could purchase a new drive train assembly at However, unless you have experience with electric wheelchair repairs Columbia SC, we would recommend that you consult with a professional to install it.


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