Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs


Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs Adds to Your Convenience

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs are built to give utmost comfort to owners. The chairs in this category are easy to manage as they weigh from 29 lb – 34 lb. Although light in weight, the wheelchairs are capable of carrying heavy patients weighing up-to 300 lbs. They are very comfortable and convenient to use and so have become the choice of all. Safety levels of these wheelchairs are maintained with two side braking mechanism.

The rear and front wheels are designed innovatively. The back wheel has rims to allow manual use of the vehicles. In the front, there are casters that change directions to allow the chairs to change positions in desired directions. Straps and belts are available to deliver extra security to patients. There are back side push handles for attendants and the footrest swivels to open for convenience of users. The wheelchairs are affordable and economic as they are manually operated without batteries.